Male Cattle


 a fantasy by Aethean

1. Cattle

Once upon a time, in land far away, there lived a colony, a civilization where women ruler and men served. Men are important yet they are only important to help serve women in religious and sustenance areas. You see, men are milked only for their cum, only for that glorious milk. Like the East Indians with their sacred cow, these women hold men in highest esteem.

Their organization was simple. There was one ruling family of women. They were placed there for the fact that they have many children both boys and girls. The boys represent their wealth, their cattle, the girls continue their line. Next come the enforcers. They are the ones who punish bad men, who do not produce enough. Next come the “milk maids”, those who collect from the source. All have their outfits, all their uniform to show their status. The elite have only lithe gowns that flow like liquid. The enforcers, are wrapped tight in dark wear and hold the objects of their control, whips to crops to clubs. They hold themselves highly. The maids are cute, usually young. They have little black dresses with a bodice that pushes their breasts up. This is fortunate when milking… and intentional to help produce high yields.     

The men, being such a commodity, are housed in a dorm-like setting; warm and comfortable, each has his own bed and when not producing they are free to run and play in a pasture. They know their place. They know their value. And that value is based on cum. The ones that produce more, get better treatment, are looked highly upon. The ones that do not produce are punished, especially by the enforcers… They are placed in tiny cubicle-like settings and tube device is attached. With a suction force that is almost painful, they are milked with rhythmic pulsations.   

2. The Milkmaids

The morning sun slowly crests the mountains, giving everything a golden hue. Yellows, reds and oranges wash everything in its domain. The “milk” maids are emerging from their homes, dressed in their uniforms. Tiny “Tyrolean” style dresses adorn their young, pert bodies. The bodices pushing up their breasts so far that a sliver of nipple also is visible. They stroll merrily to the dorm, talking, chatting about the day’s work. Their work is casual yet they are always excited to fulfill their intentions and functions…and most were volunteers initially.

The cattle also are preparing themselves. Every morning they go through the same ritual. They stand naked all in a line, waiting with very erect cocks, patiently waiting to be milked. Each are eager to out do the other, to be known as the one who could cum the most. For that honor, there is a prize. A prize every man would fight for. They are fed well, given a special diet to improve the yield and flavour of their cum and treated quite well if even in a commodity role. They want to literally serve their Mistresses well.

The maids enter the dorm and pull up to their subject. They carry the small white buckets and the light, folding stools they will sit upon, that symbolize their role in society.

First there is the washing. Each cock has to be cleansed before anything can be drawn. With delicate little fingers, they work over the silken skin, lathering and cleansing the area. With soft fingers, the ball sack is given equal care. Sometimes for very hard spots, a maid will give her mouth for a treatment. With a little sucking action, their little rosebud mouths will work over the surface, licking it clean. The men are just to stand there and enjoy such torment, without ever moving. When they are properly cleansed, those little delicate hands will than start to tug and squeeze, to milk them. Pressing upon the tip, they excite him, pushing the foreskin up and down, letting the firm hard shaft move through their hands. Up and down, at first slowly, so slowly, and than steadily they will increase, until they are going so fast… and finally with a loud moan he will begin filling their buckets. And she will keep pumping until every last drop is gone, until the balls are squeezed and will release no more. Each maiden services two dozen males each…But they are fast and efficient and work quickly.

Some men, the high producers are given the manual milkings, while the others are hooked up to the machines that suck the hot “milk” out. As a special reward, the “best” producer for a month is given the services of a highly skilled fellatrice for one night. Regular sex is reserved for the males chosen for breeding and is restricted to the “Elite” women who rule the society.

Sometimes though, a man will not be able to stand such utter torment of having these delicate hands moving over him, a small red rosebud mouth cleaning him, and he will touch his mistress, his maid. This is strictly forbidden. This is when the enforcers are brought in. With their military clad bodies, the material tight, the object of their power clutched tightly in their hands, they will descend upon this violator. Pressing him against the wall, cuffing him there in a spread eagle fashion, they will whip him and beat him. Not hard, let it be known, for that wouldn’t excite him. and this does. To feel the crack of the whip against his thigh, his balls, and even slightly across his sensitive cock arouses the male. Soon he will cum and cum and they will pull upon him drawing more of the hot white man-milk.

When all of their ‘milk’ is collected, those beautiful maids will then go to the palace and deliver. Only women are allowed this delicacy, over the age of 18.

Bringing in their delivery, they find their Mistresses lying on their couches awaiting the “christening”. The maids come and start to spill this glorious cum onto them, over their breasts, into their awaiting mouth. Oh what a delicious breakfast, to have a mouthful of cum and then have it rubbed into your body… oh yes! Cum is not only valued for its nutrition but also to be used to cleanse, to be rubbed into the skin and believed to keep it youthful and soft. With those same delicate hands, those maids will rub it onto their Mistress’s bodies, occasionally licking up some of it. It becomes a ritual of grace and carnal sensuality, hands moving, mouths begging, and lips pursuing, smoothing over the soft lines of the bodies, and drinking the extra. And soon it is over. “Ah! that glorious cum,” a young maid sighs to herself… and the breakfast ritual is over.

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