Podcasturbation-21-0507: You Should Be Ashamed

Podcasturbation-21-0507: You Should Be Ashamed

Masturbation is becoming mainstream, losing the shame and stigma associated with the act. More people today are open about masturbating for pleasure. But you don’t just masturbate, you are a masturbator. BEING a MASTURBATOR is still shameful, and you should be ashamed.


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Semenarche and Imprinting

“Semenarche” (also called Spermarche https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spermarche ) is a powerful experience for most pubertal males. One study finds:

The first ejaculation, biologically significant in sexual and reproductive functioning, was found to be psychologically meaningful but socially invisible. …. All of the boys in the group had sex education in school, yet many felt unprepared for their first ejaculation, which occurred earlier than they expected and before formal education. … Common responses to semenarche included surprise, curiosity, pleasure, and confusion. Most subjects did not tell anyone that this event occurred and many boys initially confused ejaculation and urination. The association of the first ejaculation with sexuality makes it a charged event. Psychosocial and developmental difficulties in sexual education for young males are noted.

In my case, I entered puberty ignorant about sexual intercourse and masturbation. I was vaguely aware that a man made a baby by doing something with his penis to deposit sperm (whatever that was) in a woman. I didn’t know how often it happened; maybe once per baby? And I had no idea that manual sperm releases were possible. I had experienced a couple of “wet” dreams (really dry orgasms) but had not connected that with sex. What I did know was that my penis was erect often in the bath, and that felt really, really good. I spent more time playing in the tub, rubbing my little pubertal penis, playing “periscope” by instinctively thrusting my hips out of the bath water, grabbing it in my hands, etc. I had no idea what I was doing; I just did what felt natural.
One day I was sitting naked on the edge of the tub, soapy penis in hand, rocking and squirming, when the most amazing feeling overtook me. It felt like a sneeze coming on, but infinitely more compelling. As the feeling grew I was scared — what was happening? Was I having a heart attack? If so, I didn’t want it to end. Then it was over. I didn’t realize that I had ejaculated; if there was more than a drop, it was lost in the soap suds.

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Podcasturbation-21-0325: Pussy-Free: Give up, Give in, Get off

Podcasturbation-21-0325: Pussy-Free: Give up, Give in, Get off

Are you a pre-pussy virgin? Are you a mature former pussy-fucker? Struggling against being pussy-free? It’s time to give up the struggle, give up on pussy, give in to your permanent pussy-free life. And enjoy the reward of getting off to living pussy-free. This podcasturbation will help.


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Podcasturbation-21-0108: You are My Special Good Boy

Podcasturbation-21-0108: You are My Special Good Boy

Are you a good boy? A special good boy? Many chronic masturbators need the comfort and reassurance that they are good boys, especially in that vulnerable moment of ejaculatory climax. You were Mommie’s special good boy. And now you are MY special good boy. 


Podcasturbation-20-1229: You are Addicted to Masturbation

Podcasturbation-20-1229: “You are Addicted to Masturbation”. You can deny it, but you can’t escape. A session to help you accept and surrender. Reinforcement, chanting, and ejaculation encouragement and aftercare. You can’t help it.



Podcasturbation #20-1119: Thank You for Not Fucking

Podcasturbation #20-1119: Thank You for Not Fucking

Are you a pussy-free male masturbator? A penis-free female masturbator? Has chronic masturbation replaced fucking in your life? I’m glad. It is good, and not just for you. It is good for your partner or potential partners, and good for society. If you are fuck-free, I hope you stay that way. If you are heading that way, here are some points of encouragement.



To combat the spread of COVID-19, the the DMM (Federal Department of Male Management) has issued an emergency order for all males to self-isolate penises at home. The decision was made after discovering that the coronavirus tends to concentrate in the corona of the penile head, and easily passes through condoms. All copulation, even among married monogamous partners, is prohibited until further notice.

Women’s organizations across the country have praised the decision. “Women can now feel safe, even at home,” a spokeswoman for Not-NOW said. In reaction to the surprise announcement, stores shelves are empty of Alboline, baby oil, and personal lubricants. Google reports that traffic to pornography sites has spiked and use of the hashtag #MeToo is being replaced by the new tag #NoPussyForYou. The adult products industry promises expanded production of plastic vaginas, blow-up dolls, and vibrators.

At home males and their caregivers are urged to practice good penis hygiene:
* eliminating all clothing below the waist to prevent contaminating family laundry
* frequent and prolonged penis washing followed by application of germicidal lubricants
* wearing nitrile examination gloves during handling or masturbating the penis
* forcing multiple manual ejaculations to reduce virus load in the body
* safe disposal of semen by oral self-recycling

The penis self-isolation order is voluntary at this time. DMM compliance lawyers are looking into the constitutionality of mandatory confinement, lockable male genital access devices, and pre-emptive neutering.

For further information on this announcement, see Warning for the Satire Impaired

How I became pussy-free

I’m post pussy. Here is my story.

So here is how I became pussy-free. After I married, I fucked frequently and, I think, competently. In my 20’s I stayed erect in pussy a long time, didn’t ejaculate prematurely, and usually ended in mutual orgasms. But I never lost my interest in masturbating, and in kinky fantasy and porn related to masturbation. The fucking and wanking went along together for years.

. In my 30’s I became frustrated with a lack of good fantasy on my particular wavelength, so I started writing my own chronic masturbation stories (the “Peter Files”). I made the amazing discovery that if I wrote my fantasies with one hand while I masturbated with the other, I could prolong intense near-orgasmic gratification. Thus I discovered “edging” by accident.

. The gratification was so much more intense than copulation, I became more and more masturbation focussed. In time, I needed to feel my penis in my own hand for full arousal. I began having pussy penetration failures: either losing erection in the pussy, or not even getting hard enough to penetrate. I used the usual excuse “work stress” etc, but eventually it became pretty obvious to both of us that I was just a chronic masturbator. . The attempts to copulate were stressful and frustrating. Eventually we just gave up, and I’ve been pussy free since then. I masturbate openly, and my wife accepts my condition. At least she knows I’m not out somewhere chasing other pussies. I have eroticized the sexual failure, and now calling myself pussy free, limp dick, impotent, etc is very arousing. I have more fun being a pathetic pussyfree chronic masturbator than I ever had as a “real man”.

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Masturbation Anticipation Anxiety

One thing funny I’ve noticed. When I am getting ready to masturbate, getting my pics out, my lube ready, my toys etc. I get so incredibly anxious. I almost shake with nervous anticipation. I am in a terrible anxious rush to get it all set up so I can get my penis in my hand as soon as possible.

Then when I finally put hand to penis I am filled with peace and tranquility.

The above feelings convince me that I am “chemically” addicted to masturbation. Something is going on in my brain chemistry that makes the anticipation/release so powerful