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I wonder if this is a common experience for other childhood masturbators: I had to learn about “wet dreams” from a book, rather than discovering them by experience. Our household library included a few books on sex, and I think it might have been in Dr. Rueben’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) that I first read about Nocturnal Emissions, aka cumming in your sleep.

I must have been around thirteen or fourteen years old, and I was able to reason that I hadn’t experienced a wet dream because of my frequent masturbation: as a matter of routine, I jacked off at least three times a day—waking up, after school and before going to sleep. If jizzing in one’s sleep was a means of relieving pent up cum—well, I wasn’t pent up at all.

For some reason I decided to induce a wet dream of my own. It seemed obvious that to do it I must go to bed horny. It must have been during summer vacation—it was a warm night, and I went to bed nude and on top of the sheets. I had been masturbating all day, teasing but not allowing myself to orgasm, and I was definitely pent up by the time I turned in.

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Penis. Cock. Dick. Dong. Testicles. Balls. Hangers. Boys.

Male genitalia. Like no other body part we have. Always there, always hanging, dangling, swinging, flopping…having to un-stick your testes from your thigh. Forever, it seems, they scream out wanting attention or getting your attention when you are otherwise focused on something else. Relentless.
I can’t speak for other men, but my genitals are always on my mind. Out in public, I feel myself dangling or rubbing against my thigh. Sitting down, there is always a bulge that let’s you know they are there. The slightest movement or thought or pop-up fantasy induces them to excitement and lust and calling out “Hey, what about us down here? We need to be free and played with.” And pornography…whew! Porn takes us on a journey to pleasure unlike any other form of entertainment can.
I can’t…I can’t leave my genitals alone. I’m always thinking about them, always want them touched and can usually spend a day or two doing nothing but enjoying my cock and balls. Sometimes, it’s too much as my house doesn’t get cleaned or my errands are ignored and my projects are put on the back burner. And it’s not a hard decision to make, I just feel the swing of my dick and all else does not matter. When I’m not masturbating I’m playing with myself or feeling myself.

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Yes, I am a masturbator. That’s how I define myself.

Masturbation is pure sex. It feels so natural to have my hand wrapped around my perfectly lubed cock. It feels so comforting to stroke myself into my own masturbation heaven … just riding that precum drooling, totally gooned out solosexual edge. And, nothing in my life is as intense as that toe curling moment when I squirt out my hot ropes of sexjuice and hear them splatter in a rush of sexual ecstasy.

I’ve been like this since I was a little boy. It’s been so long since I have even tried to stop. I’ve given up, given in, to what I am.

Sometimes I wonder if I am sick. I crave the bate, arrange my whole life around it. I’ll do literally anything for a few hours of uninterrupted masturbation pleasure. I don’t care about food, sleep, work, social contacts … nothing matters more than the nasty fun I give myself. I could be having sex with men or women every night of the week. But, all I want is to feed my mind with filthy, twisted porn while I enjoy my own delicious genitals.

Sometimes I feel like a degenerate when I realize what I do … the dirty sick porn … the kinky fetish selfsex … the hours, days and weekends totally consumed by masturbation. And, it makes me even hotter to realize it. For me, masturbation is a vicious cycle … the nastier I get, the hotter it makes me … the more I realize how addicted I am, the more I need it.

Some masturbators crave humiliation. They want others to call them names, tell them how worthless they are for being a masturbator. I’ve already called myself all of those names and spent years worrying about what I’ve become. I don’t need anyone to tell me, I KNOW what I am. I’ve gone beyond humiliation. I know I’m not a normal, healthy, well adjusted person. I’ve done way too many nasty things and enjoyed them way too much to even remotely consider myself anything close to normal. I’ve crossed that line and have no ability or even desire to turn back. Now, I just feed on my own nasty mind and wallow in the bliss of my own filth.

I’m not proud of it … but … I am a masturbator.

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I am a masturbator – Onania Masturbator Forum

have explored new levels of masturbation for years and am near there when my penis and naughty thoughts just
make me want to scream. The cock is an erotic and beautiful thing with an animal edge to it making me, the
masturbator like me, a kind of slave to it as I see it as a stallion demanding lover. I go for the love sensations in peak after peak of consuming pleasure teasing me to stay on the edge or release my excessive sexual tension. I get moody if I do not play on my plateau for at least a few hours every night and am dependent on the release of my sexual urges in a penis submissive way. My penis needs to be well satisfied with hundreds of strokes and groping feels as it delivers to my body the pleasures of moaning bondage to it and sexual fantasies which I love to record on my computer. I started my cock sports at eighteen when I really discovered the deep valleys and mountain peaks of stop and go edging at the plateau of sexual arousal and desired to be overtaken by pleasures that lead to helpless exhaustion and I really developed my solo-sexuality in my bedroom full length mirror. My big cock reached upward to my belly button and felt enormous in its pink glistening beautiful shape.

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Five different styles of orgasm management – Onania Masturbator Forum

First, I need to stipulate that the term “orgasm” in this treatise means a complete ejaculatory orgasm–the kind that exhausts a male’s desire and plunges him into a refractory period. It does not mean the highly pleasurable non-ejaculatory state that is the object of edging, which event is sometimes called a non-ejaculatory orgasm, a mini-orgasm, a tantric orgasm, an extended orgasm, etc. Those are very worthy events, and please feel free to have them all day long with my blessing. However, unless a complete ejaculation is somehow involved in the process, they’re not what I mean here by “orgasm.” Also, everything below is equally applicable to penetrative sex with partners, but this being a masturbation forum, I will explain it all in masturbatory terms.

Okay, with that out of the way, here’s the meat of my topic:

All masturbators can be divided into five classes according to the five different styles or philosophies of orgasm management that they employ. Even though there is an undeniable progression that can be followed through these five classes, I will hesitate to call them “rankings” or “levels” out of respect for those males who are content with the satisfaction that they obtain from their current station in the progression and choose to remain there.

The five styles of orgasm management can be called: default, voluntary, optional, exclusionary, and transcendent. They are further described as follows:

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Cock Sucking

My experience was back in high school with a friend. We were both 14 and he had an older brother in college who had given him a couple of porn magazines. We looked at them when we had time alone and of course it excited us both. One day he asked me if I jerked off and of course I said yes. He suggested that we jerk off together (he was always the instigator) looking at the magazines and I said okay. That’s the first time we saw each other’s cocks, he was about 5-5.5″ and I was 7″. He was impressed with the size of my cock I remember him saying “Oh wow!”. We jerked off and shot our loads and that was that. I found it very exciting and we started jacking of together on a regular basis. Then one time he asked (being the instigator again) “Would you suck my cock?”. I hemmed and hawed about it but he kept encouraging me to do it so I did. He was laying on the bed and I was on my knees on the floor and I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking, bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock. In just a couple of minutes (we had been jacking off previously) he exploded in my mouth and I just instinctively swallowed it. I couldn’t say at that moment that I loved it but I didn’t mind it. Anyway, I went home and jacked off furiously thinking about what had just happened and had the biggest orgasm of my life up to that point! Later on he called me and said we shouldn’t do that again and I said that was fine, whatever. I guess his (our) raging teenage hormones overpowered whatever moral misgivings he had because a couple of days later he called and asked me to come over and I had his cock in my mouth as soon as I got there!

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Lonely Masturbator

Yes I call myself a lonely masturbator. Even though I talk to many bate bud gooners who feel SO much like me. Sharing and exposing our minds on discord, on tumblr, on twitter, on anywhere I can find it, FB, you name it… I love feeling lonely even though I have my share of non-sexual intimacy that is so deep, relationships that are fulfilling. People who love me. Online a lil girl I have a deep connection with who I known over 5 years who loves to call me Daddy.

I love admitting how much I love to masturbate. Barely hiding just how much of my day I let it take up. How much I want to be on chat programs and sexting and voicing with anyone who loves porn and masturbation. A female from the gooning communities I’m in would be nice…

At this point IRL I’m sabotaging close bonds that could be more and choosing to be an edging addict except for the lips of a fatty older woman who has a DDlg kink I satiate, with my dominant side (comes out best in person). I have fucked her a handful of times over the 18 months knowing her but now edging daily and keeping all this cum in my balls. Only allowing leaks to relieve the swelling nuts? Just feels too good. Worshiping porn this way.

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My Secret Life: Small Town Thrill

…I took a step backwards, craned my neck and stared. In the small garden behind the house someone was lying in the sun, nude. Lightly tanned, smooth and hairless, a bit on the plump side, only visible from the waist down – it could have been either a man or a woman. Then with a shock I realized there was something flopped over one thigh, a huge soft penis! As I watched, a hand came up from behind and gently grasped it, held it up, and stroked a few times….

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Life-Long Porn Addict

Still remember the first time I bought a couple magazines. I was playing hooky from church, since I went to a different one from the rest of my family, I went to a convenience store to check out my newly acquired purchasing power. They were a Score magazine and a Barely 18. I think I got the magazines within a week of buying porn at a rental store. Soon after that era of porn the Internet happened.”

It was really nice having access to any kind of porn I wanted when I became legal. Previously, I had sufficed on what friends pilfered. Brother, cousins, friends. A lot of them were just as needful as I. The most commonly stolen item were the Penthouse Forum digests and their like. Each full of erotic stories. That early adoption of literary erotica probably helped me get interested in reading general. and specifically in regard to the latest and greatest of today’s dirty literature.

There isn’t a moment in time that I can recall not being mesmerized by pornography. Even the general public magazines were intensely fascinating. Pictures of the most magnificent people with sexually charged clothing and poses on display. For one so young and inexperienced I took every opportunity to steal glances. I would sometimes be perpetually hard when our family was driving to the grocery store, in anticipation of seeing the softcore magazines. Learned early to wear clothing that would conceal my state so that I was free to just let it happen. When we got there, I’d say that I was going to the book section that housed the magazines. Once there, I’d pretend to browse through the selection, pick one, pretend to skim through it as I covertly stared at the smut, all while being rock hard in public–which made it even better. Nobody would have guessed what was happening before them. After all, people that age just don’t get horny, right?