Billy’s Arousal Day

Billy’s Arousal Day

by edgeallthetime

Billy was a senior in high school, 17 years old. But he didn’t live the life that his school mates did. Billy was raised in a female led household. There was no father in the household. He lived with his Mother, Alice and his two younger sisters, Becky who was 15, and Kathy who was 13.

There were some rules that existed in the house that were set by his Mother. Billy was never allowed to wear any clothing in the house. He had to do whatever his two Sisters said (although, he could complain to his Mother, if he thought his sisters were being unfair). But, if his Mother sided with the sisters, which She almost always did, then the punishment on Billy would be even worse. So, he didn’t complain unless he was very sure that his Mother would agree with him.

Billy had to do almost all of the household chores, including cleaning, laundry, toilet cleaning, making up his Mother’s and sisters bedrooms. Billy had been naked in the house ever since he could remember. Once he started to reach puberty, it was also mandatory that he kept his entire body free of any hair. He had to be smooth from the neck down, and was inspected regularly by the Females in the house to ensure compliance. Any sight of a hair would result in punishment. Punishment was meted out by his sisters or by his Mother. Punishment was normally a bare bum spanking with a hairbrush. For more serious infractions, he would receive a penis spanking, but these were only carried out by his Mother.

Billy also had to maintain at least a B average at school, which he had always managed to do. Of course, he didn’t have any extracurricular activities at school, because he had too much to do at home, and besides his Mother did not like him to have any outside interests.

The one thing that Billy was allowed to do, once he had completed his chores and his school work was to masturbate. Billy absolutely loved to masturbate and did so at every chance he got. His Mother had decided that Billy could also watch porn, when he turned 16, so Billy was also completely addicted to porn. But Mother only let him watch sissy porn, crossdressers, female domination. She didn’t want to give him any idea that he was a “real man”. Billy masturbated openly in front of his sisters or his Mother. And his sisters would often tease him to get him going. Although he had never seen a naked Female in the flesh, his sisters would often go around the house in panties and tshirt, or very short pants…and barefoot. They knew that Billy had developed a severe foot fetish as well. However, Billy was not allowed to ejaculate. Well he could ejaculate when his Mother, and only his Mother, gave him permission. And it was always done in front of everyone, and normally at the end of an “arousal day”. Arousal days happened every other Saturday, or so, and that meant that Billy was to be kept on the edge of ejaculating the entire day. The girls could play with his peenie, or he could play with it himself, but he had to remain very near orgasm all day long. Billy absolutely loved arousal days. Normally, Mother would allow him to ejaculate at the end of a long arousal day, but not always. There were times when he was sure he was going to be allowed release, only to be put to bed without relief. And the idea of cheating an ejaculation was out of the question. His Mother, and Increasingly, his Sisters, could easily tell if his ejaculation was the result of weeks of torment, or just a few days. God forbid, if they decided that the force and amount of semen and the number of spurts were “suspect”. He didn’t even want to think about the punishment.

Today was arousal day. After he cleaned the house, the non stop arousal would start. His youngest sister, Kathy had taken him to his room and had him start self arousal while watching sissy videos. She left him alone as her and Becky were going out. Mom was already out for the day, and said She wouldn’t be home again until 6 PM or so. Kathy reminded him to be careful, but to have fun. She said that Becky and her would be back in a few hours. She reminded him not to stop playing with himself, and not to stop looking at videos. She said that he had better be in the same position, in front of the TV, completely naked and dripping when they got back, or there would be no chance of release today. Kathy told him they might bring Chrissy home today. She had been there to see his last release, and Billy had told everyone that he loved Chrissy. She was a very hot and sexy girl, in the same class as Kathy, and Billy thought about her a lot when he masturbated. He had so loved squirting in front of her a few weeks back, even though he knew the embarrassment and humiliation he would feel when he saw her at school was excruciating. But it was worth it…he so hoped to be able to put on a show for her again today…

Billy lost track of time in his lust. Time went so fast when he was like this. He glanced up at the clock, and saw that he had been at it for more than 4 hours, and his Mother would not be home for at least four more hours, maybe even more. And would She let him squirt today? He had a strong urge to put on a pair of his little sisters’ panties, but knew if he got caught doing so, it would probably mean no ejaculation today, and perhaps a penis spanking from Mother. He sometimes put on panties, and thigh high stockings, but only when told to do so by his Mom or Sisters. He was not allowed such solitary pleasures. His Mother told him that doing so alone would cause too much excitement and the risk of an accidental ejaculation were too great. But he couldn’t resist. He ran upstairs, found a pair of Becky’s silkiest, sexiest panties, put them up to his face and had a few edges while just standing there sniffing them. He then slipped them on. The feeling of the fabric going over his throbbing penis was almost too much, and he gasped and grunted and stood there with his eyes closed, as the almost orgasm faded. That was close, he thought. What if he had an ejaculation in her panties, and got caught doing so. Doing something like that, might mean he would never ejaculate again! He pulled the panties down carefully, and put them back in Becky’s drawer, making sure to make the drawer look undisturbed. He hurried back downstairs, and started watching his favourite sissy video for the 4th or 5th time that day….and quite proud of his self control.

Not long after that, he heard the front door open, and heard the voices of Kathy and Becky, and another voice….OMG, he thought it’s Chrissy..Kathy’s friend who had been there for his last ejaculation. She was so gorgeous and sexy and beautiful. His penis was throbbing uncontrollably. They walked in on him, as he was edging…Kathy told him to get on his knees and say hello to Chrissy. Chrissy had on the shortest little pair of pants, and the cutest pink painted toes.

“Hi Chrissy”, he stammered.

“Hey Billy, looks like you have been having a lot of fun today”, she giggled. “Your sisters told me that you talked a lot about my toes after I was over here last time, so I thought I would paint them a hot pink. Becky said that would make you shoot harder, because you are a foot freak”. The girls all laughed as he stared at Chrissy’s perfect little toes and had another edge.

“Is your Mom gonna let you squirt today”, Chrissy asked.

“I don’t know, I hope so”, stammered Billy.

“Boy, I bet you do. Last time I saw you squirting you looked like you really liked it. Do you remember that you cried out that you loved me just before the first spurt?”, asked Chrissy.

Billy didn’t really remember doing that, but he had no doubt that he did, but he didn’t want to say that to Chrissy. “Sure, of course I remember”, he said.

“But how can you love me, you stupid boy. We have never been on a date, or even kissed”, Chrissy asked him. Another edge hit Billy when She said that they had never even kissed…he took his hand away in a hurry. The idea that he was naked in front of her, and playing with his peenie and holding back his ejaculation, while She told him that they had never even kissed, was extremely exciting to him.

“Do you want to kiss me”, Chrissy asked. Before he could say “oh yes, please”, Becky intervened and said that was not possible.

“He has never touched a girl in any way, and Mom is never gonna let him, that’s for sure”, said Becky.

“I have an idea…how about if us three kiss each other and Billy watches how it is done, would that be okay?”, asked Chrissy.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not”, said Becky. “OH that sounds fun”, Kathy added.

“Can we take our tops off and show him our boobs..i mean mine are just starting but maybe he would like to see them?”, Chrissy stated.

“Let me call Mom and ask her if we can make out in front of Billy, and I will ask her about taking off our tops”, said Becky.

Becky called her Mom and told her the plan….and got the answer. “Okay, Mom said we can make out, with each other, but she doesn’t want us to show Billy our boobies. She said maybe tonight, he can see them when he is squirting”.

Billy’s hand was a blur on his little pink peenie…a blur for about 5 seconds, because that was as long as he could touch himself for. He couldn’t believe he was going to get to see these beautiful, nubile girls make out with each other. His edges were happening very fast….

“Okay, Billy, you kneel on the floor in front of the couch”, Becky ordered. The girls were giggling and settled on to the couch, their bare legs intertwined together. Becky started it off by kissing Chrissy on the mouth. Chrissy had never kissed before, and wasn’t sure what to do, so Becky showed her. She also started running her hands up and down Chrissy’s bare legs. Kathy took that cue, and also started to gently touch Chrissy’s legs. Chrissy like that, and her thighs opened up a bit.

“Okay, now you two”, Becky said to Kathy and Chrissy. Kathy and Chrissy started to french kiss while Becky ran her hands around both of their inner thighs. The girls were starting to get excited. Kathy and Becky started playing footsie together as well. The footsie action made Billy let out a little moan. The girls had kinda forgotten about him, and they all looked down at him together, and saw that he was playing with his peenie with just thumb and forefinger, and very lightly and very slowly. He was only managing a few strokes and then quickly removing his hand altogether. He was staring at Chrissy’s toes.

“OMG, all this going on, and look at him, staring at your toes Chrissy”, Becky laughed out loud. Billy’s peenie was just inches away from Chrissy’s perfect pink toes, and she curled them for him. All of a sudden, a strong squirt of clear precum came shooting out of him, and landed on Chrissy’s foot.

Kathy yelled out, “look what he did Becky!”,

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t an ejaculation, it was just some of his pent up precum squirting out…but he knows he is not allowed to do that, particularly without permission. Why didn’t you ask Billy??”, she addressed him sternly.

“I didn’t know it was going to happen..i am so sorry, I tried to stop it”.

“Don’t say sorry to me, say sorry to Chrissy, you pervert. You got your precum on her, not on me”, Becky admonished him.

“I am so sorry Chrissy. It was an accident. You girls are so beautiful, and your legs are so soft and smooth, and your feet are so pretty, I couldn’t help it. I am so sorry”.

“I would tell him to lick it off, but he isn’t allowed to touch girls, not even with his tongue. Billy, get a tissue and wipe your mess off off Chrissy’s foot. And you know the rules, no skin on skin touching. You touch Chrissy’s toes with the tissue only. You understand Mister??”, Becky asked.

“Yes, Miss Becky, I understand”, and at that, he dutifully cleaned up his little spurt. He looked around unsure of what to do with the tissue paper.

“Eat it”, Kathy said…he put it in his mouth and chewed and swallowed. This made the girls laugh so hard.

“Anyway, I better call Mom and tell her what he did”. Becky called her Mom and told her that Billy had shot out a big spurt of precum onto Chrissy’s foot, when the girls were making out.

“Okay Mom”, she said and hung up. “Mom says you are to go to your room and masturbate to porn and wait for her to get home”.

“Yes, Miss Becky…and I really am sorry Miss Chrissy”, he said again. Chrissy ignored him, and he went up to his room and turned on his computer. He was not allowed to have a door on his bedroom, and his computer monitor could be seen from the passing hallway, so that anyone passing by could see what he was masturbating to. He put on some of his favourite sissy porn, and he was off to the races again, lost in a world of lust and shame….and reliving what had happened just now in the living room. He was throbbing something terrible.
Billy had been in front of his computer for a couple of hours, slowly giving himself edge after edge after edge. He was panting heavily and throbbing to a cute teenage crossdresser video, when his little sister Kathy walked in.

“Oh, isn’t she cute”, said Kathy. Billy moaned yes. Kathy was now wearing just a tshirt and panties, and Billy was getting an eyeful, as he teased his peenie. He also noticed that her toes were freshly painted a bright red.

“After you got sent to your room, Chrissy, Becky and me took off our shorts and painted each other’s toenails. You would have loved it!”, she teased.

“Oh my yes, I would have”, he exclaimed.

“Do you want to get yours painted, like that cutie in the video you are watching”, Kathy asked him.

“Oh please yes, Kathy, please”, he pleaded.

“Okay okay, calm down”, she said. “Let’s go downstairs”.

They walked back in to the living room. “Okay, he is all for it”…Kathy laughed. Obviously the girls had planned this as additional arousal and humiliation for Billy.
“Okay, lay on the floor on your back and put your feet on the coffee table”, Becky ordered.

“Chrissy, you play with his peenie, while Kathy and I do the painting”, Becky said.

Billy couldn’t believe his good fortune. Chrissy was actually going to touch his peenie, while he got his toes painted. This was going to be the most beautiful thing ever. They all got in position, and Chrissy kneeled beside him.

“Now, Chrissy, be very careful. When he begs you to stop, take your fingers away right away, and don’t put them back until I tell you to, okay?”, Becky instructed. “And only use your thumb and forefinger, and touch very lightly, and go very slowly.

“Billy, when you feel your ejaculation getting too close you are to say, “please Miss Chrissy, please stop, or I will squirt”. I want those exact words…understood?”, She asked.

“Yes, Miss Becky, I understand, thank you”, he whimpered.

They had only just begun, and Billy was looking at Chrissy’s toes, and her fingers on his peenie, and he had to blurt out “please Miss Chrissy, please stop, or I will squirt”.

“Oh jeezus, are you kidding me Billy, you lasted about 10 seconds”, Becky admonished. “Well, that won’t work, sorry Chrissy, but you will have to keep your hands off of his peenie. Just put your bare feet in his face, and he can play with his peenie himself”.

So, that’s how it was for the next ten minutes or so. Chrissy’s beautiful toes in his face, Billy edging his penis, and having 3-4 edges a minute, and his Sisters painting his toenails a nice bright red. Once they were done and dried, they all admired them, and made Billy get up and walk around the room, touching his penis, and showing off his sexy toes.

“Do you guys have any really sexy and slutty clothes we can put on him now”, asked Chrissy. Billy noticed that Chrissy had her hand between her legs, just casually touching herself. Billy loved her so much right now.

“Yes, Kathy, go get those fishnet thigh high stockings and a pair of my black thong panties, and also a short camisole”, Becky asked of her little sister.

First, they put the fishnets on him. And then the camisole.

“Now Billy, when we pull these panties over your peenie, the feeling of the panties isn’t going to make you have another one of those spurts is it? Or worse yet a full ejaculation”, Becky asked him.

“No, Miss Becky, I don’t think so..i will be okay”, he said.

Chrissy pulled the panties up on him, and as she was about to pull them over his peenie, he cried out “please Miss Chrissy, please stop, or I will squirt”.

Chrissy quickly pulled them down to his mid thighs.

“Well, panties are out of the question”, Becky said, while the girls all laughed.

“No panties for you Billy, just the stockings and the camisole…kinda nice that way anyway, with your peenie all exposed and sticking out like it always is”, Chrissy said to him.

“Okay Billy, back to your room and your movies…and leave the stockings and camisole on. We are going out for a while, and will be back when Mom comes home…be a good boy”, Becky ordered him.

At that, he said thank you to all of them, and headed back to his room. He was edging before the video even started.
An hour or so had passed, and too many edges to count, and Billy heard the front door opening. His Mom called his name, so he hurried downstairs, his pink penis bouncing in front of him.

“You have had quite a day, I understand”, his Mother stated.

“Yes, Mommy, the girls were so good to me…look, they even painted my toenails for me”. His Mother looked at his feet through the fishnet stockings.

“I see they dressed you up as well. How come no panties?”.

“Chrissy tried to put them on me Mommy, but when She was pulling them over my peenie, I felt like I would ejaculate so Becky said not to wear any”

“Smart girl, and lucky for you, young man. Can you imagine what would be in store for you, if you had ejaculated when Chrissy was pulling them over your peenie?”, She admonished him.

“And speaking of that, I understand you had an unauthorized squirt of precum”??

“It was an accident Mommy, Chrissy was barefoot and Her foot was so close to my peenie, and the girls were kissing each other..i am so sorry Mommy”, he was pleading with Her.

“I am going to let it go this time…the girls will be here soon, and I think I will allow you an ejaculation. I have been on my feet all kneel on the floor and massage my bare feet please”.

“Thank you Mommy”. Billy kneeled at his Mommy’s feet and took off her shoes and put them away to the side and started massaging Her feet.

“Five minutes on one foot, and then you can play with your peenie for five minutes and then five minutes on the other foot”, She ordered him.

“Thank you Mommy”

Just as Billy was finishing his five minutes playing with himself, in walked the girls. They had put their shorts back on of course, and now Billy felt more naked than ever, even though he still had the stockings and camisole on.

“Okay, finish my other foot, and we will let you have some relief”, his Mother said.

“Girls, can you please come and sit here in the living room”.

“Okay Billy, thank you for the foot rub, now please take off the camisole and leave the stockings on, and lay on your back on the floor. Becky and Kathy, you kneel either side of Billy, and Chrissy, you kneel between his legs”, Mother instructed.

“Billy, you can start to play with your peenie now…and let me know when you are right on the edge of squirting”. Billy started, and within a few seconds, he said, “I am there now Mommy, right on the edge”.

“Okay, Kathy and Becky, move back a little bit, he is going to make a huge mess, and you don’t want any on you. Chrissy, you will get a great view from there”

“Billy, you can let it go now”……

“Yes Mommy, oh thank you Mommy….oh thank you thank you girls…arggggghhh..ohhhhhh….here it comes Mommy”, he cried out.

It started to come out like pee, in one solid squirt. It was like he was pissing his cum into the air. He often did that. Chrissy was saying “wow” and the sisters were grinning. And then the spurts started, one after the other. The first one going far over his head, and then on to his face, and neck and chest and stomach…More than 10 powerful squirts. Kathy and Becky were moving further away. Even Chrissy moved back due to the power of the spurts. Billy absolutely soaked himself in his own semen….And then he laid there, covered in his cum, legs splayed wide open, hand still on his penis. “Thank you Mommy”, he said again.

“Okay the girls and I are going out for ice cream. You clean up yourself and your mess, and have a shower and get to bed”, his Mother demanded.

“Yes Mommy, thank you Mommy.

His Mother and the girls walked out the door, still talking about what they had seen. Bill went upstairs and showered, and went back downstairs to make sure there was no cum anywhere, or any mess left behind.

He then went to bed naked, and within a few minutes he was playing with his peenie once again….he was such a horny, pervert boy.

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  1. Billy’s life is my fantasy!! i just can’t stop masturbating and playing with one of my dildos as i read about adorable little sissy Billy!!!

  2. I love your stories about Billy and how he’s under the control of his mother and his younger sisters. The writer is wonderful and I hope I can read more of his stories. I hope he writes more now for the readers!

  3. Ohh, soooo wonderful! i don’t know how i missed your stories posted here before, but they’re absolutely erotically powerful and involve so very many of my own personal fantasies! What a lucky, lucky little sissy pervert masturbator Billy is, to be in such a perfect family!

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