Billy goes to a Birthday Party

Anyway, there were no ejaculations for billy or johnny that week, and the day of the birthday party was upon them. Billy had been quite anxious about the party. He did not know who was going to be there from school, did not know if he could wear clothes, did not know if they were going to make johnny and him play with each other in front of everyone…he was excited but nervous.

Billy goes to a Birthday Party


The two Moms had been meeting regularly since their daughters had started hanging around with each other. Chrissy and johnnys’ Mom name is Lisa, and of course billy’s Mom name is Alice.

Alice had been telling Lisa about the events of last the previous Saturday when johnny and billy had their play date.

“Oh geezus, johnny must have been beside himself when he realized that Chrissy was going to jerk him off…he has been lusting after his little Sister for a few years now. Always going through Her panties and personal things. I have caught him wearing Chrissy’s panties more than once”, Lisa told Alice.

“Oh yes, he seemed like a real little pervert when he stayed with us. And him and billy got along so well. I even overheard them telling each other how much they liked each other and then falling into a deep french kiss, while holding each others’ peenies”, Alice exclaimed.

“Alice, I would like johnny to learn from how billy is treated and how he has found his place with Your family. I think it would be important that billy remains at the very bottom of the pecking order….I mean I think that johnny should remain above billy at all times, but he should also be well below his Sisters, if that makes any sense to you”, Lisa asked.

“I certainly understand, and we would love to help you show johnny his real place in this world”, Alice said.

“Chrissy’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I was thinking about having a party for her. Kathy and Becky could invite their friends as well. And billy and johnny could be there as well, on display, so to speak”, she laughed.

“That would be great, Lisa. Kathy and Becky have some boy friends that they would invite to. It would be especially useful for johnny and billy to see what place real males have in this world, and not the spot that they are holding”, Alice said.

“Okay, I will do the planning to have the party at our house then. Shall we make sure that billy and johnny do not ejaculate before then, so that we can be assured that they are ready and on their best behavior?”, Lisa asked.

“Yes or course, they have to be soooo ready. How many more weeks is it?”, she asked.

“Four more weeks from next Saturday”

“Perfect…the boys will be sooooooo ready”, Alice laughed.
Meanwhile, billy was living out his regular, perverted existence. Spending all of his non school time at home, bare naked, doing his homework, doing the household chores, cleaning his Sisters and Mommys room, being teased by his Sisters, ridiculed and punished by his Mother, masturbating when he had the time, and without any sort of orgasmic relief. Edging was something that billy had become so proficient at. He could go for hours and hours of staying just a few strokes away from orgasmic bliss, he could ride the edge for 10-15 minutes at a time without having to remove his hand. So much of this was done in the presence of his Sisters. But most of it was done in his room, which had no door, and was sparsely furnished with a small, single bed, and a desktop computer. The computer was his best friend. The favorites were all porn sites. Those were the only sites he ever visited. So often, he would be in the throes of near orgasmic bliss, moaning, groaning and looking at the screen, when his Sisters would walk in, and make comments about his perversity, and how he was such a loser. This only made billy throb worse. This was his cycle, the more perverse loser he thought he was, the hornier he got, and the more perverse he wanted to be. Billy absolutely loved being naked in front of his Sisters and Mommy and although the humiliations and punishments were sometimes difficult he cherished them…so much.

And johnny’s life had taken a turn since his play date with billy. His Mommy and his little Sister were now keenly aware of what kind of boy he really was. They knew now for sure that he was a perverted, bisexual, submissive little masturbating horny boy, and they were not letting him forget it. Although a “must be naked at all times” rule had not been fully enforced, most of the time his Mommy would tell him to get naked. She checked his body for any unwanted hair on a daily basis. And most importantly, She made it clear that he was now to follow all of Chrissy’s instruction, without fail. Spankings that used to be administered in private by his Mommy only, were now done in the family room in front of Chrissy, with johnny bare naked. And on occasion, it was Chrissy that did the spanking. This made johnnys’ little penis get very very hard.

One week before Chrissy’s birthday party, the boys had another play date, that went similar to the one they had a few weeks earlier. But the big difference this time was that there was no ejaculations allowed. And johnny slept over as well. Billy and johnny spending the night together in the same bed, bare naked, kissing and rubbing. Needless to say they didn’t get much sleep. And billy had to get up early, as always to do his house chores. Johnny stayed in bed, and played with his peenie, as billy did his chores. He cleaned the entire house, including his Sister’s bedrooms, as they were not in their beds. When he was done, he went back to his room to find both Kathy and Becky in his bed with johnny. Johnny was bare naked of course, and Kathy and Becky had their pjs on, and they were teasing and having fun with johnny.

“Go back downstairs, we aren’t finished with johnny yet”, ordered Becky.

“Are we johnny”, She asked with a smile as She gave him a deep french kiss.

“I hope not”, johnny replied.

“Go go go”, Kathy now said to billy. “We don’t want you in here right now”.

So, billy went downstairs and sat in the family room, and played with his peenie, thinking about what he had just seen. He was so jealous of johnny right now. He was naked in bed with his sisters, and they were kissing him and everything. They did tease billy’s penis, but they never kissed him like that.

Mommy walked in to the room..”how come you are down here, and not upstairs with the other kids”, She asked.

“Kathy and Becky told me to leave, They didn’t want me there with Them and johnny”, he replied.

“Good”, was all Mommy said, and that made billy throb. Poor little pervert boy.

Anyway, there were no ejaculations for billy or johnny that week, and the day of the birthday party was upon them. Billy had been quite anxious about the party. He did not know who was going to be there from school, did not know if he could wear clothes, did not know if they were going to make johnny and him play with each other in front of everyone…he was excited but nervous.

“Johnny is coming to our house to get ready for the party”, billy’s Mommy told billy.

“he will be here soon, so hurry and finish your work”, She ordered him.

Billy hurried up his chores, finishing his Mommy’s and Sister’s rooms. His Sisters were downstairs watching TV. Billy heard the doorbell ring, but he wasn’t yet finished his work. After a few minutes, he was done, and he went downstairs, naked as usual, and found johnny sitting with the girls in the TV room. The girls were sitting either side of johnny. They were wearing tshirt and panties, and were joking around with johnny, about what he should wear to the party.

“Its gonna be a pool party, so you should wear a nice tiny pair of speedos, what do you think”, Becky asked.

“That sounds good”, johnny replied.

“What about him”, Kathy said, pointing at the naked billy, who was standing there with a half erect peenie.

“Well, naked of course”, Becky answered. “he has to be naked all the time in front of girls, and there will be plenty of girls there”, she continued.

“Oh, come on you guys, how come I have to be naked and johnny gets to wear a swimsuit…that’s not fair”, billy whined.

“Life’s not fair, especially to you”, Becky stated, as all three of them laughed.

“And there are gonna be some guys there from the school, billy, some guys in senior class and others too. It is gonna be so humiliating for you, you poor little pervert”, Becky said.

“And no doubt, he will get a little boner”, Kathy chimed in.

“Anyway, come over here and say hello to your boyfriend, johnny”.

“Hey johnny”, billy said as he stood by the couch. There was no room on the couch however.

“Sit on the floor, at our feet”, Becky ordered.

“And touch your peenie!”, Kathy said.

A few moments passed, as the three on the couch made small talk, and billy sat on the floor edging his pink penis. Mommy then entered the room, and said, “okay, you guys, time to get ready”, she said.

“johnny, we bought you a nice speedo suit, and a tshirt that you can wear over to the party”, Mommy said.

“billy, you are going naked”, She continued.

“Mommy, please please, there are gonna be guys there from the school, can I please wear something, please please”, billy pleaded.

“Hmmm, well, I guess you can wear something to go over there, but it’s Chrissy’s party, and if She wants you naked, you will get naked immediately, is that understood”, Mommy said sternly.

“Yes Mommy, thank You Mommy”, billy said.

“Kathy, give billy a pair of your smallest string bikini bottoms to wear, nothing else”, Mommy told Kathy. The girls and johnny all giggled and laughed. Billy had a look of disappointment on his face, but dared not complain again, because he knew he would end up being totally naked, if he did.

The girls took johnny to their room to change, and left billy in the family room. Billy realized that johnny was likely to see his Sisters naked, or close to naked, and he had never had that privilege. He was jealous and envious. Billy stayed downstairs in the family room and edged his peenie in front of Mommy.

A few minutes later they came back downstairs. The girls had on very cute bikinis, and then covered up a bit with tshirts. Johnny had on his speedos, and looked very sexy, billy thought, and he also had on a tshirt.

“Stand up billy”, Becky ordered.

She put the string bikini bottom on him. They were too small, and rather tight, and oh so tiny. She tied the strings at the side, and said, “you look, cute, maybe Chrissy will want you to keep them on, at least for a while”, she joked. His erect penis could barely be contained in them, but at least it did remain covered, but very noticeable.

“Give your boyfriend a boner, billy, I want to see how it shows through his speedo”, Mommy ordered.

Billy walked to johnny, and started rubbing johnny’s peenie through the suit and then put his hand down the front. The boys started kissing.

“Okay, okay, I didn’t say to have sex”, Mommy laughed. “I said, give him a boner, gawd you two horny boys”.

“Oh good, rock hard and very noticeable”, Mommy said. “But billy’s boner is even more noticeable Mommy”, said Kathy.

“It sure is”, Mommy said. They all had a laugh, except billy.

Becky’s boyfriend came to get Her to take Her to the party, and Mommy took Kathy, johnny and billy to the party. Kathy and johnny were in their swimsuits with tshirts, poor billy was wearing those tiny string bikini bottoms and nothing else. On the way, Kathy and johnny were in the backseat, fooling around, and billy sat in the front with his Mommy. He was beginning to feel more jealous of johnny all the time.

“Okay have a good time, call me when you need a ride”, said Mommy.

“And billy, do as your told”, She reminded him.

Billy was feeling quite insecure as they entered the house, there were a lot of kids there from the school, including guys and girls from his senior class.

“Hey billy”, said one of the guys. “Nice swimsuit”, he laughed. Others noticed and laughed as well, including some girls.

Billy wanted to get to the pool as quick as possible, so that he could get in, and hide his girl swimsuit. He left johnny and Kathy in the front room, and hurried to the back and got in to the pool.

Billy felt safe in the pool. Out of the prying eyes of his school mates. He saw Chrissy coming towards him. She looked absolutely beautiful in her tiny bikini.

“Well, hi there”, she said. “Thanks for coming”, Chrissy said.

“Thank you and Happy Birthday to You”, replied billy. “You look great”, he added.

“Thanks and so do you”, she said, with a laugh. “Those are very sexy girl bottoms you have on there, but I guess they are better than being bare naked huh”, she asked.

“Yeah, I asked Mommy to let me wear something, with all the guys and girls from school here and everything”, Billy told her.

“Yeah, I understand, but while you are in the pool, please take them off, and give them to me. It’s better for you to be in the pool bare naked, don’t you think”, she asked?

He remembered what Mommy said about obeying everyone, and in particular Chrissy.

“Yes of course Chrissy”, billy said as he took of the bottoms and handed them up to Her.

She crouched down at the edge of the pool to get them, and billy could see her bare feet and bare legs up close.

“Oh, I see you have a little boner there”, she said. “That’s cute”, she added.

“You can stay in the pool and play with your peenie and look at all the pretty girls…and guys”, she said with a wink. “If you need to get out of the pool, just give me a shout, and I will bring these bottoms back to you”, She told him.

At that, She walked away, and immediately discarded the bikini bottoms on the lawn, just out of reach of billy, and went back to Her friends.

Billy thought to himself…this is just great, there is no way She will bring them back to me if I ask, but maybe johnny will. But then he thought that it is probably better to sit in the corner of the pool, bare naked, than strut around in front of everyone with those tiny girl panties on. Oh, what a predicament.

Just then a group of guys and girls jumped in to the pool to frolic. Billy went as far in to the corner as possible. But, one of the girls came close to him, and then said, in a loud voice, “Oh my god billy, you are bare naked!”.

Becky was close by and came over and told everyone..”Its okay, he is naked all the time at home. Mom doesn’t let him wear clothes, ever. He’s used to it, aren’t you billy?”, she said.

“Um, yeah I guess so..i ….i…uh, yes, am used to it”, billy said, not knowing what else he could say.

Just then one of the girls exclaimed, “oh my, he has a boner!”. Everyone came closer to have a look. Billy just wished the pool would swallow him up.

“Yeah, and Mom doesn’t allow him to…you know…shoot his stuff out, so he has a boner a lot, most of the time actually”, Becky explained to anyone.

“Ooookay”, one of the guys said. And the girls and guys left billy in the corner and continued to play in the pool, ignoring him.

And then johnny walked up, looking so confident and hot in his speedos.

“Hey billy, how is it going, how come you are naked, did Chrissy tell you to”, johnny asked.

“Yeah she did”, billy said.

Then Becky walked back up, and gave johnny a big hug, looked at billy and said, “go get us a couple of lemonades billy”.

“But Becky, can I put the bottoms back on, they are right over there on the lawn”, he asked.

“Did I say anything about putting the bottoms back on?? I said go get johnny and me some lemonade, and hurry up about it…geezus”, she said strictly.

“Please don’t do this to me Becky, please”, he pleaded. He noticed that johnny was smiling.

“Do as you are told unless you want everyone to see you get a spanking from me!”, she said to him, sternly.

Billy pulled himself out of the pool and stood at poolside, as naked as the day he was born, with his little peenie still sticking out.

One of the girls exclaimed, “he looks kinda cute, no hair at all, and his thingy is so small”.

The guys were just looking at him with disbelief, the girls were giggling, johnny winked at him, and Becky stood and stared at him with arms crossed, and pointed at the lemonade stand.

He took what felt like the longest walk of his life to get the lemonade and come back, but he was pleasantly surprised that the girls and the guys made fun of him, but in a nice way.

“Okay, back in the pool”, his Sister ordered.

“And you”, she said to johnny, “off with those trunks and get in with him”.

Chrissy was watching, and said “yeah johnny, get in there with your boyfriend”, as she laughed.

He slid his trunks down to expose his tiny, hairless, penis to all. It was already starting to stiffen. Everyone was staring.

“Okay, you two, do what you do, in the corner of the pool, we will let you know if we need anything”.

“Are they fags”, one of the boys asked.

“Hey, don’t be so rude”, one of the girls interjected. “They just like each other…a lot”. This drew a chuckle from the group.

So, johnny and billy were in the pool, up to their chests, but they had their loving hands wrapped around each others penises, and were more or less openly masturbating each other in front of all these others. The thought of this made them both throb, almost uncontrollably.

Billy thought to himself….”I hope I get to squirt in front of everyone”, but he was not just thinking, he actually muttered it out loud. “Same here”, johnny moaned.

After a while, Becky told the boys to get out of the pool, as it was time to eat some pizza, cut the cake and sing Happy Birthday to Chrissy.

“Becky, can we put on our swimsuits, please”, begged billy.

Becky thought for a moment, and then said, “I guess so, but after everyone has gone home, you have to get naked again, at least you do billy, up to Chrissy on whether johnny can.

“Thank you so much Miss”, both boys chimed in together.

For the rest of the party, they boys mixed in, although everyone was keenly aware of what they boys were, and what they had seen.

After eating, and singing, the group left, and it left Becky, Kathy, Chrissy, johnny and billy. And Chrissy and johnny’s Mother was there of course, and she had stayed out of the way, in her room, while the kids had their fun.

“Okay billy, that’s enough of wearing clothes, get those bottoms off now”, ordered Becky.

“Same for you johnny”, said Chrissy.

And then their Mom came downstairs to find both boys naked and erect, as usual.

“Oh, girls, did you make the boys stay naked for the entire party”, she said with a smile.

“Nah Mom, they had to stay naked in the pool, and billy had to parade around a bit, but we relented and let them put something on for some of the party”, Chrissy said.

“Oh okay, well, billy’s Mommy is coming over soon to get everyone. Do you boys want to squirt your cum out for us?”, she asked.

“OH yes yes yes please Maam / Mommy, please yes”, they both said.

“Well, its Chrissy’s birthday, so I suppose it should be up to Chrissy, but lets wait unti billy’s Mommy gets here to make sure. In the meantime, you boys go to johnny’s room and play, and we will call you down here later”.

“Well, Chrissy, what do you think, should they be allowed to spurt”, she asked Chrissy.

“No Mom, I don’t want them to. I want them to stay all stiff and horny and make them wait for a long, long time”, said Chrissy.

“That’s settled then”…..

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