Billy Gets a Babysitter – Chapter Two

They did love to tease him, so part way through his homework, They both stood beside him, at the table, and lifted Their tshirts, so that he could see Their panties, and They told him to play with himself. Which he did of course…


BillyGets a Babysitter


Chapter Two

The next morning, things were as usual at the house. billy got up early, and went downstairs, naked and tidied up the kitchen and family room from the night before. he waited for his Sisters and Mommy to come downstairs and then went to Their rooms to make Their beds and tidy up. And then, he went back downstairs and cleaned up their breakfast dishes and made himself breakfast, cleaned up his dishes, and then upstairs to shower, shave his body, and get ready for school. Mommy never said a word to him and his Sisters just snickered about his purple and swollen penis.

That afternoon, the Girls were not at extra curricular activities, so all three of them took the bus home together. Kathy was telling billy that Mommy was really mad at him, and that She was talking about getting a babysitter for him.

Once home, billy got naked, and did his homework at the kitchen table. Becky and Kathy got changed into their after school clothes, which very often meant tshirts and panties only, which is what They wore today. billy liked looking at Them in their tshirt and panties, and the Girls noticed that his peenie got hard, even though it was quite bruised. They did love to tease him, so part way through his homework, They both stood beside him, at the table, and lifted Their tshirts, so that he could see Their panties, and They told him to play with himself. Which he did of course….billy was staring and drooling and leaking…the Girls were laughing at him. He had quite a bit of homework to do, and the Girls were purposefully trying to make it so his homework wouldn’t be done when Mommy got home. But, They finally stopped Their teasing, and billy finished his homework once his peenie got soft again.

Mommy arrived home, and sat at the table with naked billy and Kathy and Becky.

“Okay, I have decided that you need a babysitter, billy”, She told him.

“But Mommy, I am 17 years old…”, he started. But Mommy cut him off.

“You may be 17, but you act like a 10 year old”, She told him.

“I spoke to Chrissy’s Mom about it, but Chrissy has after school activities as well.” Billy was disappointed to hear that, because if he had to have a babysitter, it would have been wonderful to have Chrissy do it. He was so in lust and love with Her still.

But I did speak to Mrs. Adams and Tiffany will be able to do it for us.

“Really Mom?”, Kathy said. “She is a year younger than me, I think she just turned 12”.

“Yes, She is available, and I have been friends with Her Mom for a long time. Mrs. Adams knows all about billy and his perversions and his lifestyle, and She thought it would be a great idea for Tiffany to babysit billy”, Mommy told them.

“Billy, do you know Her”, Mommy asked.

“I am not sure, sounds like She is in Grade six”, Billy asked.

“Yes billy, you know Her, she is the really cute blonde Girl in the grade below me. She just started middle school this year. She is always coming to school in really short pants and short skirts…I am sure you have noticed Her. She has an older brother, Tommy, in grade 9”, said Kathy.

“Oh yeah, I think so”, billy muttered. He did know who she was. She was just a kid, but billy had seen Her at the school, and definitely noticed how cute She is.

“I am sure it is more than you think so”, said Becky. “I am sure you have masturbated and thought about Her, haven’t you”, She asked.

“Maybe, not sure..Mommy please, does She have to? I am 17, She is 12, I promise to be a good boy”, he pleaded.

“No billy. On the days that Kathy and Becky stay after school, you will take the bus to Tiffany’s house, and I will come and pick you up on my way home from work”, Mommy explained,

“I have to go to Her house Mommy?”, billy asked. “Really”? he asked again, pleading.

“Yes, She cannot come over here, so you will go to Her house. She has an older brother, Tommy, and Her Mother is home at the same time. And the same rules will be in effect, as they are here. You will get naked immediately upon getting in side the house, you will do your homework, and you will follow any instructions that anyone in their family has for you, while you are a naked guest there. Do you understand”, Mommy said sternly.

“Yes Mommy”, billy said. But, he was panicking. Except for Chrissy’s birthday party, he had never been naked in front of others. And he had never been naked in front of others without at least his Sisters or Mommy being there. Tiffany was very cute and hot, so he was kind of thinking about Her, but Tommy Her brother was a bit of an athletic type, and was with the “in crowd” at school. So different than billy. This was going to be so humiliating…


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  1. i know i must punish myself for having forbidden thoughts… hard slaps to my little engorged blue-balls and my little bruised ‘peenie’!!! every twenty minutes (alarm alerts me to the time for abusing myself…as i sing little children’s songs!!!

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