Billy Gets a Babysitter Chapter One

“For now, you stay exactly like that, do not pick up any panties, do not take those ones off that you have half on, keep that other pair around your stupid peenie, and keep playing with yourself. Get yourself rock hard and leaking, and you had better be that way when Mom gets home. I want her to see you exactly as we found you”, Becky told him.


BillyGets a Babysitter


Chapter One

Billy was at home alone again. Three times a week, his little Sisters had after school activities, and his Mom was still at work. Of course billy did not have any after school activities, not like the other kids.

But billy enjoyed his time alone in the afternoon after school. He was home alone, naked, and he made sure his chores were done, and his homework done and on display for Mommy to check when She got home. But often, he could complete all of that in an hour or so, which meant he had another hour and a half to enjoy himself.

That was the case today. Of course, he had been naked since he got home, but now he could relax and enjoy playing with his penis. He watched some of his favourite porn, and then got an overwhelming urge to wear girls’ panties. He found himself going up to Kathy’s room, his youngest sister. Although, he was allowed to go to her room to clean it, he was not allowed in there for any other reason. So, he was breaking a very strong rule by doing this, but the urge to play with his 13 year old sister’s panties was too much to resist. He soon found himself laying on her bed, with a few pairs of her pretty panties laying around him, and he was even using a pair wrapped around his throbbing penis as he masturbated. Oh, the bliss…He was trying on other pair’s of her panties, occasionally looking at the clock to make sure he had enough time to tidy up before anyone came home. He was lost in his world of lust, his penis throbbing with pleasure. He had a pair of Kathy’s sexiest panties, blue shiny and tiny on. He pulled them down to his knees and laid back on the bed and used another pair to wrap around his hairless peenie.

“What the hell”, was what billy heard next. He looked up and there was Kathy and Becky, both standing there, looking at him in disbelief. He couldn’t do anything to hide what he was doing. It was plain to see.

“Oh my god look at him”, Becky said to Kathy. “And look at the mess he has made of your panty drawer!”, she exclaimed.

Billy didn’t know what to do, he just laid there on his back with the panties at his knees, and the other pair in his hand, wrapped around his now wilting penis.

‘I’m sorry”, was all he could muster.

“Sorry??, that’s it?”, cried out Kathy. “You are in so much trouble when Mom gets home”.

“For now, you stay exactly like that, do not pick up any panties, do not take those ones off that you have half on, keep that other pair around your stupid peenie, and keep playing with yourself. Get yourself rock hard and leaking, and you had better be that way when Mom gets home. I want her to see you exactly as we found you”, Becky told him.

“Yes, Becky, I am sorry, Kathy”, he muttered.

“Whatever”, they said in unison, as they left him like that to go downstairs.

Billy kept playing, as he knew he had better be hard and leaking when Mom came home, and because he had lost track of time, she was due any moment. The girls had come home at their usual time, but Billy was so lost in lust that he didn’t read the clock correctly. Stupid, stupid, stupid Billy.

A half an hour later, Mommy, Kathy and Becky were all standing at the door.

“This is exactly how we found him Mom”, Kathy said. “He was all hard and leaking, just like he is right now”.

“So, you are having fun when all by yourself, huh Billy”, Mommy said without a smile.

I am so sorry Mommy, I will clean up everything and wash her panties and put them back, and promise never to do this again”, Billy said, as he continued to play with his penis.

“Of course you will billy, but it is too late to put this back in the bottle”, as Mommy looked around.

“Okay, keep those panties half on, pull them up to your upper thighs so that they don’t come off. But keep your peenie fully exposed. And then clean up these panties, and hand wash them all, and hang them to dry . God knows how much precum you might have got on them. After that is done, report downstairs for your punishment”, Mommy told him.

“What will the punishment be Mommy”, he asked, fearfully.

“You will find out”, Mommy said.

Billy made sure he did a good job of washing the panties, as he knew he had spilt precum on some of them. He carefully hung them to dry, and then looked around her room again, smoothed out her bed, and then went downstairs. Still, with the shiny blue, tight panties pulled down to his thighs.

“I am finished cleaning up Mommy” , he said as he entered the family room.

“Go check everything girls, make sure you are happy with it, and then come back down”, Mommy ordered.

“What are we going to with you billy”, his Mommy said. “No matter how hard we try and train you, you disappoint us”.

“I am so sorry”, billy said, as he was nearly in tears. His peenie was not completely soft and only about 2 inches long.

The girls came back downstairs.

“Looks okay Mom”, Kathy said.

“Okay, well billy, you are going to get 10 whacks with the wooden spoon on your peenie for starters. Step up to the dining room table, and try and lay your little peenie on the table.

Billy did as he was told, although his penis was very short, and did not lay on the table easily. He had to just his hips forward to try and keep his penis exposed on the table top.

“That will do. Kathy, please get the wooden spoon”. Kathy smiled at her Mom and Becky and retrieved the dreaded instrument from the kitchen.

“Count them out and say “sorry Kathy”, after each one”. Mommy ordered.

“Yes Mommy”, billy said, with real fear in his voice.

“1, sorry Kathy”, “2, sorry Kathy”….it continued until 10. He was yelping with each hit after the second one.

When they were over, Mommy told him to back away from the table, and the three Females watched, as his peenie turned purple and swollen. Billy looked down in horror, at his hurt penis. It was going to be so difficult to get and stay hard now, and he just knew that his Mommy would insist on it.

He thought it was over, but no….”Okay Kathy, you give him 20 whacks on his bare bum, 10 on each cheek. Again, billy count them out and say sorry to Kathy after each one”, Mommy ordered.

With the shiny blue panties still at his mid thigh, he stood as Kathy administered the blows, being sure to say exactly what Mommy ordered him too. He made eye contact with Becky, almost pleading with Her, but She was just smiling.

“Okay, that’s it. Take those panties off, wash and hang them, and then go to bed with no supper. We will figure out the best way forward in the morning”, Mommy told him.

With that, billy went up stairs, washed the panties and went to bed, naked. He touched his sore penis, and actually did manage to get himself hard, even though it stung. He loved playing with his penis so much.


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