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My late boyfriend that was much older than me turned me onto nude sunbathing. I have been hooked since he did so…

Unfortunately my father passed away of health issues that he has had for some time. I inherited along with my sister his condo down in Florida. The boyfriend was located in the next town from my Dad. So every time I visited we went to this very desolate beach, that it is incredibly beautiful and brings much eroticism to my life.

I masturbate but being able to masturbate outside at the beach, in the sun with other people seriously turns my clitoris into a hard, sensual nub. I get so turned by seeing people outside enjoying their nakedness. All different sizes, heights, weights. Different people from different towns come to this beach. People do not sit close to each other, they space themselves out. Some are not naked, within couples sometimes I see one of them in a suit and the other naked. I’ve seen fondling, hand holding, walking, staring, sleeping people on the beach. It is a valid place to be naked. Since my boyfriend passed away almost 6 years ago I have still been attending but it is just recently that my father passed and this has helped me attend the beach more often. I went with a married girlfriend who is very open with me; she loved it! We did not get all the way naked, but maybe next time. We both took our tops off. Then I just brought another friend down but I could not take her to the naked section as we had her daughter with us. That was a week ago, and now they are gone. So today after many depressing days I got a great day in.

I went directly to the nude section and thankfully there was a spot. I had a tank top, bra, and shorts on…no underwear. I was wet before I even sat down. I walked past all kinds of people to get down to where I wanted to sit. There were lots of men, but there were a few couples and not too mention a group of 4…all naked. How fun! I have only been with other person. I took off my clothes immediately and after a little while I had to rub on my throbbing clit. I did not go as vigorous as I did last April when I was last at the beach. That was my FIRST SOLO time and I was overwhelmed with arousal!! (I have been meaning to write about this day forever but it was such a endeavor that it made me horny for about 4 days…just constant nudity and masturbation. Today is what I will concentrate on…

So it is an ocean and it is a big area, protected wildlife and plants. People walk the beach and not too many people address you or say hello which I find weird. I talk to people. So anyway I get horny enough to rub myself. Then it comes a decision…do you let people see you or do you just wonder your hand away from that aching horniness for a few minutes. Well I did both…
Then I had a 23 year old come sit by me. I was already wet and horny. So I stopped as he walked by but then I went back to it. They sit so far away that it is hard to tell if they are hard. WHICH TURNS ME THE FUCK ON! So I always am trying to look for erections. Well after a while I started rubbing more intensely. Eventually I knew he was watching. I did not give a damn I needed to rub my clit. So I went at it. Then eventually brought my guard down and let the other people walking past me see that my hand was resting on my bald, sun kissed pussy, but later I said who cares…I don’t want to stop. There was a man on the other side he also walked past me a few times. He was cute, had a thick semi and easy on the eyes but I did not seem like his type. HE got antsy and took several walks. I think he liked to show off his girth. Lots of cocks, some semi hard, some shaved, some hairy, bouncing was nice to see! So eventually this 23 year old comes closer to me as he knows I am rubbing and I see a bulge as he laid on his back. He asked if it was ok for him to cum sit next to me. I said yes, and I only slowed my fingers but never stopped. He LOVED what he saw. He asked if I liked that? I said, fuck ya i like rubbing myself. I told him to move so I could see his cock. He was hard, it was nice, probably 5-6 inches and somewhat girthy. He had a big round head, not circumsized. Eventually he asked me to rub his cock. I love hard cock, and of course I said< “I will but let me see how you like to do it first.” So I watched and then eventually he asked me to rub it. OF course I wanted to feel the hardness. So I stroked him. Eventually he asked if he could rub my pusssy. I let him, he said I was wet, and that my nub was HARD. He wanted to know if I started to rub when I saw him next to me and I told that 23 year old that I was rubbing way before he showed up. I let him rub on my clit and I I let him finger fuck my wetness. It felt good. I liked it. We did it some more and then people were starting to come close. I said, “Take your hand away,” he did and then he laid back. I kept stroking his hard cock. IT was a couple, and the man looked 3 times at me stroking the cock of this young man, he looked at me and said, “That looks nice.” Either he meant he would enjoy being stroked or he liked his cock. It was definitely fun to give a hand job to. Eventually we went at it hard again. I was moaning, spreading my legs, with a cock in my hand, while being naked on the beach. I was fucking horny. I lifted my legs and watched him finger fuck me. It was glorious. Eventually I had an orgasm, it was not a crazy cum, but satisfying. Then it started to rain…a Florida rain that gets you damp but feels great. Well I was like do we just get rained on or do you cum. It ended up being a short rain, but we did not know that So he told me to pump him hard. I joyfully wanted to see him squirt that cum. I brought him to orgasm and he came all over his tummy, a few of my fingers, and his cock. It was nice. We chatted, and I suggested that he go into the ocean to clean off. He liked it in his shorts so he did not clean up. He said that he’s never done that before, but loves the nude beach, and said that he would love a woman like me in his life. He also said he has always loved older women. It was a sensuous, horny, wet satisfying day. After he left I walked the beach, a naked woman with my tits swaying, my pussy swollen and wet and my skin a glow from the Florida heat and sun. Talked to a few others while on my walk, it gets makes me more wet! I went back to the chair and rubbed a bit more…not to orgasm, but just to continue with that horny arousal that i have had between my legs for days. (I have been masturbating a lot!) There were a few more passerby’s in particular a man who was sitting now to the left of me as others had left. I think he may have seen my hand moving and I think he purposely got up to see if his instinct was true. I purposely ran my fingers around my clitty for him as he passed by…both times….for his return too.

So yes I had a great horny day. After I left the beach I talked to a masturbator in the parking lot. He admitted to me a few times. Most of the nudity you see in the parking lot is due to people changing clothes. He was not changing, he was exposing his small, limp penis. We had the same make but different model cars and he started to talk to me. he eventually admitted that an older couple once asked if he would perform for them. (Masturbate) he said to me, “I said yes as I was going to do it anyway.” I think I would have said yes too. He told me that I had nice tits. Then he wanted to know why they or she liked masturbation. I started to have this very candid conversation with a man that said he has been going to this beach for 27 years, about masturbation. Yes RICHARD, at this point I wanted to ask him if he was ever on this wonderful website for his arousal needs. I didn’t but what I yelled over 2 cars to tell him was, “everybody masturbates, some just do it more than others, and some have different kinks, some do it longe/shorter, less frequent/more frequent.” Then I went on to say, we do it because it feels good. We like arousal. He agreed and smiled at me. I told him I am not aroused that you are masturbating..I am aroused at seeing your HARD cock! You watching me, Me watching you….its all fucking hot. So here I was being very open about my masturbation with a man that wanted to talk about it. He was naked…I slid my shorts over my bare, swollen pussy and then put my WHITE tank top on without my bra. The rest of the afternoon I walked around with out a bra. My areolas and nipples were showing, for some reason since I did not know a single soul I did not care. I stopped in a few shops, and then had a quick appetizer and beer in all of my glory. Wow a great day!

Lastly, I decided to go to a Kohl’s…I had some gift cards that I needed to use. I tried on a few things and I also walked around in the white tank, I got some stairs to my chest. It made me wet again.

Now that I am finished typing this from the back screened porch while naked, I am going to give my pussy what it needs. Some edging and another orgasm.


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