Bathtime for Zach

 Young man bathed and “boinged” by his mother. Humiliation, CFNM

Bathtime for Zach

30 Dec 2004, from

by trev

It was Friday night and I walked into the bathroom ready to have a bath.
I stripped off down to my thong underpants and waited for my mother.

I suppose I better back track here, or you’ll be wondering why an
eighteen year old boy is still being bathed by his mother. 

When I was twelve years old I remember having a conversation with my
mother one bath time. “Its about time you started bathing alone Zach.”
My mother said. “You’ll be a teenager next year.” I was a shy boy back
then, and I suppose to some degree I still am. “No, mum I want you to
still help me bath.” I replied. I think that I enjoyed the attention or
just the closeness to my mother. My father had took off and left us when
I was seven, so mum had looked after me ever since then.

“Surely you won’t want me to still be bathing you when you’re a big
boy?”, “I will” I replied. “What even when you’re eighteen?” she said.
“Yes even when I’m eighteen.” I confirmed. “Well you’ll have to have me
nicely then, go on.” At twelve years old I really didn’t see what all
the fuss was about. “Please mommy, please will you still bath me when I
am eighteen years old?” “Well if you insist, Zach, but just remember
that you asked for it.” I had seen a little smirk on her face as I
asked, but didn’t really think much of it at the time. I just had my
bath as usual.

Ever since then my mother has been bathing me. I have lived with the
consequences of my decision to this day.

I waited in my underpants for mother. She was downstairs doing
something, and said she would be up in a moment. A couple of minutes
passed and then she walked into the bathroom. “Right young man ready for
your bath?” “Yes mum.” She slipped her fingers into the waistband of my
thong and slipped it down my legs and off. She turned and threw my pants
into the laundry basket and left the bathroom. Meanwhile I quickly
jumped into the bath. A few seconds later mum returned with a clean pair
of pants in her hands, and she dropped them down on top of my jeans
which were lying on the floor.

“Mum, can you er… you know… boing my dick please.” A wry smile
appeared on her face. “Yes dear if you want.” she agreed. I stood up and
turned to face my mother. Meanwhile she had go down on her knees.

Although she had been bathing me ever since I was a young boy, and had
seen my dick as I went through puberty, I still felt quite embarrassed
at standing in front of her naked. I was as always standing with a boner
in front of her. She reached out and with her index finger gently
flicked my dick. This caused it to gently bounce and bob around in front
of her. She called it boing, like a bouncing sound. She continued this
for several minutes.

“Shall I stop yet Zach?” she asked. “No please continue” I replied
weakly. I found this really stimulating and erotic. The sight of my own
mother gently flicking my hardon was incredible. She knew the effect it
had on me. She knew the pleasure it gave me but also the shame that came
with this naughty game.

She continued tapping my dick watching it bounce around. “Boing, boing,
boing” she said each time she tapped it. I loved it. I was lost in a
perverse paradise. She continued for a few minutes. “What about those
naughty balls of yours Zach, we can’t leave them out can we?” I just
shook my head. I felt too ashamed to ask her. She gently cupped my balls
in her right palm and carefully started jiggling them in her hand. Our
little game continued for about ten minutes in total before she stopped
and said “Right, time you were washed young man.”

She began lathering up her hands and then started lathering up and
washing my dick and balls. As usual she spent far longer on my genitals
than was necessary, before moving onto the rest of my body. Once done I
stepped out of the bath and onto the waiting towel on the floor. Picking
up a fresh towel she began drying me, again concentrating on my manhood.

Once I was dry she picked up my thong and held it open for me to step
into. She slid my pants up my legs but pulled them sideways so my dick
was sticking out the side of the pouch. She looked at me grinning. “Mum”
I said. “Okay only kidding.” she pulled open my thong and readjusted my
bits and then counting “1,2,3,” she let go of my pants and the front
snapped into place. She then left and I went to my room to get dressed.

On another occasion I stood in the bath as before and mother was
‘boinging’ my dick. Without stopping or looking up at me she said. “You
know Zach, you are eighteen years old now, do you still want mummy to
wash you?” I was lost in that wonderful place of pleasure and shame. I
realised that the whole affair that took place all those years ago was
replaying itself.

“Yes mum.” I replied unable to look at her. “Well you know, you’ll have
to ask me.” “Please mum” I began, “Will you still wash me until I’m
twenty three?” I saw a faint smirk on her face. “Yes dear, if you
want…….. I understand if my big boy wants his naughty big willy
played with.” I felt so humiliated by her words, but just couldn’t help

“You do like mummy playing with your naughty willy don’t you.?” I paused
for a moment. “Yes mum.” I said closing my eyes in shame. “Well say it
then, tell mummy.” “Yes mum, I like you playing with my dick.” “Good”
she said. “I like playing with big boys dangly bits.”

Ever since then, till I left home at twenty five, my mother has been
washing me, and wanking me every few evenings.

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  1. i loved this little story and i hope Zach is still as happy as i am when my mummy baths me.i am 27. Mummy stopped for a time when i hit puberty but then i had an accident and needed help (or become smelly!). She offered to ask one of her men friends but i didn’t want him to laugh at my little (and it is small) pecker so i asked her if she would bath me again. She asked if i was sure and when i said i was she agreed to do it. And she has done it ever since. It’s the best time of the day!

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