Banging my bell

A masturbator said:

Hi Guys, Banging my bell means feeling the hot sensations peak and peak at my penis head, the “bell”. I have been listening to Richard and I need a marathon masturbate. I like my legs spread wide and have to have it hard and naughty. Ohhhhhhhh! Thats it! I am an addict and I love to say it because I have such a naughty naughty cock. I like being naked and humping my hips as I think of what to write. I am aching to have this horny pole make me feel like a naked girl on a horse again having no control over her hot sensations. My breathing is excited and I am panting, then I stop. I feel my angels of orgasm watching me. “Harder, Harder!” they demand! Such lovely perky breasts and high perfect behinds! They finger themselves. I adore their beauty with my savage rythm up and down my naughty cock. Stop! They demand! 

Now my erection is ready for the real teasing. A slow polishing gives me heavenly sex-sations. I think of confession and how very naughty masturbation was in my church. I fantasize father telling me it’s ok if I don’t cum. I say I am doing my best. I am sure I can hear him panting and I pull off my jeans.

I was having sexual pleasure looking at pictures and I am still doing my cock. Please make me cum faster guys by sending a naughty note? I love being called a chronoc masturbator, like Richard, and I cannot help my wanting to beg you all to make me ashamed of it and to say I need a good spanking. It’s three hours now and I feel like all of my anxieties are turned into pleasure and my session will be so messy at the end. Oh God!, that father in my fantasy confession is opening the screen. So big! he says and makes me beat the “beast” for an hour to “tame” it! Oh God I am a pervert! But it feels so good!

2 thoughts on “Banging my bell”

  1. Don’t let the critics dissuade you – I’m a masturbation addict and love to prolong what I enjoy the most every opportunity I can find! Including, in my life, my desire to expose myself in public!!

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