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post by ucstr8 » Mon Mar 14, 2022 8:49 pm

Wow, this took my back to the days of multi porn theaters in Bostons’ “combat zone”. I did the same thing, I was able to get in at 17 (they didn”t care, they only wanted the money) and remember sitting against the wall, cock throbbing in my pants and seeing the men in front and being able to tell they were doing it right there. 1st time I went I was against the wall seat in the aisle and so boned but couldn’t bring myself to do it there. So I got up, went to the mens room and took a stall and started to jack, then another man came in, took the stall next to me, I saw this pants drop and he sat and I could see shadow moving on the floor and I knew what was going on. Then I heard that familiar fapping sound and that confirmed to me that he was pulling his prick that all weird things he started talking to me between the wall about the movie and how he enjoyed it and wanting to know my opinion. Now I’m getting uncormfortable but the masturbating sounds and movie talk kept me there and I started to masturbate loudly so the he knew what I was doing. We talked about how it made our cocks feel so hard, how we wish we had a pussy on our cocks at that moment and we even shared a loud mourn of orgasm and just before he launched the baby batter I could tell he stood up and from understall his feet were pointing to my stall and I saw his spent sperm hit the floor.
Then the sound of the toilet paper being pulled and I then blew my load into the bowl and started clean up myself. I heard his stall door open and he washed up, I was to shy to come out so I waited till he left, then I got myself together and washed up and went back to the movie. We never saw each other but just the sounds of shared fapping, the conversation and seeing his seed hitting he floor was one well of a masturbatory experience that I’ll never forget.

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