Author name: Edge AllTheTime

I am a lifelong chronic, pathetic masturbator. Recently retired, so have much more time to play with myself. Most days i spend 6-8 hours with my penis in my hand. I have no outside interests besides masturbating. I sometimes do not cum for many days on end. Have a deep need for humiliation, and being exposed as a masturbating, pathetic, pervert. i adore and worship Females, but am addicted to penises.

Billy’s Play Date

The boys had their hands tied behind their backs, the boxes were marked on the kitchen floor, and they began. For the first half hour or so, they both managed to rub penises together and remain very hard, without having to pull back too often. They were both looking down at their rubbing penises, and Billy (and Johnny) saw Billy’s painted toenails at all times.

Billy’s Trip to the Mall

Billy leaned down and put one sandal on her perfect foot, and then he felt it happening. He was going to ejaculate and there was nothing he could do. He desperately tried to stop it, but it was too late. He hunched over and groaned a bit, as squirt after squirt after squirt went in to his panties and shorts.

“Are you…ejaculating” Chrissy said. The girls and Mommy heard her and rushed over to see Billy on the floor, with Chrissy’s foot in his hand, and watch him have his last few convulsions of pleasure.

Billy’s Arousal Day

The one thing that Billy was allowed to do, once he had completed his chores and his school work was to masturbate. Billy absolutely loved to masturbate and did so at every chance he got. His Mother had decided that Billy could also watch porn, when he turned 16, so Billy was also completely addicted to porn. But Mother only let him watch sissy porn, crossdressers, female domination. She didn’t want to give him any idea that he was a “real man”. Billy masturbated openly in front of his sisters or his Mother. And his sisters would often tease him to get him going.

The Perfect Marriage

Within seconds, Frank felt it approaching. He let out a long, long moan, as the point of no return, passed, and the time between that and the first spurt seemed to go on for seconds. And then the spurting started…many many spurts. The first couple he did not aim properly, and they splashed against the tank. “Aim properly you dirty pig”, Lisa yelled at him. He got the rest of them into the bowl.