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post by Missy » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:03 amI remember years ago when there were adult bookstores with booths and darkened rooms showing porn videos. During a summer holiday period I decided to go and check one out all by myself. This shop was quiet large being a part of a disused theatre in a suburb where adult bookshops were common. It was exciting to buy a ticket from a lady standing behind the counter of a shop with posters on the walls of couples having sex and book covers showing explicit images of pretty ladies with cocks in their mouths or smiling with sperm on their faces. She said I could go out and come back as much as I wanted that day. She gave me some change as I smiled back. She just said, ‘have fun’ like it was business as usual.

The dark room had rows of seats facing a screen showing a submissive woman being penetrated by man who was superbly fucking her. There were black leather lounge chairs along both side walls that were hard to see the darkness. I sat down on a lounge just watching the onscreen sex, thinking there was no one else in the room until an older man sat beside me without saying a word. He switched on a torch and shone it on my crotch. Then he shone it on his fully erect cock. He wasn’t wearing pants and I was startled when he began openly masturbating right next to me in the light. He seemed happy and harmful enough and I figured he was a regular attendant in this dimly lit place.

He burst out with the statement, “I’m a wanker.” then asked, “Are you lad?” Watching him wank with a real feeling of joy I answered, “Yes”. He then blurted out, “That’s why you are here ain’t it?” Once again I said, “Yeah.” I was sure no one else was around so I pulled down my pants with a pure rush of excitement with him advising, “Everyone wanks in here.” He shone the torch on the next lounge that had a stream of cum over one the bulky side arm rests. He smiled and said, “See.” My cock was rock hard as I started wanking with this stranger watching while holding the torch about twelve inches from my cock. The unmistakable sounds of sloppy wanking could be heard as he feverishly masturbated while I watching then he suddenly stopped, moving the torch onto his big wet penis.

This experience was getting exciting for me and without hesitation I moved closer and reached over to feel his throbbing cock in my hand. Before I had played with other kids cocks at school but this was the first time I had masturbated a man. It was a thrill to show him what I could do in the spotlight of the torch. For about five minutes he let me own his cock and I was gladly letting him do the same with mine.

The man in the porn film withdrew from the lady and generously sprayed her face a copious amounts of cum. The older guy I was wanking seemed to know the movie and the lead up to this particular face fuck scene. He gestured to watch the movie as the stud stood over the woman to unload every drop of sex on her. The wanker next to me asked, “Have you every been sprayed like that, buddy? People enjoy that in places like this. I replied, “No but I’m open to trying it.” He snapped, “Good, so take your shirt off to discover what it’s like.” As soon as my shirt was off he obliged by standing up and placing his stiff & sticky pre cum coated cock to my face. About thirty seconds later I felt one, two, three, four, five or six hot & creamy cum shots spurting one after the other over my smooth virgin face.

There I was naked and smiling on a plush leather lounge with cum streaming from my cheeks and chin and down over my neck and chest. He insisted I return the compliment and I did. We both just sat still watching the movie as other guys strolled in and noticed us in the light of the torch shining on us for all to see. That was my first time but I can assure you it was not the last time I have enjoyed wanking a man and getting a face full.

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  1. Years ago I went to a adult bookstore. I walked into a booth and locked the door. I noticed a small hole in the partition.
    I saw a video playing and a man my age exposed his penis and began masturbating.
    I felt my cock starting to stir in my briefs.
    I admitted to myself that it was ok to be a Voyeur and to watch another male masturbating to porn.. it was Very erotic.
    So much Precum is oozing out of my cock right now.-licking the sweet Cum!
    I exposed my Throbbing cock and Masturbated in Silence in my booth. He didn’t see me.
    I had a Intense hip shaking orgasm watching him masturbating his Penis.
    If this post turns you on expose your genitals for me and Masturbator aling with me. Let’s have a orgasm together.
    Masturbation ideally should be Shared don’t you think?

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