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Remaining pussy free – Onania Masturbator Forum

Remaining pussy free
Post by Pussy-free » Sat Aug 07, 2021 6:58 am

Well, I’m still pussy free! Over 5 years and counting. Wife told me last night she was in the mood, which was a huge surprise. Of course I had no interest, but we ended up fooling around, I played with her tits, rubbed her pussy, but my dick remained limp. Nothing happened beyond that. After she fell asleep, i got up and took my pillows to the other bedroom, pulled up some porn, got hard without a problem and beat off.

Again this morning she told me she was still in the mood. Again we fooled around, tits, ass, pussy, my dick still limp. She even rubbed it for me and still limp. She said “oh well, i guess it isn’t going to happen this time”. Then she got in the shower, and while she was in there, i pulled up some porn in my phone, got hard and beat off again. I dodged a bullet there my fellow jerk offs. Could have almost ruined my 5+ years of being pussy free. Even if I managed to get hard and get it in, i would have cum after about 10 pumps, that is if my dick didn’t go limp inside her pussy before that happened.

It’s because of this forum that I still remain pussy free. As this was going on, i thought about all the jerk offs who I’ve spoken to encouraging me to stay pussy free and be a jerk off.

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Aunt Dotty’s Pantyhose – Onania Masturbator Forum

Aunt Dotty (Dorothy ) was my New York cousin. We visited every summer for a month. In the heart of the city midtown Manhattan, from the ages of 16 to 19. The begining years of my lifelong Penis masturbation addiction which is fully taking a grip by now. A small apartment in the city. I had to go in the bedroom for privacy and get things out of my luggage a change of clothes and underwear for after a shower. I think I was already into wearing pantyhose when I masturbated so I did a quick check through Aunt Dotty’s drawers and found the pantyhose drawer right away. A lot of them, sheer, gauzy, flesh colored pantyhose – popped an erection immediately. Mixed them in with my change of clothes and went into the bathroom.
I would turn on the shower but not get in, instead I would sit on the toilet, take out the pantyhose ( knowing what’s happening ) my cock is throbbing hard. Roll the pantyhose down slip on one foot at a time, roll the pantyhose up my leg ( its SO exciting ) then the other leg and shimmy into them till their all the way on. And that most splendid, exciting, tingly, intoxicating, smooth, most wonderful feeling of slipping on a pair of pantyhose and the tingly feeling on my penis and testicles its pure heaven then sit on the toilet and enthusiastically masturbate such a glorious experience. I ended up with a lifelong addiction to pantyhose not to mention masturbation.
I’m wearing pantyhose right now and later I’m going to masturbate and shoot a load on my tummy.

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