And it just went downhill from there

a masturbator wrote:

So after Tina discovered that she could make me come without even
touching my penis (although generally only after about an hour of
teasing and allowing my to touch her breasts), I think she began to
really enjoy torturing me.

We were both still in school and living with our parents so we
didn’t get a lot of times alone.  When we did, however, it was the
same routine.  Tina would pull her shirt up (or unbutton her shirt,
if she could) so I could look at her big breasts and brown nipples
while she traced circles around my navel.  I thought maybe after the
first time I would not get as excited but the opposite seemed to be
true.  I started coming faster and faster once she started doing it
on a regular basis.  As soon as she forced me to lay back and then
straddled me, my cock would start dripping precome.  If she let me
suck her nipples (sometimes she teased me with them and wouldn’t let
me), I would come almost as soon as I got one in my mouth.  If she
teased me I would eventually beg her to let me.  Then she might
acquiesce or she might not.  Either way, my legs would strain under
her weight, sometimes bouncing her up and down as I struggled, which
made her tits bounce up and down and always made her giggle at the
same time.  Then it would happen…
I’d gush a few splurts of come onto my stomach, sometimes hitting
her hand, although she got good at anticipating when it was going to
happen and avoiding it.  She’d laugh as I was coming or say “aahhh”
like you might do when you see a particularly cute puppy.  I’d lay
there with my eyes closed, recuperating.  Then I’d feel her hand at
my mouth, holding my come on it.
“Come on, clean it all up now.  I’d hate for you to leave a mess.”
A few times I started to protest but she’d say that I couldn’t see
her breasts anymore if I didn’t do it, so I complied.
During our relationship (it lasted two years) I stopped pressuring
her for regular sex and we settled into a routine of just doing
this.  As for her own sexual needs, I don’t know if Tina got off
doing this or if she was cheating on me (which I heard many rumors
of, Tina was the manager of our high school wrestling team so she was
constantly surrounded by althetic horny guys).  I guess I just got
used to the fact that she wasn’t going to let me into her pants and
she wasn’t going to stroke my cock for me.  I’m not sure really.
What I do know is that I began jerking myself off all the time
inbetween our make out sessions.  Which Tina eventually found out
about from her cousin, who hung out with me enough to know.
Then our relationship got even stranger really.
I’ll write more later…

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