An Episode at the Academy

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An Episode at the Academy

by XavierW circa 2001 A boy’s masturbatory emasculation by girls at a strict training school. This story was inspired by Titian Beresford’s novel JUDITH BOSTON. Originally posted to While young Edward remained strapped to his mattress in his windowless room, the students of the academy gathered in the drawing room to hear Judith explain the next phase of training. Susan, Laurie, Bonnie, and Pamela seated themselves in a semicircle in front of their teacher. “For our purposes here at the academy,” Judith explained, “emasculation is not a single act, but an ongoing process, one that can in fact be never-ending. As a demonstration of this, Edward shall be subjected to two forms of emasculation: physiological, and psychological. The first shall be carried out by you, while I shall lead the second. “The first type of emasculation can be achieved very easily by excessive masturbation. You shall follow a simple schedule: masturbate him to orgasm once on the first day, twice on the second, three times on the third, and so forth until he is pale and weak and his genitals no longer function. You will then bring him to me so that I may carry out the second type of emasculation.” The students’ enthusiasm was obvious. When they began the process, the masturbatory sessions were intensely pleasurable. His penis swelled erect instantly at their touch, and when they applied the massage oil the skin of his organ was taut and shiny. No matter which student was acting as the masturbatrix, she wasted no time trying to prolong his pleasure; she simply pumped his shaft briskly until he reached orgasm. The young women did not acknowledge Edward as a person; the expression on their faces indicated no more than clinical interest in sperm extraction, and in that goal, they were eminently successful. His ejaculations were quite voluminous at the conclusion of the early sessions: his penis would launch long streams of semen, spasming again and again until his chest and stomach were covered with milky puddles. Whoever was masturbating him always made sure to squeeze out any drops remaining in his shaft before leaving. By the beginning of the fourth day, the number of ejaculations they had elicited was affecting Edward’s performance, most prominently in two ways: the increased time it took to bring him to orgasm, and the diminished quantity and forcefulness of the resulting ejaculations. Now the more modest spurts of semen arced only an inch or two before they landed on his lower abdomen, where his public hair had been before they had shaved him. This provoked coy remarks from his masturbatrixes: “You’re not holding back, are you Edward?” said Susan. “Surely a pair of testicles can produce more sperm than that?” “A vigorous pair of testicles can, certainly,” said Bonnie. “But I suspect Edward possesses a decidedly inferior pair.” She gave his scrotum a contemptuous slap, causing him to cry out, before she and Susan left the room. By the fifth day, the sessions were frequent enough that they had to rouse him from sleep. By this point, his penis did not respond readily to the touch of their hands, and the erections they eventually induced were never as hard as they had once been. His organ would become reasonably stiff, but not swollen to the skin-stretching proportions it was capable of. Furthermore, his penis was becoming sore, and the massage oil did little to reduce the chafing that now accompanied the increasingly lengthy masturbation process. His masturbatrixes would exchange amused glances while Edward winced at their intentionally vigorous strokes. It took many minutes of nonstop manipulation to force his genitals into climax, and his ejaculations were now pitiful to behold: a few curds of semen would ooze from the tip of his penis, only to disappear between the fingers that cruelly gripped his aching shaft. The sensations accompanying the ejaculations had shifted from pleasure to pain, becoming more an agony of release than a traditional orgasm. At the end of one of these sessions, his masturbatrixes mocked him. “The evidence is indisputable, Edward,” said Pamela. “Your testicles are failing to perform their natural function. There is no way they could have contracted an ailment under our care, so I am forced to conclude that their feebleness is a reflection of your poor constitution.” Laurie agreed. “You were never a robust fellow, but now you seem to be weaker than usual.” “Indeed. This testicular infirmity is also spreading to your penis. Its rigidity is diminished, as well as its strength in expelling sperm.” She held his wet, deflated organ between thumb and forefinger and waggled it back and forth, eyeing it critically. Edward, who had felt his strength drained from his body with each spasm of his genitals, was too weak to protest. A week after the process had begun, Edward’s penis could no longer achieve a state worthy of the term “erection.” His masturbatrix had to pull at his reddened, miserable organ for so long that, despite her considerable practice, she had to switch hands to alleviate the fatigue in her forearms. Edward had no such escape, however. For a seemingly endless period, he endured the punishing masturbation. Eventually, a tortured groan escaped his lips, and his cramped abdominal muscles contracted once, and then again. However, not even a bead of fluid appeared at the slit of his urethra; his climax was completely dry. Bonnie released his organ, clearly disgusted. “It appears you have reached a state of both penile failure and testicular failure, Edward. This would be shameful at any time, but it’s especially unfortunate for you now. Mistress Judith has granted you an opportunity for you to prove your manhood tonight. Based on what we have just witnessed, I imagine you will prove the opposite.” Twenty minutes later, they fetched him from his room; he was so weak and dizzy that they had had to help him to his feet. They led him, hands cuffed behind his back, to the drawing room. When they opened the double doors, and Edward’s eyes widened at what he saw: Mistress Judith reclining on a chaise lounge, wearing nothing more than lace gloves and silk stockings. He stared in wonder at her graceful curves of her full, rose-tipped breasts, and then at the blond thicket at the meeting of her thighs. She regarded him coolly. “Edward, I am willing to bestow upon you a wondrous gift. You will have the honor of engaging in intercourse with me. Simply demonstrate that you are ready and able.” Edward’s hands were released, and he cautiously touched his penis. Since his arrival at the academy, he hadn’t had the opportunity to touch his genitals at all, not even for urination and bathing. His organ felt unfamiliar, and his inexpert hands fumbled as he attempted to get a grip on it. “Well, what are you waiting for?” asked Judith. “After all the times your lewd nature has demonstrated itself, can you not produce an erection when requested?” Edward reluctantly began pulling at his chafed penis. He looked at the women surrounding him, searching for some signs of encouragement, but found only contempt in their eyes. Cheeks burning with shame, he looked down at his genitals; his penis seemed shriveled, its glans not even visible outside his fist unless he gripped it tightly and pulled. He desperately willed his organ to inflate even a little, hoping for even the slightest tumescence. He searched his memory for one of the many fetishistic images he had witnessed here at the academy, but was unable to bring one to mind. Even with his eyes closed, all he saw were the cold expressions of scornful women. His manhood remained utterly unresponsive, an appendage of inert tissue. “That’s enough!” said Judith in disgust. Bonnie and Laurie grabbed his wrists roughly and bound them once again behind his back. “You are a pathetic specimen, Edward. You have the anatomical equipment of a male, but you are incapable of functioning as one. Rest assured you will never get another opportunity, from me or any other woman, like the one you have just squandered.” She turned to Laurie. “Is there an actual man available, instead of this imitation one?” “Yes, Mistress. Victor is waiting outside.” “Show him in.” Laurie opened the drawing room doors and a nude young man walked in. He was tall and well-muscled, but most noticeable was his enormously erect penis. It was significantly larger in all dimensions than Edward’s member even when his was at its largest; now that Edward was flaccid, the comparison was truly humiliating. Judith looked at the swollen organ with satisfaction. “Now this is what I require. Thank goodness we have at least one man worthy of the name. Step forward, Victor, I should like to reward you.” Victor stepped forward, and to Edward’s astonishment, Judith took his penis into her mouth. First she accepted just the head of his penis, her red lips forming a ring just at the top of his shaft. All the muscles in Victor’s body seem to contract when she did so. Judith then moved her head forward until, in a single smooth stroke, she had engulfed the entire length of Victor’s erection. She raised her hands to cup his heavy testicles and massaged them against her chin. Evidently Victor had been instructed not to make a sound, but his face made it clear he was in ecstasy. After a long moment, she slowly pulled back and released him; his erection was, if anything, even larger than before, and shiny with saliva. Judith lay back on the chaise lounge and spread her thighs, revealing her glistening sex. “Now Victor, kindly enter me.” Edward watched as the slave mounted Judith and penetrated her. First the head of Victor’s organ slid between her labia, then inch by inch his steely shaft until his pubic bone pressed against Judith’s and his pendulous scrotum lay against her bottom. Judith purred. “Proceed,” she said. Victor began pistoning his hips, impaling her with each thrust. Judith’s breathing was audible, and gradually grew louder and faster. She wrapped her legs tightly around Victor’s waist, her toes pointed like a ballerina’s, grinding her hips against him to maximize the penetration. Edward could see her nipples grow erect, and watched as her breasts and face became flushed. Suddenly she arched her back and then cried out as she reached orgasm. Her fingernails raked Victor’s shoulder as she convulsed with pleasure. Victor continued thrusting all through her climax, slowing to a halt only after Judith’s cries had ceased. “You’ve done very well, Victor,” she said contentedly. She unwrapped her legs from around his waist, drawing them up so that a clear view of her and Victor’s meshing genitals presented itself. “You may now satisfy yourself.” Victor resumed thrusting. With Judith’s thighs parted, he now withdrew far enough with every stroke that the edge of his glans just barely escaped Judith’s slick labia. He then thrust forward until his member was buried to its base inside Judith’s sex, his testicles slapping the cleft of her buttocks rhythmically. Before long his scrotum drew up tight and close, signaling the powerful ejaculation about to occur. A moment later he cried out, and his buttock muscles began contracting convulsively rather than deliberately. His spasming penis pumped spurt after spurt of his seed deep inside her, until at last his orgasm subsided. Judith kissed Victor deeply and then turned to look at Edward. Edward was acutely aware that his penis had remained tiny and flaccid throughout the entire spectacle, and seeing Judith’s face display mockery and contempt in equal portions, he felt as though humiliation would drown him. Meanwhile, Victor disengaged himself. His penis, still partially erect, was glistening with semen. A long thread dangled from its wobbling head as he was led from the room. Edward hung his head in shame, and then Pamela brought her lips close to his ear to speak to him. “Do you see where his sperm went, Edward? It has entered a woman’s innermost spaces, where nature intended it. Your sperm will never get such an opportunity. The fluid that you ejaculate is of such a deficient character that it soils whatever it touches.” Bonnie held her hand in front of Edward, fingers outstretched, palm facing him. “Do you see this, Edward? Look carefully upon it, for this is the only portion of a woman’s body that will ever come in contact with your penis. You should be grateful that it amuses us to watch you demean yourself with your ejaculations. Otherwise your genitals would never be graced by a woman’s touch at all. It is important that you understand your fate. A male such as yourself is destined only for submission.” From her chaise lounge, Judith gave him a cruel smile. “Because your testicles are failures at their natural task, we shall have to find another way for them to justify their presence. Don’t worry, though. We know of many ways that a pair of testicles, even ones as feeble as yours, can provide amusement for women. And once you have experienced them, I daresay you will truly know regret.” Edward’s face grew pale, and the sound of the resulting laughter echoed in his ears as he was led away. THE END

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