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I have just finished reading most all the msgs that have been posted. I was totally aroused by sum of the posts and sum stirred memories of my own. I started on the road to mastubation at the age of 7…discovered my lil dick while sittin on the john…started rubbing it for sum reason and had one of those lil dry orgasms. It scared me of course but before the day was over I had done it six or seven times. I knew I had found something good. As I got a lil older I was showing other boys and girls how I masturbated and even got them to do it for me..yea, I played with them too when they’d let me. At 12 we started having sleep overs. I would instigate masturbation with the boys and we would jack each other and rub our dicks together…sometimes even, I would make them be real quite and we would listen to my mom and dad have intercourse. This gave us even better orgasms.. I think I was becoming addicted to masturbation as well as other dicks also. I fucked around with girls some in highschool but it was never satisfying. I would usually jackoff later. Before I forget it I may as well tell you also that I would get my dad’s shorts out of the laundry sumtimes and jackoff with and in them..even did it with my mom’s panties also. As I got older I was having sex more with men and regardless of what we did , masturbation was always part of it…sex wasn’t sex without sum dick stroking. I’m 47 now and totally addicted to masturbation. I haven’t had sex with anyone else in about five years and this is the way I want it to be from now on. Masturbation totally fulfills my needs. Of coure, my memories of what I have done adds to my pleasure also. Over the years I have developed several fantasies and fetishes, sum of which are very perverted and makes me blush when I think and talk of them but it also makes my penis very hard and the orgasms very good. I have also become addcited to porn and I guess it goes hand in hand. Something else I engage in frequently is PhoneSex…it’s amazing how many men I run into who utilizes Masturbation is their primary only or at least primary, form of sex. Masturbation pretty much takes precedence over my other activities. I have written myself into a major hardon and, as usual, my penis calls.


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  1. I enjoyed your post guest masturbator.
    I just enjoy pleasuring my penis.Its a major turn on knowing others are masturbating while visiting this Erotic website. I am pleasuring my penis as you read this.Talk about Intense Cumms.Lets All Cumm together.

  2. I too have my memories of perverted exposures while masturbating for young women and enjoying my penis in public. I embrace the joy that masturbation provides to me, and have no regrets about what I have become – a solosexer wedded to my penis!

  3. I just remembered something, the summer when I was 7 years old, it was a very muggy hot day, and my aunt suggested I wear my jet black skin tight short shorts, which looked like and felt like a skin tight bathing suit, so no open gaps ever at all, so no underpants were needed at all, also, my aunt asked if I wanted to go shirtless, even shoeless, for that day, to the sitter’s place, due to the muggy heat, and I said yes please, my aunt called ahead to the sitter about my showing up shirtless, shoeless, and I would only have on my skin tight short shorts, the sitter said ‘no shirt, no shoes, skin tight short shorts, no problem at all’, as a result, my skin tight short shorts were the only item on me ever at all on that hot muggy day. My aunt dropped me off at the sitter’s place at 10am and went off to work, the sitter and I had the entire day to ourselves until 9pm, when it still remained muggy hot that particular evening, the sitter, was pretty, slenderly pre se, in her 20’s, unmarried, was real nice to me too, her place had no air conditioning at all, not even a fan, only a blaring tv, the sitter wore only her button down house dress, and like me, no shoes on, either, I thought no more about it until the sitter brought in the mail at around 10:30am, she said it was even hotter outside, so I knew the windows would remain shut all day. soon after the sitter brought in the mail, I noticed from the corner of my eye, though without twitching, she was rubbing her belly, I just continued watching tv, then she told me she was 6 months pregnant, and, this is what I forgot all about, she invited me to feel her baby in her belly, reluctantly, I said yes please, as I approached the sitter, she pulled off her house dress, revealing her charcoal grey maternity bra-rising high across her back-passing low under her breasts, jet black high over the belly-low across the back-maternity underpants, showing off roughly 1″ of her pregnant belly-showing off roughly 7″ of her back, her pregnant belly was nice and round, but not very big at all, that’s when I was turned on by her slender legs, maternity underpants, her little bit of her pregnant belly showing off, and her maternity bra, giving me albeit a mini boner in my skin tight short shorts, it was too small to be noticeable ever at all, I even thanked the sitter for inviting me to feel her belly, especially since the front of her maternity underpants felt silky smooth, I even told her how nice she looked in her underpants, her bra, even her belly, I thanked her for showing me her belly, not that I asked her to show me her belly ever at all, she thanked me for the compliment, that afternoon, it was time for my nap, I was by myself in the sitter’s spare room, door closed AND locked, upon permission by the sitter, there I was, under the covers in only my skin tight short shorts, enjoying my mini boner, remembering the sitter’s pregnant belly, and how nice she looked in her underpants, bra. Under the covers, I had my mini boner pointed downward under neath my skin tight short shorts, rubbing it felt real good. My aunt pointed out the evening before, this would be the only day this particular sitter would be available to sit for me ever at all, that sitter was actually sorry to see me go. This is probably why I have this speedo fetish for gals’ pregnant bellies in bras, underpants, etc. after all these years since I was 12. That evening, already back in her house dress from the time I woke up from my nap, I was relieved that the sitter never told my aunt about her pregnant belly display ever at all, after all, my aunt never called me on it at all, besides, it was the sitter’s choice to show me her pregnant belly in only her bra and underpants, subconciously fueling my pregnant belly fetish pre se since I was 7. Every day that summer, I only wore skin tight short shorts, even swam in them, and most of the time, unless otherwise told, I always went shirtless and shoelesss summer.

  4. Since I was 12, &, had my 1st speedo, I’ve becom addicted to sexual arousals, &, have not backed down, I have never slept around, I have no need to, whenever I have the need to be sexually aroused, &, have free time on my side, I just fan out my speedo, even before I put it on, bam, I get a huge boner, plus, all the cascading flashbacks, on the day I 1st got my speedo, of an attractive apartment house neighbor taking poolside sunbaths outside my 2nd story apartment house window, 5 or 6 months pregnant wearing only her-high in-the-belly, low-in-the-back waistband stretch belly maternity short shorts, maternity bikini bra, baring 7-9″ of her back, &, as little as 2-3″ of her pregnant belly baring out, &, running both her hands across the stretch belly of her maternity short shorts, feeling her baby inside her belly, adding to the flashbacks of my youth, is the Envie Lingerie webpage ad’s maternity section, showing this dark-haired gal, clad in only her maternity underpants, coming way high over her ever huge belly, with only 3″ of her pregnant belly to bare, just below her maternity bra, the enlarged photo, titled—front view—a favorite web photo of mine, especially, to give me all the speedo boner arousals I can get, I can never say this enough, nor, do this enough, without having any speedo boners at all.

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