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by Pixie MuleDonkey » Wed Apr 26, 2023 10:47 pm

While i’ve never felt such desires for my real-life mother, i eventually embraced the Oedipal fantasy as an ideal way to experience sexual pleasure in one of the most humiliating possible ways. If your Mother decides to have sex with you, it isn’t something you can go bragging about for cred with your buddies. Even worse if she considers it a pityfuck for her poor, pathetic loser son, or only masturbates him, bringing him to the point of ecstacy where he’s begging her to have sex with him, only for her to look at him sadly and tell him it would be so wrong, or look shocked and tell him he should be ashamed to ask her such a naughty thing.

No one knows a son better than his Mother, and for her to view him as a beta would be incredibly emasculating, especially if he found himself sexually aroused by her. His friends can think his Mother is hot, call her a MILF, and so on, but if he ever does, they would laugh at him. If girls found out that he got hard for his own Mother, almost all of them would cease to consider him a potential sexual partner – and on the off-chance that a girl he knew was so perverse that she liked the idea of him being sexually dominated by his Mother, surely she would make an ideal mate for him. Together she and his Mother could insure that the poor beta boy’s masturbation schedule and sexual emasculation was continued indefinitely throughout his life.

At first, i was deeply ashamed of my Mommy Domme fantasies when i masturbated, and it was only one of many kinds of jerk off fantasies i indulged. Occasionally i would find a model, actress, or cosplayer that i could imagine as a Mother figure, and in my imagination i would cast her as my dominant Mother. Now, my beta status has progressed (degenerated?) to the point where it’s rare that i don’t fantasize about being humiliated by “Mommy” when i masturbate. i guess it was always in my nature to be the beta son.

It’s almost exactly the sort of thing i’ve fantasized about for years, though as a submissive beta boy myself, in my fantasy version of this scenario the Mother would have been the one to initiate and would definitely have been in charge.

In my jerk-off fantasy interpretation, she would have been sexually overbearing toward her son, loving him but also knowing that he was a beta boy and needing to prove it to him so he wouldn’t go getting his heart broken by the first girl who laughed at his little penis. Wearing nothing but panties, bra and boots, scolding him for looking at porn sites and masturbating, and giving him an over-the-knee spanking, clamping her soft bare thighs tightly around his rigid penis, each spank driving his cock down between them as if he were fucking his Mother’s thighs, until the pain/pleasure pushes him over the edge and he helplessly begins ejaculating. Then she does it again another night, and again… Soon, he can’t keep himself from getting an anticipatory erection every time he hears his Mother walking in her boots toward his bedroom door.

Shamefully, i also confess i enjoy the possibility that she’s an expert manipulator, so when she ends up in court facing these charges, she feigns innocence, meekly insisting that it was her son’s demand that she spank him in her panties, bra, and boots as a sexual kink, and she was only trying to be a loving Mother by acquiescing to his perverted demands. Gaining the sympathy of the court, she uses the opportunity to expose her son as a ridiculous pervert and hopeless Momma’s boy, ensuring that anyone who learns about the case will immediately write him off as a possible sexual partner – leaving him to his loving Mother’s tender mercies.

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