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I was fresh out of school, and in those recession days around 1990, I was lucky to have a full time job (even if it was by no means a dream job). After a few months of training, I was assigned to a pool of customer service consultants. Basically, we assisted company’s in making their customer service departments more efficient and to improve their ratings. Pretty simple stuff, but 30 years ago, huge companies seemed to be lost in doing so themselves, so they brought in consultants like us (think “Office Space”).

Anyway, despite being in one of the largest cities in the country, there wasn’t much work the first few months I was there. Then, our company landed a huge assignment with a company that had operations around the country. As the assignments were handed out, all of the exciting destinations were being given to the older and more senior employees. Eventually, I received an assignment to a rural location in a state I had never been to. While everyone else was part of a team of consultants, my team was just me and very pregnant supervisor. In the days before we were headed out to the remote location, my supervisor went into labor and had her baby. Her boss told me, your location is very small and that I should be able to handle the requirements, and that I should just send reports in daily to make sure things are on track.

When I arrived in town, I went to the client’s office to discover that a major storm had damaged all its phone equipment, and that it would be a few days until the customer service department was back online. I was told to stay in town while the repairs were made. With nothing to do, I decided to see if I could find a gym to work out and perhaps find a place to have lunch. There was no gym for 15 miles, but I did find a coffee shop that had great food. On the way back to my hotel, I went by an adult book store. Being a young horny man with plenty of time on many hands, I quickly determined what the rest of the day held for me . I purchased a stack of magazines, and went back to my room for a good old fashioned afternoon stroke-fest. After numerous rounds of ball draining ecstasy, I had no trouble sleeping like a baby.

The next day, I called over to the client to check on the status of the repairs. Same story – no work today. Called the home office – and was told the stay in town. Instead of an afternoon masturbatory marathon, I now began all-day jerking off celebrations. This went on day after day. Eventually, I rented a VCR and began renting and watching 3-4 adult videos each day. The staff at the adult bookstore laughed at how I could get paid to jerk off all day. I have no doubt the hotel cleaning folks figured out what I was doing all day as well, even if it was never directly acknowledged. This daily and near constant masturbatory activity went on for 6 straight weeks before our client announced they were closing that location (hence the real reason the repairs were never made) and I was finally told to come home.

I never spent so much time masturbating like that before or since. I do think the experience was one more step along my path of become more and more dedicated to making masturbation a prominent element in my life.

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