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If you’ve read my posts “Getting Back Together with My Ex” in “World Wide Wank” then you know my story. If not, here is a somewhat brief recap.

We divorced 7 years ago and that’s when I became a true, dedicated masturbator. Sure, I masturbated a lot my whole life but after our divorce I fully embraced the pornosexual lifestyle. Masturbating to porn became the focal point of my life and my life literally revolved around it. I would watch porn and masturbate (goon) for 8 to 10 to 12 hours every single day and it was absolutely wonderful! Honestly, I had never been happier in my whole adult life.

In July my ex approached me about getting back together. With both of us being older and wiser and moving into our “golden years” (we’re in our 60’s) we talked about EVERYTHING trying to ensure we were not making a mistake. In the spirit of being open and honest and having no secrets, I felt compelled to tell her EXACTLY how I had been living my life. I was VERY explicit in telling her about my porn and masturbation habits and just how much I truly loved it. I told her that I didn’t feel I could be truly happy if I had to give that up entirely. I knew it could be a deal breaker but I had to be honest about it. She told me that she didn’t want to change my life, that she just wanted to be with me and she didn’t have a problem with my “habits”.

Long story short, she moved back in with me in September and I continued doing what I always did, sitting in my sun room watching porn and masturbating. Occasionally she would walk in for some reason and I never missed a beat, pun intended, and she never blinked an eye! After 2 months we both decided we were happy with how things were so we got remarried in November.

We do have sex and it is great but I still wake up early and watch porn and masturbate most of the day. The only real change is I only orgasm when we’re together. She knows exactly what I’m doing all day and has absolutely no problem with it. She did tell me that she thought I was exaggerating when I told her I watch porn and masturbate all day but now she knows I really do!

Like I said, read the posts I mentioned at the top if you want the whole story. I’m just so glad that I had the guts to tell her about my “habits” and that I wasn’t willing to give them up. I’m actually even happier than I was before plus it’s such a turn on for a chronic masturbator like me knowing that my wife KNOWS that I’m watching porn and pumping my cock all day!

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