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A story

Massage and Masturbation sounds better than it was. The teacher for that, Ms. Lade, had pretty much dedicated her entire life to becoming the M and M teacher so she could get slave-boys to give her back, shoulder and foot rubs. Fortunately I was not her favourite. The guy who drew that particular short straw was this blonde kid called Merv. His arms used to ache all the time and he was always dropping things. I think after training, his mother married him off to a triathlete. Poor bastard.

Orgasm Control and Sexual Stamina, or OCSS, was the most important subject. You could fail other things and still get through, but you couldn’t get your Service Certificate without an OCSS pass. I wasn’t the best at it, so I wasn’t normally picked for Trainer demonstrations. That job fell most often to this guy Kyle, who ended up joining the traveling sexircus under the stage name Captain Never. Corny, I know, but I guess you have to keep it simple for the colonials.

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