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Having blurted this out already, in this very thread, I still want to EXPOSE my perverted nature yet again to confess my want for a harem of sex dolls one day. I don’t want them to feel real. I love the “real doll” phase of TPE sex dolls. The big fake titty ones. No motors, no moving parts in them. Pussy is just an opening with basic vagina I may have (and/or develop) prejac for as well…

Who cares about fucking it?! It’s for the perverted feeling of having plastic beside you as you masturbate. Being able to grope their flesh at will. Pinch their squishy nipples. Being seen as creepy by anyone you tell you have them. Feeling that society pressure to evoke humiliation in you.

Imagining in 10 years they have brothels with women you can’t distinguish from prostitutes doing GFE today. This is normalized. And yet I’m still collecting sex doll after sex doll now that they became the “old” technology in the industry, costing far less. Allowing me to fall in love with MORE dolls each year.

Yes, you heard me. I want to fall in love with them. Have cute dates with a different REAL doll every weekend session. Make it romantic with lighting. Talk to her. Be sweet and kiss her. Touch her. Feel the fuzzy emotions inside, letting them out with her openly. Feel the brain dopamine loop of falling for her blank stare. She’s SO pretty.

Better than new “lifelike” dolls.I don’t want them! You couldn’t pay me to fall in love with the next generation of technology is bringing, such as robots that move, talk and react, trying to simulate women. And stimulate our genitals.

I want DOLLS. I love them lifeless, empty, vacant. So I can imprint all my pathetic feelings upon them. They are therapy support entities. Made for us masturbators to stare at as we wank. To feel SEEN.

TPE sex dolls for life! *cries in pathetic*

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