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Dan was nervous. He had just learned a new supervisor was coming in today and she was scheduling one on one interviews with her team. Dan’s previous supervisor had been an old guy who didn’t really care what you did as long as you got your work turned in on time. Now rumors started floating around the office about this new woman. She had improved each office she was transferred too as she climbed the corporate ladder. She was fearless, a hard ass, and was known to lay off employees she deemed useless. As the meetings moved along, Dan heard some people had been terminated on the spot and a few people who weren’t fired still left her office crying!


Dan almost jumped out of his seat as his new boss knocked on his cubicle wall.

“Sorry to startle you but I have been moving through these meetings faster than expected. Do you have time to conduct your one on one?”

“Y-Y-yes. I mean I have work to do but I can make time…umm…w-wwhenever.” Dan blushed as he tripped over his words.

Dan stood up and followed her to her office. Even when terrified Dan couldn’t help but glance at the gorgeous ass that led him down the hall. This woman must work out everyday to keep that thing so firm!

“Have a seat Dan. To start off my name is Lydia and as you already know I am taking over your division. I have been overviewing your files and I have to say I am impressed!”

Dan was relieved to hear this but was still worried what would be said by the end of this meeting.

“Now your old boss was from a different time. I’m pretty sure he had his secretary turn on his computer for him! But me? I love technology.” Lydia slipped off her jacket and immediately Dan’s eyes wandered.

For starters this woman had a pair of breasts that made he blouse buttons hold on for dear life. As Lydia sat some areas of the shirt bunched open and Dan could peer in and see a dark burgundy bra with a lace ribbon in the middle. Dan listened intently to Lydia but he couldn’t help but peek every few seconds at that ribbon. He crossed his legs as his penis shot up and throbbed for his new boss!

“Now Dan since this office had been broken in to a few years back, there had been an update to security that not many employees know about. Your old boss for instance, had no clue or just didn’t care to learn how to use it.”

Dan’s face turned white when Lydia muttered the words security cameras. His mind raced as he thought where Lydia might be going with this.

Lydia saw the horror in Dan’s eyes. “You see where this is going Dan?”

Lydia turned her monitor towards Dan and he saw a live feed of his desk. The camera was at an angle that perfectly caught anything that might happen in there.

Lydia stood up and walked to her office door and closed it. She placed her hand on Dan’s shoulder and pressed play.

2:22 p.m. popped on screen with today’s date. Then the screen showed Dan look around the office before sitting at his desk. He opened a drawer and brought out a bottle of lotion. He undid his pants and slid them around his ankles. If anyone had passed his office no one would see a thing but this camera saw higher than everyone else and got an eyeful of Dan’s secret activity. He pumped 2 globs of lotion into his hand and started massaging it into his already erect penis.

Dan tried to look away but Lydia squeezed his should and whispered “Keep watching”

Dan was horrified at what happened next. Lydia had not only opened the recordings, she edited them into a masturbation montage! The clock and date in the corner of the video changed to yesterday, last week, and showed multiple times a day that Dan was at his desk playing with himself. His shirts changed color and the bottle of lotion moved a few inches here and there but Dan’s movements never changed. Lotion on desk, pants around ankles, and his hand furiously pumping.

Lydia’s hand never left Dan’s shoulder as they watched his masturbation greatest hits. Then the video cut back to today and a face Dan knew all too well. His hand was a blur on the video as his butt lifted from his chair. His other hand made a cup as his cum flew out of his penis. Dan looked exhausted on the video, breathing heavily, hand filled with white goo. He limply took a tissue from his desk and cleaned up.

“Well the cleaning ladies must appreciate how tidy you are Dan!” Lydia sat back down at her desk. Dan couldn’t look her in the eyes. He knew he was in way more trouble than anyone in the office.

“I…I can be packed up in 10 minutes. Please just don’t tell anyone why.”

“No need Dan. I already had my secretary move your things to the corner office. It’s bigger, and much more private.” Lydia winked.

Dan was confused. He looked at Lydia and she was not mad or disgusted with him.

“Dan, I have never met a person who masturbated as much as you. But even with your right hand pumping away every hour you still produce more results than your coworkers. This video shows that you squirt your seed in a tissue on company time, but you clean yourself off, zip up your pants, and put in real effort! That is the kind of masturbator I need in this office!”

Dan’s mouth hung open. Was he dreaming?

“I don’t want you to change a thing Dan! If anything feel free to beat your meat more if it means you can focus on more projects! Everyone else has family and friends to go home to that distract them from work. We can’t compete with that. The only thing you need is your hand and some lotion! I mean I wish I had 10 more masturbators like you and I could end up running this company!”

Dan was light headed. He went from being certain he would be fired and possibly arrested to being promoted?

“Come on Dan! Let’s check out the new office!”

Lydia kept her hand on Dan’s back as they walked to his new office. All of his coworkers looked in awe as he had somehow pleased the dragon.
His office really was a lot bigger. Lydia showed Dan how his office had a lock on the door, an ergonomic desk chair with a heated seat for that bare bottom, a couch in case he wanted to mix it up a little, and the window faced a women’s gym in case he needed a little inspiration.

“Oh and here is a little something from me!” Lydia brought a big gift basket from behind his new desk. In it was his favorite lotion (Family size), tissue boxes, and a Starbucks gift card.

With that Lydia spanked Dan on the ass and smiled “Now christen this office with your cum before getting back to work. We need you drained and productive!”

She closed the door and Dan locked it. He was grinning ear to ear as he took his pants completely off and opened his new lotion.

Lydia went straight back to her office and told her secretary to hold all her calls. As she locked her office door she slipped off her skirt and pulled down her lace panties that were already soaked. She unlocked her computer and opened the security feed to Dan’s office. She opened her desk drawer and pulled out one of her many vibrators. As she put her legs up on her desk and watched Dan furiously masturbate she switched her vibrator on to the highest setting.

“It takes masturbator to know a masturbator” Lydia muttered as she closed her eyes and started her own solo session.


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