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My masturbation mags used to be so important to me. I would go crazy waiting for the next issues, especially Club. My ex knew about my masturbation habit and permitted it, if not outright encouraging it.
It started with Playboy of course, and then Penthouse. But the ones that got me going were Cheri, Jugs and, especially, Club. Club made no pretense about being the magazine for naked men with only one hand to spare of turning the pages. Lol. I would go into the local convenience store, buy something, then look behind the pretty Asian lady to see if the new issue of Club was in its stand behind her. A couple times she giggled and said, “Maybe tomorrow.”
She also seemed amused by my relief when it finally arrived, and she handed it and to me and ranged it up. I would come home and practically tear my clothes off. Once I had a Friday off and as the ex was going to work, she said, “Oh, by the way, I saw your new girly mag up at the store last night.” I perked up. She gave me the JO hand sign, snickered and said, “Have fun.” Boy, did I! Hours and hours of it. I loved how nasty my juices got the pages and made them pathetically stick together and stain. Once, while cleaning the bathroom, the ex absently opened a top shelf where I kept my jerk-mag stash. She tried to pull something out and I heard her cuss as she got caught in a porn-mag landslide. I came in and found her looking sternly at me, hands on her hips, a dozen or more cum-stained stroke mags now lying at her feet on the floor. Of course, I had to put them back, which got me so hard that I had to take one of the old ones to the bed, strip and have a jerk sesh’ while she finished cleaning the house. I love being a MASTURBATOR!

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