Arousing Suspicion – The Pillowy Prison — CHYOA

“You Billy Henderson stand accused of public indecency and indecent exposure. How do you plea?”

“Not guilty, your honor!” The boy’s voice waivered as he squeaked out his desperate reply.

“Oh is that so Mr. Henderson? I have it on the authority of Marion Academy that you were seen masturbating in the hall to an illicit magazine. Is that not true?”

“No your Honor! I swear! I didn’t do anything! It was headmistress Laska. She planted that magazine in my locker.”

“Now Mr. Henderson, I hope you realize what a serious and frankly ridiculous accusation you are making.”

“It’s true! I think she doesn’t want me to graduate! She…no, all the teachers at the school are trying to make me fail. They are trying to make me into a pervert.”

“Now Mr. Henderson…Billy…I want you to take a moment and look around you…go on, turn around.” She teased as if he were a small child.

Billy turned to see the courtroom full of beautiful strong women, the shortest of which stood at a towering 6’5 while Billy barely cracked the 5 foot mark . With the crowd’s attention on him Billy found it difficult to look any of them in the eye. Instead his gaze drifted to their formal, if slightly suggestive business attire. Long formal gowns and slim black dresses filled the courtroom, and, as Billy took it all in, he found his eyes guided to each woman’s massive breasts. Each outfit seemed subtlety but intentionally designed to accentuate the size and weight of the large bounty housed within. Each set seemed to ask for his attention, daring him to get lost in their creamy expanse.

continued: Arousing Suspicion – The Pillowy Prison — CHYOA

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