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Aunt Dotty (Dorothy ) was my New York cousin. We visited every summer for a month. In the heart of the city midtown Manhattan, from the ages of 16 to 19. The begining years of my lifelong Penis masturbation addiction which is fully taking a grip by now. A small apartment in the city. I had to go in the bedroom for privacy and get things out of my luggage a change of clothes and underwear for after a shower. I think I was already into wearing pantyhose when I masturbated so I did a quick check through Aunt Dotty’s drawers and found the pantyhose drawer right away. A lot of them, sheer, gauzy, flesh colored pantyhose – popped an erection immediately. Mixed them in with my change of clothes and went into the bathroom.
I would turn on the shower but not get in, instead I would sit on the toilet, take out the pantyhose ( knowing what’s happening ) my cock is throbbing hard. Roll the pantyhose down slip on one foot at a time, roll the pantyhose up my leg ( its SO exciting ) then the other leg and shimmy into them till their all the way on. And that most splendid, exciting, tingly, intoxicating, smooth, most wonderful feeling of slipping on a pair of pantyhose and the tingly feeling on my penis and testicles its pure heaven then sit on the toilet and enthusiastically masturbate such a glorious experience. I ended up with a lifelong addiction to pantyhose not to mention masturbation.
I’m wearing pantyhose right now and later I’m going to masturbate and shoot a load on my tummy.

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