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Penis is my life
post by Mr.diddle » Sun Mar 06, 2022 12:56 pm

Benn calling the wank bank a lot lately, leaving deposits. Also leaving Cum deposits on my tummy. I’m a chronic addicted penis masturbator my entire life its all I know. I’m a lifelong INCEL. an involuntary celibate I couldn’t score pussy as a teenager I wanted pussy but I couldn’t get any. I’ve never had pussy ever. I’m a loser pathetic masturbator and maybe girls could sense that and that’s why the stayed away ? Even as a kid I knew my Bate habit was not normal. Beating off as often as possible, taking chances in public bathrooms. I was not 21 yet but I knew a dirty bookstore with a 25¢ arcade – porn video booths a “Jack shack” I could sneak in get in the first available booth and jack off. I still jerk off in adult arcades.
My obsession, addiction has only grown more intense over the years. I have tried to quit, throwing away all my porn, my sex toys, my dildos, butt plugs, lubes, cum rags only to relapse a few days later and buy another set of toys. If a wait a few days and get “backed up” I end up going insane I have to have a long intense bate session. My Bate Den is fully stocked with toys, lubes, pantyhose, porn, mirrors to watch myself and yes I have attended many Group J/O sessions. I can’t help it can’t stop it can’t control it.

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