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Enforced Male Chastity – What is it?
What is Male Chastity Control?
Male chastity control, known officially as Secure Penile Inertion, is about the non-voluntary negation of the sexual function of an individual’s penis. For purposes of this article, a penis is the base flacid anatomy and a cock is the erect sexually functional aspect of that organ.It is typically accomplished by securing the flacid penis inside a locked tubular container which precludes any significant amount of erection as well any access for self stimulation or penetrative use. In this regard the secured male cannot experience orgasm or ejaculation as he typically is not permitted to retain the key to his Secure Penile Inertion System or “chastity device”.This container can take one of two main forms, a independant tube cage secured by a constrictive ring around the base of the penis behind and trapping the testicles or a full belt supported tube passing between the legs.


There are two main camps regarding the why and necessity of this.

The first is those dealing with their marital partner’s Penile Deficiency Syndrome or PDS. In this case the male’s cock exhibits issues with Erectile Insufficiency, Tumescence Fade and/or Ejaculatory Incompetance and is unable to sexually satisfy his partner.

In this case, chastity control removes the in-built societal pressure for the couple to untilize his defective cock, thereby setting aside and avoiding the dissappointments, embarassments and feelings of inadequacy and shame it can create. It also allows the partners to explore and emphasize aspects of lovemaking other than the classic cock cumming inside the partner.

The second group is those for whom male sexual submission is an exciting aspect of sexuality. In this case, it can be very arousing for the male to know that he has no control over how, where, when or even if, his partner will use his cock. It can also be very arousing for his partner to know this and to be empowered by the possession of such control.

It should be noted that these two groups are not mutually exclusive. There can be quite significant cross over between them. In either case it is a huge act of devotion to one’s partner to give up such a central aspect of a male’s sexuality.

What are the implications?

While being subject to Secure Penile Inertion negates the physical sexual function of the penis as a cock, it does not negate one’s awareness of it. Conversely, it vastly enhances the male’s awareness of his secured penis. He becomes aware of it, it’s state of arousal, it’s weight, his helplessness and possibly desperation, every waking minute of every hour of every day!

Over time, the secured male may come to view his cage as his real penis and the flesh filling it as nothing more than that, its filling. Not being secured will feel very wrong and he will want to be returned to his proper captivity. This is normal and should be encouraged.

As the male can no longer ejaculate on his own or sexually, it can be necessary for him to be “Milked” on a periodic basis. Milking is a form of direct prostate stimulation which while pleasureable to the male will not cause any sensation of orgasm. It will trigger a pouring out of his accummulated ejaculate. It should be noted that it is not necessary to remove the chastity device for this to occur. If removed, however, direct stimulation almost to the point of orgasmic inevitablity on a repeated basis will enhance the volume of ejaculate as well as the frustration of release without orgasm. The male should be actively encouraged to lick up and consume the mess of his spillage.

Expansion in the fetish world

Male chastity control ties in very well with other fetish lifestyle aspects. Most notable are humiliation, bondage and discipline, cuckoldry and possibly even sissification.

Regarding humiliation, it should be emphasized to the secured male that it no longer matters how big he was before, now he is the possessor of a non-functional micro-penis. It may be beautiful and a symbol of his love and devotion, but as a man, his cock is useless to his partner! Even if humiliation is not pursued on a primary basis, it should still be stated on occasion as it is the truth and he does have to accept it.

The chastity control itself is an act of submission to the partner’s sexual authority and is a type of bondage. Extension of this to collars, cuffs, gags, plugs, hoods, etc. and discipline is just a small step. One simple act to re-enforce his submission is to state that the secured male, in the pivacy of the home, is not permitted clothing unless the partner grants explicit permission. His cage and owned flesh are to be displayed for his partner’s pleasure (and access) at all times. Over time additional requirements may be applied along with the potential of discipline for failures.

In the event that the core issues behind the chastity control are PDS related, it now becomes much easier to broach the subject of Intromissive Penile Replacement Therapy (IPRT) once the male has become accustomed to no longer being physically capable of using his penis as a cock.

Relationship discussions with the secured male should be held to establish where and how such therapy sessions occur, if he is permitted to watch or assist and the fact that he will be expected to lick up and consume the replacement penis or penises’ ejaculations. Given his milking’s self consumptions, this should not be a large step. This act also gives the secured cuck male a consumate role to play in the marital lovemaking even without the use of his cock.

It is worth noting that the secured cuck male should be told and shown how pleased his partner is by his being cuck for them. That his chastity and acceptance makes possible the penises and orgasms which the partner enjoys. He must know his sacrifice of never again being able to use his cock to sexually perform for his partner has a value and is appreciated.

Sissification is the act of making the male dress, groom and act as a classic female. This is enhanced by the determination that since he no longer has a cock, he must act sexually as a girl for his partner’s pleasures. Sexually, being taken anally and giving pleasure orally or manually should be emphasisized.

Even if sissification is not pursued, the usage of panties should be encouraged. Male underwear is plain and utilitarian, about function and not much else. Panties on the other hand are about excitement and display. Given the beauty, awareness and permanence of his securing device, panties are very appropriate for a secured male to wear. They also provide the additional frisson of a second secret between his legs as he goes about his day.


Enforced Male Chasity Control is a shared adventure for a couple as well as a open doorway which can lead to other exciting adventures and explorations in their sexuality.

As in all things sexual, there is no One True Way! The above is based on the author’s predelictions and those of his Mistress and friends. Do what excites you both, but above all else, lock that cock.

You will both love it!


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