In Love with Kate Moss: End of Summer, and a Visit from Cherie

End of Summer, and a Visit from Cherie


Yesterday was the last full day of summer. As I write this, autumn begins around 10 o’clock tonight. There’s a coolness to the air today, and tonight some folks will turn the heat on.

Wearing a coat and paying the heating bill aren’t the only reasons to mourn summer’s end. Summer (and warm weather, in general) provides me with my best masturbation inspiration.

I’m really not a porn masturbator. Oh, I masturbate to porn often enough. It’s just that I’m not the kind of guy to watch Vivid films or subscribe to any of the “glossy” websites for my masturbating fuel. I get enough of that fuel from the ladies I see on an everyday basis who wear skimpy clothes and sandals or flip-flops.

My wife’s friend Cherie had to swing by my office this morning. She left her I-pad in my wife’s car, and picked it up from me. Chatting with Cherie in the lobby had my cock pulsing and straining to be made love to once I got back to my desk. 

Cherie is 67 years old, about 5,7″ tall, blonde, and a real cutie. I first met her 20-or-so years ago when she was in her 40’s. I remember I went to a pool party where Cherie was in a bikini. Even in her mid-to-late 40’s, she looked hot. Fucking Hot. I masturbated for days thinking of her. Heck, sometimes 20 years later I think of her in that suit and wank to her beauty.

At age 67, she’s still a hot babe and gets masturbatory cum from me.

Seeing Cherie today in her sandals, showing off her beautiful feet, reminded me that autumn and winter mean an end of such lovely views for the season. I love a woman with sexy feet, and find a nice smile and sexy feet so hot and erotic. I would rather wank to thoughts of that than a botoxed bimbo getting gang-banged any day!

Why pay for porn when hotties in the food store are providing me with free “porn”?

Of course, I realize not everyone has the same foot fetish I do. You may enjoy the stimulation commercial porn gives you. Different wanking for different cocks. Still, I am interested in how many other wankers enjoy the freebies females give us on daily basis when it’s warm out. Smiles, legs, feet, bare midriffs, shoulders; they all attract my gaze and attract my cock.

Another thing Cherie made me think about today is how many women I masturbate to are older women. Cherie is on the upper end of the age scale for my masturbation muses, but it seems most other women I enjoy masturbating to are older than 50. Is it because I am now in my 50’s and I am attracted to my own age group? Maybe. Maybe not.

About a month ago I went with a boating club to a big raft-up party. Probably about 50 people in bathing suits swimming in the river having a good time. I eagerly ate up the views of numerous women I am friends with, and whom I masturbate over a lot. What surprised me were two women I didn’t really expect to masturbate over.

While sitting on the back of one of the boats, a 55 year old hottie I will call Robin came by on a standup paddle board. Robin is about 5’5″ tall, dark hair, and really cute and sexy. Regardless of how good-looking she is, I had never really thought of her as a masturbation muse. When she went by in her bikini, by cock began springing to life. I had to adjust my shorts and sit funny to not be exposed. Her legs, her sexy feet, her back, her tummy with its granny-type poochieness where such a turn-on.

There were other hot women there of all ages, but Robin was the one who made me think, “I’ve really got to go masturbate to her.”

At least until Laura showed up.

Laura is an 18-year-old blonde daughter of an acquaintance. I wouldn’t call her a beauty queen, but definitely cute in her youthful way. She wears red-framed glasses that accentuate a certain geekness. Not a hard-body, Laura as a bit of a pooch in her belly. At the raftup, she was in a very small bikini and was giving me a stiffy as good as the one I got from Robin. I had to jump in the water to hide my excitement from the other 47 party guests.

When I finally got somewhere for a masturbation session, It was Robin and Laura who kept flashing through my mind. Brunette Robin, blonde Laura. Thirty-seven years separate them. Both gave me such pleasure while I masturbate, more than thinking about all the other women there that day.

Laura is an exception among my muses; nearly all of them are old enough to be her mom. I still masturbate to all of them, and I love it!

I’m just sorry to think it won’t be until next spring until those images can be renewed and updated!

Of course, I was resourceful enough to take some pictures of those gals to use in the cold weather months!

Wow, what a pervert I am. What a masturbator I am! And I LOVE IT!

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