Onania Masturbator Forum: Aborted Orgasm

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

This is a technique I use on myself,…it’s like an accident, but also on purpose. You could call it an ‘aborted’ orgasm, because everything is done to prevent it the full orgasm. I do everything I can to prevent a “real” orgasm. The idea is that there is not the thrusting and jerking of a “real” orgasm and take away any sense of fucking. Often I’m so excited by long periods of masturbation, and trying hard to keep from cumming, that my penis is swollen but not hard, and an orgasm creeps up uncontrollably. My penis, hopelessly, pushes out a little cum, and the feeling is intense and exquisite for me…the build up, the point of ‘accident’ and each dribble is intensely felt. It’s the opposite of being a ‘real man’ who thrusts and jerks.

The overall result is that my usually aggressive cock becomes passive. As she said, because it’s not a full orgasm, the sensitivity and desire and ability to cum linger. For days after, it feels like a pussy–it swells, is sensitive, drips precum, and is warm and sexy all on its own. If I wear panties with it, the feeling is awesome. My penis folds down nicely, and happily. It’s not a struggle to turn it down, nor does it ruin the sensitivity to package it. My sac is also more sensitive, and a gentle finger in the fold between balls is very girlie.

I know that ruined orgasms are associated with the power dynamics of femdom, and they can be beautiful. When practiced by a masturbator, they provide pacification, and, for me, feminisation, without the complication of forced ruining. I masturbate on line with a woman who encourages my female fantasies–we masturbate like two girls together, and this ‘technique’ naturally grew out of that. I was so relishing rubbing myself like a woman, and the overwhelming sensations of a dildo, that I would not want to have an orgasm. She also would not want it, because she wanted to continue playing through her multiple orgasms, which she would share with me. But sometimes I would go over the line, and when I did everything to stop it when it DID happen, I could go on for intense periods to continue playing with her. At the end, she would ask if I wanted to cum, and that would usually cause another helpless glob of cum, and contractions around my dildo that were beautiful.


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