February 2020

Your Brain On Porn

Curious about the latest research on internet porn’s effects? Wondering about sexual dysfunction? Escalation to extreme material? Low desire for partnered sex? Social anxiety, cognitive problems, lack of motivation? Source: Your Brain On Porn

New Deposits to the Wank Bank through 2/26/20

New Deposits to the Wank Bank through  2/26/20 https://soundgasm.net/u/wankbank  To leave your deposit, call  1-281-241-WANK (281-241-9265) Jack is Back 2/25/2020 JaneFromChicago 2/26/20 4:20 AM Albany 2/25/20 1:40 PM KevinG 2/25/20 11:44 AM JaneFromChicago 2/25/20 8:07 AM LA_PenisMasturbator 2/25/20 4:25 AM PumpingNow 2/24/20 6:39 PM Albany 2/24/20 4:39 PM

Anti-Masturbation Technology – Femdom Chastity

– Anti-Masturbation Technology – Femdom Chastity In the course of the 19th century, more and more doctors linked masturbation to severe mental illness. As explained in 1867 by Henry Maudsley, the greatest British psychiatrist of his time, masturbatory insanity was “characterized by … extreme perversion of feeling and corresponding derangement of thought, in earlier stages, …

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