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Sex dolls

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It took me forever to get into sex dolls I just never really thought about trying them. Not sure what changed but I finally decided to try it. I think my initial desire to try them is to keep on expanding my masturbation range of experiences. I want to explore as much as possible in the masturbation realm considering it takes up 90% of my spare time ( maybe more than 90% ) . I finally went to a dirty bookstore and bought a box with a Male Blow Up Doll ( I’m Gay and wanted to stick with a boy doll ) I took it home, inflated it and was very surprised by how much fun it was.
Honestly if you get into it you can “pretend” you’ve got a sex partner you can “make out” and get “sexy” explore sexual behaviors but “technically” your still masturbating.
Most have little “pockets” in the Anus area where one can insert your Penis, a little lube makes it very smooth and slippery. I have had some good “humping” with a blow up doll also the cool thing is they don’t say No to stuff you want to do.
Sometimes I guess because of the lube and all that “humping” they deflate and you have to get a new one but that’s still fun kinda like getting a new lover.
I have three now. One has a wide open mouth for “blow jobs” my Penis fits real snug in that hole. One of them which cost a bit more “Jason love doll” has a more realistic face, hands and feet. And also has a firm plastic penis / dildo that vibrates and there has been some good “rides” on that guy. Sometimes – and I guess this is the forum to share this – I have had some threesomes / orgies with these “guys” and its a very fun fantasy, playful, sexy, masturbation session I highly recommend trying it if your into exploring different things with your overall masturbation experience.

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