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Hey – this is Mr. Diddle I am a Lifelong Chronic addicted compulsive Penis Masturbator. I have virtually no control of this habit whatsoever, this habit completely controls All Aspects of my life and free time. I started at 12 years old ( if not earlier ) and through my teens became completely obsessed with MASTURBATION it maybe that because I was so satisfied with it that I was unable to talk to or even approach a member of the opposite sex. I was an INCEL. An involuntary cellibete , a virgin who’d never had a sex partner. By the time I was 23 and still a Virgin a began to dedicate my life to masturbation. I needed to watch porn but was so jealous of seeing a guy fuck a girl that I couldn’t take straight porn and eventually drifted to gay porn and began my journey into Penis / Cock worship and a sex obsession. Now my entire free time off of work is based on my masturbation obssesion. I have a collection of porn, a “Bate Den” of mirrors, sex toys. A hopeless addiction to wearing sheer Pantyhose, male blow up sex dolls. A respectable collection of Cum Rags, I go to “jack off” booths at dirty bookstores, I use pot, beer and poppers to enhance my penis stimulation. I listen to the Wank Bank on this site and have made deposits of my own. I have not been very responsible with my penis obsession and have had sex with many many men but I’m HIV negative. I prefer to CUM with my hand and believe sex is only an extension of masturbation, I have been to many Group J/O sessions and I Love participating. Today, Friday – I intend to spend as much time masturbating as is possible, hopefully 6 to 7 hours. I am totally satisfied with my addiction although I have to admit I do feel shame and I am embarrassed about it basically I’m a pathetic loser which only fuels my masturbation even more. Even though I jerked off enthusiastically yesterday I can’t wait to bate the day away today. Have very few sexual limits I qualify as a Sex Pig and have a cheap set of pink pig ears, snout, pig tail costume that I wear to enhance the fun. I enjoy the PENIS so much I partake in all penis fluids including Cum and Piss, my penis is my master and I am totally subservient.

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