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Are you addicted to masturbation?

Or suspect you may be? Are you spending more and more time masturbating? Do you think about masturbating, even when you are not doing it? Do words chronic addicted masturbator sexually arouse you? … If you have discovered this website, then you may already be addicted to masturbation. But you are not alone. Here we don’t judge you; we don’t try to cure you. Onania . Org/asm is for you, for adults living with chronic masturbation addiction.

Resources for Chronic Masturbators

SEXUAL AROUSAL TRIGGER WARNING: Onania . Org/asm does not provide professional therapy or counseling. Frank discussion of chronic masturbation addiction may cause sexual arousal and trigger an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Persons attempting to recover from masturbation addiction should leave this website and seek professional guidance.

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