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How come girls can always recognise a wanker!?

Posted: Fri May 23, 2014 9:35 pm
by Guest.Masturbator
This is in response to the messages about how women somehow know that a guy is a compulsive masturbator.

Of course the dead giveaway is if the man is single – especially if he has been single for a long time and there is no girlfriend around. If thats the case then there are only two options open – either the guy has strong character and can remain sexually abstinent or he relieves himself through regular self abuse. Women all know how horny and sex driven men are by their hormones and testosterone (one woman told me she believed that all men are ruled by their testicles!) so its pretty obvious to women what most single men do to themselves!
When women find out how long a man has been single you can often see them give other women present “the look” – that “look” is a silent code that says “hey girl – we got a wanker in the room!” You almost think they are then going to say something like “hey you perv – why don’t you go and stand over there in the corner of the room with those other pathetic pervs while we chat to the real men in the room?!”
Sad but I’m sure we’ve all had experiences like that.
For me it goes right back to my schooldays at high school when (if I was unlucky……….which was often!) I would get seen by schoolgirls when coming out of toilets after a really “furious” wanking session (usually over magazine pin up or over the busty French teacher)
The girls would look at each other and then usually make some obscene comment like “Hey wanker – didn’t your mummy tell that you could go blind doing that!” – usually accompanied by the famous wanking gesture (forefinger meeting thumb to make a suggestive circle and then jerked furiously back and forth)
Incredibly humiliating at the time but quite erotic when i think back to it.