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Phases of Masturbation

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 9:45 am
by Guest.Masturbator
Have spent the weekend and indeed much of the past few weeks focussed on some very specific masturbatory fantasies and really exploring them within myself and have been masturbating alot. I mean alot. Several were fueled by the recent post about how our masturbation fantasies have changed over the years, some related to porn/personal experience, others have been with me since I was boy.
As a masturbator, I find that they constantly change, morph, develop, extend and take me into other places sometimes quite unexpected which is truly wonderful, completely unexpected and extremely erotic. I'm sure this is true for the majority of us.
Guess I am wondering if other masturators feel simarlarly and am asking about the various stages or phases one goes through as we explore, fantasize about stuff, seek porn to fuel it and then own it...make it personal..only to have it move on to something completetly different tomorrow, next week, next month etc. What was once an interest or maybe fetish has now become an obsession. You start with Mum/Dad, feet, tits, big cocks, licking pussy, the girl in Grade 6...whatever only to have it trigger something else then let it grow and spiral into a whole new and totally different realm. And then of course you can't stop thinking about it. You're hooked.
At my core are fantasies which will never leave me and I have elaborated and painted them into many things over the years but this constant changing landscape of images, experiences, encounters and fantasies are so deep-rooted yet organic and invariably develop into something else.
Perhaps our masturbatory phases, like the moon show us in so many different ways, lights and aspects for the person we each are; in search of deep sensual pleasure/sexual gratification that we all seek through masturbation, all aware that it is only through masturbation that they will ever be fully achieved or realized.
What are the various phases you each go through in your own masturbation? How do you find something, internalize the idea or image, become aroused, masturbate to it, then make it something of your own that drives you to such deep carnal pleasure and hours of profound masturbatory bliss?
Am I now exploring what is sometimes called "deep masturbation?" Would like to know.