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Wanking Clinic

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 8:03 pm
by Guest.Masturbator
Perhpas this has been said before I joined, so my apologies. It seems to me that, if wanking is a true addiction, like heroin, then the government should help us out by setting up clinics for us. We would have to go there at least once a day, and be given a room to ourselves. All creature comforts included. Then, one at a time, a person of our choice comes in, helps us undress, lies us down, oils us up, and under our guidance either masturbates us off or does what we ask of them as we masturbate off to them. The idea of course is that if we wank enough we will reach a psychological threshold where we will cease to jerk anymore. That at least is what we tell the government, who are such a bunch of jerks themselves they will go along with it as full memebers. Each 'therapist' stays as long as we wish, then is replaced by another at frequent intervals. And each one is specifcally matched to our current strongest needs as addicts.