Wife's Home

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Wife's Home

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So my wife just got home from a business trip today. As she was preparing for bed, she said "I guess you won't even hold me a few minutes. My husband doesn't have sex with me anymore.". I relented and laid down beside her on the bed and we talked for a few minutes, my arm around her. She asked me to rub her lower back and then she said again, "My husband doesn't have sex with me anymore.". I told her, "You probably screwed around with several guys while you were gone." to which she replied, "Only in your dreams. I bet you masturbate to porn at night thinking about me having sex with other men.". I groaned and made a few hip thrusting motions. At this point, she said, "I'm not going to read tonight. Turn off the lamp before you go.". I'm not sure because she was partially covered by the sheet and blanket, but she may have slipped her and down into her crotch. I kissed her, turned off the lamp, and headed downstairs to jack off.

I don't know why, but hearing her say "My husband doesn't have sex with me anymore" turns me on so much. She's said it several other times recently. Makes me want to masturbate so badly. Not fucking her, masturbating, and imagining the day when she finally starts cheating on me is the ultimate turnon!

It's been so long since we've fucked and I'm so content. Her fucking other guys is the only thing that'll make me happier. I got to think that I fit in well with this group.
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