Tumblr for Masturbators

Onania’s Tumblrs for Masturbators

Onania . Org/asm is pleased to offer these resources for the personal use of chronic addicted masturbators. Please note that they may stimulate the urge to masturbate to orgasm. 

Muses for Masturbators  https://muses4masturbators.tumblr.com/

Photos of ladies (and a few males) to inspire your masturbator urges. 

Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome   https://malepms.tumblr.com/

My favorite captioned photos celebrating the shame and humiliation of chronic masturbation addiction.

Onania Captions https://onaniacaptions.tumblr.com/

Captioned photos from the fervid and pathetic masturbator brain of Richard Lovel. 

The Wank Bank https://hear-me-wank.tumblr.com/

Voicemails from Chronic Masturbators. Call the Masturbation Hotline number (1-281-241-9265) and leave an anonymous masturbator voicemail to be posted on this website.

Videos for Pathetic Masturbators https://videos4masturbators.tumblr.com/ 

Onania’s recommendations: Humiliation, JOI, masturbattrixes, teasing/denial, ruined orgasms, male milking, premature ejaculators, hand-humpers, etc. 

Note that Tumblr now requires you have a (free) Tumblr account and to be logged in to view sexually explicit material.