THE ONANIZER – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience (TRAILER) © Jan Manski

The Onanizer – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience is at the root of Onania. Designed to mould seamlessly to the user’s body, the ‘limitless pleasure’ machine invites its users to a realm of singular focus on themselves.

via THE ONANIZER – Your Ultimate Masturbation Experience (TRAILER) © Jan Manski.

Stroke of Genius | Rick Gellert and his amazing masturbation machine

What they sold the man and still sell today is a plastic briefcase with a small motor bolted to the inside. Attached to the motor is a rubber hose, and attached to that is a plastic cylinder two or three times the size of a man’s erect penis. It’s called the receiver and it looks like a bong. Before getting started the user blows into another tube to pressurize the air between the cylinder and a flexible rubber liner. Then he lubricates the rubber sleeve, slides in, and turns up the speed. It’s a real-life

Source: Stroke of Genius | Feature | Chicago Reader

Masturbated by his machine

a mechanically-minded masturbator said:

My machine has been masturbating me for the last six hours. I have
taken a few very short breaks, but for the majority of that time, my
cock has been hard and slippery, sliding in and out of the machine’s
masturbation sleeve. I love seeing the shape of it as the sleeve
slides down, wrapping itself around my dick, and I love seeing the
thick veins straining against the glistening skin of my dick as the
sleeve slides back up. It can feel so good that I’m dying to cum, but
at the same time, I know that the machine will just keep working my
cock if I let it and I dont ever want it to stop, so I let it continue
to work me over.
I feel like such a pervert having my cock masturbated for hours like
this. I love feeling like a pervert. While “normal” people are out
doing “normal” things, my cock is being stroked relentlessly by a
machine and and I ride the waves of pleasure it gives me. I like to
close my eyes and put everything else out of my head except for the
unyeilding stimulation of my penis. I love to imagine myself
restrained as a trained professional (a nurse perhaps?) operates the
controls as they administer my daily masturbation treatments.
I always wonder if my neighbors can hear the machine and wonder what
they would think if they knew what the sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
but always constant rythmic sounds coming from my apartment were. Can
they make out the occasional wet slurping noise? If they knew, would
they be disgusted or would they approve? Either way, I do not wish to
change my masturbatory habits, the non-stop pleasuring is something I
cannot bear to part with.
Nurse Isabel, what would your professional opinion of my case be?
Would you advise against further behavior of this sort? Or would you
perscribe continued masturbation treatments?

Podcasturbation #06-1231 : Fucking my FleshLight

Podcasturbation #06-1231: Fucking my FleshLight

Fucking my FleshLight. I fuck my FleshLight plastic pussy toy, recording while I am on webcam, so some folks got to watch the recording session. But my full attention is on the audio; I tried to capture the pervy feelings I get when fucking a plastic pussy. (16:27 long) 

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