Desire to be kept chaste, denied orgasms. – Is My Husband A Pervert?


While voluntary erotic male chastity doesn’t get the mass media coverage as the flashy folks who wear leather and vinyl it is one of the most common forms of atypical sexuality. Wearing MCDs – male chastity devices – isn’t that rare: after dildos MCDs are among the most commonly purchased sex toys….

Women shocked when boyfriend, husband expresses desire to be keept chaste, denied orgasms. – Is My Husband A Pervert?

The Foot Massage

Chronic Masturbation Stories

The Foot Massage

Some chronic  masturbators think a foot is as much fun as a hand

It was only five years ago that I graduated from college leaving behind many memories of one my closest friends I have ever had. It was a tortured relationship for me because I was completely obsessed with her and wanted her as a lover more than a friend. She however had no such romantic feelings towards me even though we always together. We were both art majors so we worked out our schedules to where we always took our classes together. After class we would always be running around doing something together whether it was going out to eat, the movies, or just hanging out at my apartment or her parent’s house. Continue reading

Shaming and teasing audios by Julie Kohler-Bush

I’ve been listening (and masturbating to) to these audios by Julie Kohler-Bush. They are simple repetitions of phrases but oh-so arousing. I put on a slideshow of my favorite masturbation muses, and had to confess that yes, I’m ashamed, and I tried (but failed) not to cum. 

Note she is on Reddit at Julie Kohler-Bush. She posts mainly on GoneWild Audio. And she personally assures me that all her orgasms on the audios are real.