Neighborly Control

Neighborly Control

by Nessus

A married man is caught masturbating to porn and receives guidance from his neighbor.

I'm just a normal guy, making a living in a tough world. My name is Dwight
Mitchell and I'm the maintenance foreman at the tractor factory just
outside of town. Most everybody in the town works at that factory so it's
pretty important to us. The town would die without it and we'd have to move
to a big city and nobody wants that.
Mary-Anne, my wife, works as a clerk at the local bookshop and we get by.
No kids yet but after five years of marriage we have a little clap board
house and a small car which Mary-Anne drives to the shop. I drive a
battered pick-up from the factory.
We're pretty happy. We have good friends, we know everybody and everybody
knows us. Mary-Anne teaches dancing at the ladies club and I play in a
little country music band on Saturday nights at the roadhouse. Life is
pretty good.
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I’m just a freakingly lucky guy I guess, I’ve been touching
myself “inappropriately” and way, way to much and often since I was
eleven, and it seems the beat-off-gods have approved and blessed me
and my habit mightily!
Well, here’s what I’m talking about, just about a year ago my friend
Kathleen at work tells me she’s having an affair with a married
man. Not only is the dude married, but he’s here from England, and
since he can’t stay with her he needs a place to crash for six-
months or so. I figure I could use the extra cash flow having a
roommate would provide, I meet the guy, Kenny, and he’s nice enough
quirky accent, a slightly rough but sexy exterior, and so I decide
it’s a “go”.

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Odd Little Masturbation Story

Odd Little Masturbation Story

by Anonymous

A straight man has his first masturbation experience involving another male.
This is an odd little masturbation story. I'm straight, but I have to
admit a certain fascination with other men's cocks. A friend of
mine, who is also straight made a comment to that effect one night at a
party. There were five of us still up in the wee hours of
the morning, after everyone else had passed out. We were watching a
porno which consisted mainly of lesbians. Amy and
Melissa, I had long suspected as being bi, so I'm sure they had no
problem with that, and Jamie had mentioned on a few
occasions that she was interested in other women's breasts, and was
known to grope one or two from time to time when she
was in hard-core party mode. Jay said, "I like the lesbian action and
all, but to me, a porno's gotta have dick." We all gave him
sideways glances. He shook his head slowly. "I don't know, there's just
something about a hard dick." Jamie was giggling. 
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The Perfect Marriage

Within seconds, Frank felt it approaching. He let out a long, long moan, as the point of no return, passed, and the time between that and the first spurt seemed to go on for seconds. And then the spurting started…many many spurts. The first couple he did not aim properly, and they splashed against the tank. “Aim properly you dirty pig”, Lisa yelled at him. He got the rest of them into the bowl.


The Perfect Marriage


Chapter One

Lisa and Frank had been married for 2 years, but they hadn’t consummated the marriage yet, at least not in the traditional sense.

They had been “going out” with each other for a short while before getting married. Frank had been given the company that his father had run. But when both parents were gone, he had been trying to run it himself. And not successfully. So, he had hired Lisa, who was very attractive to help him run the business. Soon, she had the business running well. For her good work, Frank had given her 49% of the company. Frank was also hopefully in lust with her. He was a 24 year old virgin, and Lisa was 27 years old, and so powerful. Lisa had plenty of boyfriends, and Frank was restricted to masturbation and all of his elaborate fantasies. And a lot of his fantasies started to revolve around Lisa. And she had noticed that he was staring at her a lot, and she also noticed the little tent in his pants, and his frequent trips to the bathroom. Lisa realized that he was easy prey, and she could soon have the majority, if not all of his company….   Continue reading

Nurse Wilson

Nurse Wilson

Nurse helps a patient with recovery

 Dear Nurse Wilson;
     I am writing to you to thank you for being so helpful and
persistent in nursing me back to health after my recent car accident,
especially your determined efforts to bring my testicles back to full
working order. The only problem has been my new addiction to being
breast fed on a warm full bust.
     As you know, after my car accident, I awoke in the Physiotherapist
area  of the Hospital under your direct care. My legs and arms were in
braces and I couldn't talk. I was recovering from surgery and my
testicles had been bruised. I came to, briefly as you picked up my
     "Hmmm", you said, "your doctor has you down to ejaculate three
times a day to reduce the swelling in your testicles. I think we can
handle that", you said with a mischievous grin, stealing a look at my
eight inch penis. 
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Helping Hand by a Nurse

Helping Hand by a Nurse

A nurse provides a patient relief

     I am a 34 year old nurse in a local hospital in Iowa. I wont let
out the name of the city for obvious reasons. My name is also not the
actual, but the story I am going to relate is true!
     I got interested in nursing during high school, when a bunch of us
girls volunteered at one of the hospitals. We were basically a type of
candy striper,I suppose. Out of 5 girls who started out, only two of us
stuck with it for any length of time. Then I am the only one who
actually made nursing my career.
     I am married with two children. My husband satisfies me sexually
very well. But I have an obsession that takes over quite often during my
job as a nurse. I love jerking guys off! It is almost a passion with me.
It started when I was doing the volunteer work. Since I had expressed
interest in going on into the nursing profession, I eventually got a
part time job at the hospital after school and on weekends. It didn't
pay very much in the form of money, but it was invaluable since I was
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Masturbation Stories : Caught in the Act 1

… By the time I was seventeen I had been caught several times by classmates and once by a teacher masturbating through my trousers in the classroom. I think the teacher was excited by it; all he said was: “There’s a time and place for everything, Blake!” – and crossed his legs. I was seen by a girl in the park when I was masturbating in the park after peeing behind a tree. She also seemed to be rather enjoying the sight. I once masturbated in the shower booth at the swimming pool. It was an individual shower but with no door and those passing me could see clearly what I was doing.  …

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In Love with Kate Moss: Cammie beach story

A major shift in my masturbatorial attitude toward Cammie seemed to take place on Thanksgiving morning in 2016.  I was walking the beach near my house when I approached this woman looking for seashells.  It was a cool day, and we had on jackets.  I could see a nice, mature female ass as I came near.  As I got closer, the woman looked up at me.  It was Cammie!


Cammie beach story

By In Love with Kate Moss

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Billy Gets a Babysitter – Chapter Four

Billy Gets a Babysitter


Chapter 4

When billy and his Mommy got home, Kathy and Becky were full of questions on how it went with his new babysitter. Billy told them that they did their homework together (with billy naked), and then afterwards they watched TV and then it was his bathtime.

“Did Tiffany play with your peenie in the bathtub”, Kathy asked, with a big smile.

“No, but She let me play with myself and She left me alone in the tub to do that for a while”, billy told Them.

“You must have been so excited billy”, Becky said. “What was Tiffany wearing”, She asked.

‘Oh, just a tshirt and panties, Her legs and feet were bare”, he replied.

Both girls smiled and Mommy said, “you must have been beside yourself with horniness, you poor thing. Did Tiffany dry you off”, Mommy asked. 

“Well She dried me off, but She didn’t touch my peenie”, Billy told Them. Continue reading