I Got a Job as a Cum Provider

Guided Masturbation Stories

I Got a Job as a Cum Provider

alt.sex.stories, 1998

I was broke, in college and looking for something, anything
to cure my financial ailment. The add I found was strange.
“Young males wanted, Specialty taste club catering to the
unusual, Excellent pay, flexible hours, no selling. Call for
personal interview”


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Sperm donation – Wikipedia

 For fun and profit:

… When a sperm donor provides his sperm through a sperm bank or fertility clinic he will usually enter into a contract to donate sperm for a specified contractual minimum period of time ranging from six to twenty four months. To donate sperm a man must generally meet specific requirements regarding age and medical history. In the United States, sperm banks are regulated as Human Cell and Tissue or Cell and Tissue Bank Product (HCT/Ps) establishments by the FDA. Many states also have regulations in addition to those imposed by the FDA. A man generally donates sperm at a clinic or sperm bank by way of masturbation in a private room or cabin, known as a ‘men’s production room’ (UK) or a ‘masturbatorium’ (USA). Many of these facilities contain pornography such as videos, magazines, and/or photographs in order to assist the donor to produce the ejaculate … more Sperm donation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia