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Incidentally, the place where the gentleman in question provides his sample is called a “men’s production facility,” “donor cabin,” or “masturbatorium.” If you have never read Polly Enmity’s absolutely amazing article in Best Sex Writing 2005 on being a sperm bank teller, you are missing what must be the most entertaining writing ever delivered on this topic.

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A Medley of Milking Stories

from the net, various dates

Three stories of male milking


Milking a Husband July 31, 1999

That story about the two lesbians milking a man for his sperm so they could have a baby is wild. I did something similar to my own husband two and a half years ago. We had been married for 11 years and had two children, a girl of 9 and a boy of 5. I wanted another child but my husband refused me! He said he didn’t think we could afford it over the long run. This got me mad as hell and started my thoughts on how to get my way, regardless of what he said. I checked my cycles and when I felt it was yhe optimum time I got him in bed and he placed his condom on his dick as was his habit. I thought to myself that I was going to get that condom with his sperm that night. I suggested a bondage scene followed by hot sex and readily agreed to let me tie him at all four posts with pantyhose. I tied him down nice and tight and knew he was not going anywhere.   Continue reading

I Got a Job as a Cum Provider

Guided Masturbation Stories

I Got a Job as a Cum Provider, 1998

I was broke, in college and looking for something, anything
to cure my financial ailment. The add I found was strange.
“Young males wanted, Specialty taste club catering to the
unusual, Excellent pay, flexible hours, no selling. Call for
personal interview”


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Visit to an English Doctor

Guided Masturbation Stories

Visit to an English Doctor

from, 1995

He squeezed the tip to check the opening, and found it red. Finding swelling in one of the seminal vesicles, the doctor said that he would have to examine the sperm. I was wondering if I was going to have to perform in front of him, not something I looked forward to. He asked me if I would be comfortable with masturbating to generate the sample or have it produced electrically. I had heard that bulls are milked for samples electrically, and thought that if I was going to have to get it off in the doctors office, that a hands off approach could be a new and possibly refreshing pleasure.

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THE PEOPLE’S COMMON SENSE MEDICAL ADVISER (1895) is one of the interesting historical works on the dangers of masturbation. I recommend it to students of society’s views on the subject. This extract is from the Project Gutenberg library. You can get a good flavor for its perspective from this quote:

Untold miseries arise from the pollution of the body. Self-pollution, or onanism, is one of the most prolific sources of evil, since it leads both to the degradation of body and mind. It is practiced more or less by members of both sexes, and the habit once established, is overcome with the greatest difficulty. It is the source of numerous diseases which derange the functional activity of the organs involved, and eventually impair the constitution. This vicious habit is often practiced by those who are ignorant of its dangerous results. Statistics show that insanity is frequently caused by masturbation.


Fig. 2. A Testicle wasted by Masturbation. Masturbation not only occasions loss of semen, but frequently the testicles and other generative organs waste and become reduced in size as a result of the abuse. …Fig. 2 represents one much reduced, as a result of self-abuse. [pg 773]

Note: before proceeding, please be sure you have read the Warning for Satire-Impaired

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Male Cattle


 a fantasy by Aethean

1. Cattle

Once upon a time, in land far away, there lived a colony, a civilization where women ruler and men served. Men are important yet they are only important to help serve women in religious and sustenance areas. You see, men are milked only for their cum, only for that glorious milk. Like the East Indians with their sacred cow, these women hold men in highest esteem.

Their organization was simple. There was one ruling family of women. They were placed there for the fact that they have many children both boys and girls. The boys represent their wealth, their cattle, the girls continue their line. Next come the enforcers. They are the ones who punish bad men, who do not produce enough. Next come the “milk maids”, those who collect from the source. All have their outfits, all their uniform to show their status. The elite have only lithe gowns that flow like liquid. The enforcers, are wrapped tight in dark wear and hold the objects of their control, whips to crops to clubs. They hold themselves highly. The maids are cute, usually young. They have little black dresses with a bodice that pushes their breasts up. This is fortunate when milking… and intentional to help produce high yields.     

The men, being such a commodity, are housed in a dorm-like setting; warm and comfortable, each has his own bed and when not producing they are free to run and play in a pasture. They know their place. They know their value. And that value is based on cum. The ones that produce more, get better treatment, are looked highly upon. The ones that do not produce are punished, especially by the enforcers… They are placed in tiny cubicle-like settings and tube device is attached. With a suction force that is almost painful, they are milked with rhythmic pulsations.    Continue reading