Study sees link between porn, sexual dysfunction in men – Chicago Tribune

Porn-addicted men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and are less likely to be satisfied with sexual intercourse, according to survey findings presented at the recent American Urological Association’s annual meeting in Boston.

Source: Study sees link between porn, sexual dysfunction in men – Chicago Tribune

The emergence of the ‘pornosexual’: internet users who shun sex with real people

Amazingly, this article does not mention masturbation once!

A phenomenon dubbed “pornosexuality” has emerged where people prefer online porn to sex with real people, it has been claimed.The term describes someone whose “sexual orientation is linked solely to porn”, according to Medical Daily.One self-identified pornosexual quoted by the website said: “If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any day.”

Source: The emergence of the ‘pornosexual’: internet users who shun sex with real people

My Secret Life: Masturbators in Porn

The reality of sex on the web these days is solitary masturbation, huge numbers of us cyber-voyeurs staring at a small number of people having real sex as we stimulate ourselves. I see too little of this portrayed in porn on-line, I would love to see a few masturbators enjoying what I enjoy.  

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Measuring Porn’s Effects- What About the Users?

Compulsive masturbation sounds like fun, but trust me it’s not. As with any addiction, too much intense stimulation dysregulates dopamine. Results include becoming desensitized to life’s subtler pleasures, such as the charms of normal partners, and, at the same time, becoming extremely hypersensitive to any cues the brain has rewired itself to associate with “relief.” The user’s brain constantly scans the environment for any sign of sexual stimuli that would facilitate, in this case, masturbation to orgasm. Tolerance builds, making the pursuit of more stimulating materials mandatory to relieve the misery of withdrawal.

This combination of effects can make the world look gray. It is quite normal for men caught in this cycle to feel social anxiety around others, depression, despair, apathy, and so forth. Until they “reboot” their brains, life seems meaningless, but for the single-minded pursuit of hotter stimuli. Ironically, porn does not even ease sexual frustration, except in the very short-term…sometimes. It’s not uncommon for users to binge with orgasm after orgasm because they simply cannot scratch their itch successfully. (Intense highs cause intense lows, and a desire for more.)

Often users don’t realize they are hooked or what they’re passing up until they unhook from frequent porn use and give their brains a chance to return to equilibrium. The lengthy withdrawal required to achieve this can be so agonizing (shakes, insomnia, despair, cravings) that many feel trapped.

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Ask A Monk: Pornography and Masturbation (and Addiction in General) – YouTube

“Hello Yuttadhammo, my question is, Through meditation, could I learn to control my mind in a way that would enable me to destroy an addiction, or addictive tendencies? I’m addicted to pornography and masturbation. It’s ruining my life, can you help?

via Ask A Monk: Pornography and Masturbation (and Addiction in General) – YouTube.

Fergus MacDougal’s thoughts on masturbating with girly magazines

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

 In my last post I described just how obsessed I became with tit magazines and prolonged masturbation using them. This stage of sexual development ran from about age twelve all the way to college – supplanted only when I started having sex with real girls, plus masturbating in adult cinemas, peep shows, and strip clubs.

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Inside a porn addiction clinic

“We also see people with physical injuries from masturbating up to 12 times a day – lacerations on penises are common, internal and external injuries on women, for female sex addicts exist, too.“I even had a client who was left incontinent from excessive use of sex toys.”

Rob, who suffered alcohol and drug addiction himself before retraining at Bath University, believes more should be done to recognise that this is a medical condition.

He reveals: “Dopamine is the neurochemical of desire. It’s perfect for pornography. You get one big hit and an overload, flooded with dopamine and whatever it is you are looking for, it will never, ever be enough.

“It’s why you can’t say to a teenage boy, ‘Please stop looking at pornography and get on with your homework you smutty boy’. It’s not possible for him to stop. This is a physical dependency.

“Lots of people watch pornography healthily in their lives. There are lots of people out there having lots of great sex lives and still leading normal lives.

“The tipping point into addiction is consequences. It’s when you wake up in the morning and physically need something over anything else.

“The people presenting here in my clinic are not having a good time. The consequences are ruining their lives – they’re about to lose their partners, they’ve been caught looking at porn at work, masturbating in public or they’ve crossed the legal line. We treat offenders here.


A masturbator wrote: essay about masturbation and pornography

a masturbator wrote: 

I recently listened to a radio documentary on pornography which questioned the effects on young male’s views about sex and relationships. The thesis was that the all-out pervasiveness of porn was leading to a “rape culture” on college campuses, a general migration of male tastes in porn to the more extreme end of the spectrum,  a further marginalization of women as objects, and the corruption of western youth to the point where the only reference point for their own sex lives is the often times violent and degrading porn they illicitly view on-line.    


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