Nicky: The No Pussy Pledge

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nicky42bv » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:19 am

I, Nicu Marius, openly acknowledge that Pussy is a Privilege, deserved only by Real Men and not by Pathetic Male Masturbators like me. I understand that pussies need to be fucked long hard and deep by large stiff cocks, not noodled and dribbled on by wimpy wanker weiners. I admit that I have voided all male claims to pussy by my constant compulsive masturbation. Therefore I pledge to cease all attempts at pussy fucking, now and for evermore. I surrender all male pussy privilege to alpha male breeders and accept my permanent role of pussy-less beta male masturbator. I promise never to annoy another pussy with my pathetic attempts at copulation, and even if a kind female offers me a pity-fuck I will respectfully decline and masturbate in front of her. In exchange for giving up pussy, I retain the right of unlimited access to and personal use of pussy pictures, plastic pussies, and most importantly Hand Pussy.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder (PPAD)

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It feels like a cruel joke. When i began masturbating in high school, i wonder if i already had undiagnosed PPAD. i would have given anything to have Real Sex, at least in theory – i fantasized about many of the girls i knew, and felt tormented by my constant erections and wet dreams. Watching teen sex comedies on TV late at night added to my desire but also to my anxiety. Looking back now i can see how those movies helped foster a belief that only by losing one’s virginity could a boy be a Real Man, and that boys who jerked off were to be ridiculed and pitied as perverted losers. So i believe that my PMS – Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome – was a key cause of my PPAD. i worried that my penis would be of inadequate size to satisfy a girl, and i believed that the girls i liked were probably not virgins, so they would have bigger dicks and better sexual experiences to compare me to. On top of that, i had already experienced premature ejaculation from merely talking to and ogling a girl while having one of my uncontrolled puberty-driven erections. One of those times, it happened when a girl was being flirtatious with me and actually rubbed herself up against my crotch. She didn’t notice what i had done, thank goodness, but if that was all it took, i was deathly afraid that i would spurt the moment i saw a girl in her panties. Continue reading

Sean: The No Pussy Pledge

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I, Sean Z., openly acknowledge being allowed sex (intercourse, anal and receiving oral) is a privilege. I also understand women prefer ‘alpha’ men with long, thick erections who can fuck for long periods at a time.

I admit to being an addicted masturbator with a much smaller than average penis and erection. I also admit to being unable to obtain and keep an erection without the use of constant manual stimulation. Without such manual stimulation, I immediately lose my small/short erection.

 I pledge to surrender and cease all attempts at trying to sexually satisfy women with my penis and remain sexually a ‘beta’ male. I also promise not to date, flirt or in any way pursue women with my pathetic attempts to copulate.  Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: Spotting chronic masturbators

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Spotting chronic masturbators

 n2handjobs » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:53 pm

I was mowing the lawn the other day and like usual thinking about my penis. As I was working I noticed two of my neighbors. I had seen them before and the thought they might each be a chronic masturbator had crossed my mind. One lives two doors down and the one door down on the other side. The one man is unmarried and about fifty. He’s only out on brief occasions. Kinda pale but not bad looking. When ever he goes in and out of the house he is wearing gym shorts or sweats. The house always looks closed up even though he is there. Never saw him with a girl or anyone that looks like a relationship. He’s always friendly if o wave or say hello. I know when I’m doing a lot of mastubating my behavior is very similar. The other gentleman also lives alone. I seem he come to and from work daily. Heavy set man. Keeps to himself. Again not a lot of visitors. A neighbor once commented to me that he’s always at home with the shuttters drawn and he didn’t seem very social. Now my mind is going crazy thinking about each of them only a few doors away doing the same thing I am. In front of the computer, pants dropped around my ankles, albolene close by. Using poppers and cockrings to make my dick as hard as possible. I’m sure they each would have their own rituals. Edging, cuminng several times a day. Going out in sweat pants and no underwear and getting hard in public. Maybe one lines to lay on the bed with his legs pulled up tight heals together and goin to his own pre cum covered cock. The thoughts are endless latelyvthey come to mind while I’m in the middle of a session. Wish I new for sure or could somehow see them or get more clues. Anyone ever try to spot masturbators? Thanks for any answers or suggestions or just fuel for the jack off fantasy. n2
n2handjobs 8====>~~~


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Onania Masturbator Forum: Masturbation emasculates me

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Of course, masturbation emasculates me. i was a compulsive jerk-off right from puberty, all the way to well into my twenties, due to necessity, because i didn’t have A Girlfriend. And even when i later had A few Girlfriends, i never felt quite right actually fucking A Woman and trying to act like A Real Man.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Signs of the Chronic Masturbator

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Although we all have our unique interests and habits, there are some tendencies that the majority of us probably have in common. I’ll list a few for your masturbatory amusement – see if you can recognize yourself.

If you’re single and cum or edge every day, you’re definitely serious about your masturbation. If you have regular sex and still masturbate daily you’re moving into chronic masturbation territory. And if you’re in a relationship but you choose to live separately so you can still have long ‘bate sessions whenever you want, that makes you committed to masturbating.


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A masturbator wrote: Punished for Being a Masturbator

a masturbator wrote: 

Does anyone know of any online erotica sites that have (male/male) stories about masturbators being spanked for their deviant depravity?

I’ve spoken before about how I suffer from “Grown-Up Bad Boy” syndrome: To all my family and colleagues I’m a wholesome, clean-living individual. But I have this secret side to me that I can’t help but indulge: every day I must abuse myself shamefully. I undo my trousers, grasp myself, and my obscene thoughts bring me to a heightened state of arousal that must be gritified by shameless and deviant wank-wank-wanking, just as I did when I was a youth. Absolutely nothing has changed in this regard over the years. I have not progressed one iota. And yes, you’re right: I don’t want anything to change. This is how I get my “kicks.” I’m a MASTURBATOR. I RUB my PEEEENISSSS. In secret! EVERY DAY! I was warned against this type of behavior by my grandparents, clergy, teachers, etc. My step-grandfather was especially alert to my developing penchant for sexual arousal and seemed to be forever on watch to catch me playing with myself so he could discilpine me.

Shame is part of my turn-on, and as an adult I feel that some strict authoritarian reprimanding would only add to my enjoyment of this little perversion. I like to chat with others of like mind and read filthy little stories of ‘dirty boys’ like me receiving their comeuppance, being caught masturbating, being spanked for masturbating and even forced to masturbate WHILE BEING SPANKED!!!!!

Oh dear, that last thought sent me over the edge. Time to rub Dickie!

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Onania Masturbator Forum: where you ever referred as a jerk off?

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where you ever referred as a jerk off?

Post by Tieguy » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:56 am

It was in middle school and I had just learned how to jerk-off, when I realized that what the older boys in the locker room at school were calling it Jacking off, jerking off, beating your meat, etc., exactly what I was doing when I shot my hot thick, white sperm all over some women in my jack-off magazine. I knew it was shameful to waste a male’s seed, but it felt so good, I soon had a huge collection of cum stained jack off magazines (and still do).

My freshman year in my private high school, I started dating a girl from public school. She love to let me heavy pet with her, as long as I kept my cock inside my nylon bikinis, which despite being frustrating, helped me justifying my wasting my seed on jack-off magazines, jerking off. During my senior year, my girl went to a party with her friends and gave one of the jocks from my school a hand-job. Finding out she cheated on me, I broke up with her, which she promptly started dating the jock. It his voice I hear, he was the first male to every call me a jerk-off, which he did on a regular basis, he even got his buddies to join in. I can still see him asking why I could not get a female to get my rocks , as he did an all too familiar up and down gesture with his fist calling me a jerk-off. He was also the first guy to make fun of my blue balls,too. it was very humiliating and a total turn on at the same time. i would want to run to the men’s room and beat my meat, and did.


For more like this, join the Onania Masturbator Forum,  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit.

In Love with Kate Moss: End of Summer, and a Visit from Cherie

End of Summer, and a Visit from Cherie


Yesterday was the last full day of summer. As I write this, autumn begins around 10 o’clock tonight. There’s a coolness to the air today, and tonight some folks will turn the heat on.

Wearing a coat and paying the heating bill aren’t the only reasons to mourn summer’s end. Summer (and warm weather, in general) provides me with my best masturbation inspiration.

I’m really not a porn masturbator. Oh, I masturbate to porn often enough. It’s just that I’m not the kind of guy to watch Vivid films or subscribe to any of the “glossy” websites for my masturbating fuel. I get enough of that fuel from the ladies I see on an everyday basis who wear skimpy clothes and sandals or flip-flops.

My wife’s friend Cherie had to swing by my office this morning. She left her I-pad in my wife’s car, and picked it up from me. Chatting with Cherie in the lobby had my cock pulsing and straining to be made love to once I got back to my desk.  Continue reading

Marie: My Masturbation History

My Masturbation History


I had a way of making myself orgasm as a young child (I was so young I don’t remember the first time I did it, but I know I was by age 7), but didn’t realize that I was “having an orgasm”, or “masturbating” or “doing something sexual” (I’m still somewhat reluctant to refer to it as masturbating, since I didn’t actually touch myself with my hands, what I’d do is, after my bath, I would run into my room, still naked, and keep running around the room in circles, but I now know I would definitely have orgasms doing this). I’d always been very curious about where babies come from and all that and my parents were very good about answering all my questions, but I didn’t relate “the *Good Feeling*  between my legs” (that’s how I though of it, and that’s what I called the running around bit, “getting the good feeling”) to the process of reproduction or boys or romance or anything that I at the time considered to be “sex”.  Continue reading