Fergus MacDougal’s – First Four Stages

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This is yet another recounting of my sexual history, just up to the point where Playboy entered my life at age twelve. It is more structured and analytical than the account on my blog.

Fergus MacDougal’s – First Four Stages



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Earl Flen: Thoughts on Married Masturbation

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Thoughts on Married Masturbation


Why do us married guys masturbate? Can’t we just fuck our wives? (We don’t really have any excuse for jacking off) Does wifey know you masturbate? Does wifey know how MUCH you masturbate? Uhh … does wifey masturbate?

Listen, first of all fucking is not just about pussy. Fucking is a partnership thing. Most husbands are more concerned with giving her what she needs than with just getting some pussy. For most of us it’s about her and about both of us. Fortunately she usually feels the same way about us, and that makes it work out just fine. Wifey makes sure we cum in her pussy and get the whole 9 yards of fucking. Most husbands, most wives. Partnership. Sure, there are some other relationships. Ask somebody else about that. Not us normal run-of-the-mill husbands.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: addiction to masturbation

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

I want to share the things that are going thru my mind as my addiction to masturbation continues to grow. First, every waking moment that my mind is not occupied with a task, of some kind, I am thinking about masturbating my cock. Porn is no longer always required, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy porn, it’s a fuel, but it’s not always required. My mind goes right to my addiction, so chronic that I want to share it with other masturbators. I don’t need to touch myself every time, heck I’m rock hard just writing about my addiction to touching myself. I can’t clear these thoughts from my head. I was told this could happen, and I never imagined it would continue to this level. I feel so helpless, and this arouses me more. I am touching myself now, I want the feeling all the time. Stroking gives me the feeling, the feeling requires the stroking, stroking gives me the feeling, the feeling requires the stroking……………jay mayo


For more like this, join the Onania Masturbator Forum,  a supportive, affirming community of people living with chronic addiction to masturbation. The focus is on our lives as addicted masturbators, and the pleasures / conflicts / impacts related to our compelling habit.

In Love with Kate Moss: Cammie beach story

A major shift in my masturbatorial attitude toward Cammie seemed to take place on Thanksgiving morning in 2016.  I was walking the beach near my house when I approached this woman looking for seashells.  It was a cool day, and we had on jackets.  I could see a nice, mature female ass as I came near.  As I got closer, the woman looked up at me.  It was Cammie!


Cammie beach story

By In Love with Kate Moss

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Jay Mayo: masturbation addiction, how I got here in 338 words

masturbation addiction, how I got here in 338 words

by Jay Mayo

About five years ago, it occurred to me that I might have a problem with masturbation. Although I had been masturbating for as long as I can remember, it never had been this intense. The internet had something to do with this, easy easy access to porn, porn of all forms. Masturbation education web sites, I call them. Whether it’s some stud with a 9 inch prick fucking a hot lusty MILF with shaved pussy and legs spread, or two hot lesbians licking each others cunts. Or some sissy being fucked is his boy pussy by his mistress. Maybe a young hottie drinking a cock dry, take your pick, I like them all. I’m stimulated, my penis growing hard just writing this, I want to masturbate. I want to stroke my shaft. MASTURBATE

Once I understood that there were others, like me, with the same addiction, I started masturbating even more and more. I felt that I belonged to a group, part of something. Not alone.

I discovered edging, before I knew it was called “edging”. The feeling in my penis, the intense wonderful feeling, that I am at a loss to describe, became greater with the increased time edging my penis to the brink and back. Soon I was having partial ejaculations, before I knew they had a name. They are a glorious form of masturbation that I truly enjoy as often as I’m able to perform. Run up to the brink of orgasm, and slow down, back off, over and over, the most addictive feeling there is for me. Partial ejaculations a result of increase edging, become more and more desirable, the dripping, the cum. Sometimes, I get this involuntary pumping in my penis, and it’s dry, like a dry cum, just two or three pumps at a time, what an incredible feeling and it goes on and on. Add an anal probe to my prostate, the feeling is unbelievable. I’m a sick addicted masturbator. I jack off every chance I can. I’m masturbating now. Jay Mayo

Fergus MacDougal: Picturing Myself as a Young Masturbator

Picturing Myself as a Young Masturbator

by Fergus MacDougal

A few days ago I attended the memorial service for a family member about my own age (60’s). There were displays of photographs of him at every age, and I was in a few of them. It triggered a flood of memories of my younger self, particularly as an adolescent.

I especially pictured myself at age twelve or thirteen, slim and good looking, with kind of a smirky self confident air. I know from carefully reconstructing my sexual history that at the time I was a regular masturbator – most guys are at that age. But was my indulgence in that sort of secret activity publicly apparent? Would people looking at me back then, or a picture of me later, have imagined my secret life of compulsive masturbation?

I remember well how it was at that age. Any time I pulled my pants down or off, an instant erection sprang up, stiff and urgent. If I had sufficient time and privacy I would heed the call of nature and vigorously stroke my foreskin back and forth until I orgasmed and ejaculated. Then I usually had to put it away and resume my life, looking like a respectable young man again. At night, or when I had a longer period of privacy during the day, I would do myself again and again, making it last, cumming several times. I was a sex-obsessed monster – when I wasn’t working my penis I was thinking impure thoughts, looking forward to my next opportunity to play my favorite game.

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A masturbator wrote: hands in our pockets

a masturbator wrote: 

now that I am looking for it, it seems like out on the street, in stores, standing in lines, I see more and more guys with one hand in their pocket rubbing themselves discreetly.  I know I have started doing this and it seems to be epidemic.      hopefully my observations are correct.  hopefully we are all doing this as a visible sign of our addiction.

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In Love with Kate Moss: A Masturbation Anniversary of Sorts

A Masturbation Anniversary of Sorts

By In Love with Kate Moss

This week mark’s a masturbation anniversary of sorts for me.

It was 20 years ago this week that I met one of my favorite BFF’s: “Elizabeth”. Not only is Liz one of my best friends, she’s my number-one masturbation muse. I probably masturbate to her more than any other woman, and after 20 years the masturbation is just as good as when it started.

I don’t think it’s good for me to post a picture of her here, but I will give you a description and explain how I’ve come to call her “Liz” (Or Elizabeth) on these pages. She looks very much like rock star Liz Phair. Same kind of chestnut-blonde hair, similar frame. both Liz Phair and “my” Liz have nice legs and sexy feet, firm breasts, cute asses, and nice smiles. My Liz is about two inches taller than the 5’2″ Ms. Phair. both ladies have nice shoulders, and look oh-so-good in tank tops!

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In Love with Kate Moss: Masturbating on the beach on Sanibel Island, and being watched!

Masturbating on the beach on Sanibel Island, and being watched!

By In Love with Kate Moss

A few years back, Cheryl and I were on Sanibel Island in Florida.  It was known then – and to a degree, still today – as a place that hosted a free or nude beach.  That beach area also had a reputation as a place where masturbators gathered.  I could not wait to slip away from my wife and head to the nude area and see who was there masturbating!

The first day there, I walked west on the beach to an area where trees lined the waterfront.  The beach I was on seemed deserted and the only other people I saw laying on towels appeared to be naked.  I slipped off my trunks and continued walking.  I started playing with my cock and soon was pumping a nice, full erection. No one else was in sight, and it felt good to be nude, in the sunshine, making love to my own penis.  Continue reading

Fergus MacDougal – Magazines

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

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