In Love with Kate Moss: Caught Masturbating by Denise

Caught Masturbating by Denise


I only consider myself an exhibitionist as far as I like to be seen by people who might be into exhibitionism and voyeurism. I try and respect the comfort zones of those who might not want to unexpectedly see a naked person engaged in solo-lovemaking.

Still, I masturbate often enough and in enough places that sometimes I get caught. And I’ve found that most of the time, the reaction of those doing the catching has not been negative.   Continue reading

Masturbated in front of a woman

a masturbator wrote:

In my 29+ years since I first brought myself to an orgasm, the amount
of times I have jacked off in front of another woman could be counted
on one hand with enough fingers left over to hold a cigarette and
maybe even my television remote control. :-)  And, to be honest, those
few times were not under the best of circumstances…that’s a long,
sad story I will avoid telling for now, especially since what I’m here
to write about is much more pleasing.
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On Finding OnaniaSupport

A masturbator wrote of his discovery of the OnaniaSupport group

well, even I can hardly describe my feelings. I started reading some of the most recent posts and could not believe my eyes! I went back to the beginning of the archives and kept reading and reading, all the while with the most erect cock I’ve had in ages but also with this incredibly warm feeling while seeing all of this utter openness and honesty about masturbation and pornography — things I had been longing to ask others in one way or another since I was five years old and never could.

Sure, there were many Yahoo Groups out there claiming to be about masturbation discussion, but nothing like this! Most of those other groups were nothing but places to arrange face-to-face meetings for stroke off sessions. OnaniaSupport…now THIS was a place where people were REALLY talking about masturbation! History, memories, techniques, likes, dislikes, gay, straight, bi, even females…all writing with nothing being held back. I was astonished, amazed, and highly aroused. I knew immediately that I had found a virtual home and that there was no way I could keep from jumping right into this group with both feet…well, maybe after cumming a few times because all of this sensory overload gave me some of the most intense orgasms that I had brought forth in years. ;-)

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A masturbator wrote: Im a Masturbation Addict

a masturbator wrote: 

Hi guys i have just joined this group and thought id tell you abit

about myself, Im a Masturbation Addict i started Masturbating about
9yo i use to rub my penis on the sheets for hours, back in those days
id cum dry and loved the feeling and i guess it just went on from
there growing up i didn’t have many friends so my penis was my mate at
school id rub my penis on the netball pole pulling myself up and down
rubbing and rubbing till i would pop in my pants i could do this 12
times in a row…. wish i could do that now hehehe id just play every
time i was alone.  Continue reading

High School/College Masturbation Memories

High School/College Masturbation Memories

masturbators wrote:_
I’d like to know when you did it, how often, naked or clothed, where
you did it, your techniques, and approximately when you went to high
school or college.
Mostly in my bathroom at home. But also around the house when parents were out or asleep. I had my first couch-copulation (fucking between the cushions) after they had gone to bed. Also liked to jerk off in the back yard at night, with my penis sticking out of our chain link fence. 

I was in high school from September 1979 through June 1983.  In those
years, the time of day during which I would masturbate would vary, but
it would be most often right before bed, upon waking up in the
morning, and after coming home from school.  I tried to be fully naked
as much as possible, and that was certainly true of my early weekday
morning sessions when I would often masturbate lying down in my large
shower.      Continue reading

Favorite CFNM fantasy

a masturbator wrote:

1)  My number one CFNM fantasy is my wife inviting some of our

friends over for drinks… gals mostly, but a few guys are there
too.  I know most of our guests personally.  We are all sitting
around the living room when she suddenly announces to everyone that I
am her boytoy slave.  She orders me to strip naked for everyone and
puts me on naughty, naked display.  My wife then asks each of our
guests to give me humiliating “commands” that I must obey.  One woman
asks me to piss all over myself in front of them, she hold my dick
and directs the stream all over my naked chest and belly…including
my face.  Several guests want to grope, fondle and “inspect” me while
I’m in various states of arousal.  Everyone is laughing and making
fun of me.  The guys there are laughing and calling me a “sissy wimp
pussy.”  I am ordered to play with my ass and jerk off for them. Continue reading

My neighbor had a party

 a masturbator wrote:


My neighbor had a party. He is divorced and lives on his own. This was
his annual summer party that is always a huge blast. This year he
invited a lot of out of town guests as well as the neighbors. The
party starts off with kids allowed but as it seeps into the evening
the kids are encouraged to leave.
There was a band playing this time and the lead singer was a very tall
and slim man. The type of man I know my wife is attracted to. Can you
guess where this is going?
Like all of you fellow cuckolds and wannabe’s I too have continually
fantasized about my wife surrendering her body to another man. I don’t
want her dating anyone I just want her to get loaded and feel horny
and give in to a strangers touch. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why
I want this. We all understand the feeling.

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A masturbator wrote: essay about masturbation and pornography

a masturbator wrote: 

I recently listened to a radio documentary on pornography which questioned the effects on young male’s views about sex and relationships. The thesis was that the all-out pervasiveness of porn was leading to a “rape culture” on college campuses, a general migration of male tastes in porn to the more extreme end of the spectrum,  a further marginalization of women as objects, and the corruption of western youth to the point where the only reference point for their own sex lives is the often times violent and degrading porn they illicitly view on-line.    


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A masturbator wrote

a masturbator wrote: 

As a chronic Masturbator, I try to put myself into situations that I might get caught.  I enjoy taking hikes in the woods totally naked with my cock and balls wrapped so that my cock is keep erect.  When I reach a meadow I kneel and start to stroke my swollen cock.  While I masturbate I yell, “I am a Masturbator” and “I am masturbating.  Once two women riding horses on a trail just below the meadow Acted like they did not see or hear me, they did not stop, but turned there heads and smiled directly at me.   Continue reading

Excessive Venery: Masturbation and Continence

in a masturbator wrote: 

Dear Esteemed Masturbators: 

 I included this link to an old book on masturbation as a reply to the ongoing thread about masturbator’s brain.  But I figured, heck, I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. 
Please be aware, this is only for the masturbators like me who enjoy the “scolding” and “warnings” of the “harm” masturbation is going to cause us.  I personally get hours of masturbatory pleasure from reading these types of texts.  Richard has some great links in his blog too.

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