A masturbator wrote

a masturbator wrote: 

As a chronic Masturbator, I try to put myself into situations that I might get caught.  I enjoy taking hikes in the woods totally naked with my cock and balls wrapped so that my cock is keep erect.  When I reach a meadow I kneel and start to stroke my swollen cock.  While I masturbate I yell, “I am a Masturbator” and “I am masturbating.  Once two women riding horses on a trail just below the meadow Acted like they did not see or hear me, they did not stop, but turned there heads and smiled directly at me.   Continue reading

Excessive Venery: Masturbation and Continence

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Dear Esteemed Masturbators: 

 I included this link to an old book on masturbation as a reply to the ongoing thread about masturbator’s brain.  But I figured, heck, I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did. 
Please be aware, this is only for the masturbators like me who enjoy the “scolding” and “warnings” of the “harm” masturbation is going to cause us.  I personally get hours of masturbatory pleasure from reading these types of texts.  Richard has some great links in his blog too.

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No Masturbation Experiment

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My wife is extremely unhappy that I have had so little interest in her sexually recently, and I finally confessed to her that I have been masturbating so frequently that I have no interest in intercourwse with her. She is threatening to leave. We have discussed the situation and I convinced her that I really love her, but I can’t control my urge to masturbate. To try to save my marriage I have asked my wife to control both my masturbation activities and my orgasms. Continue reading