Wank Bank – Voicemail from Masturbators – (3/13)

Voicemails from Masturbators

(Masturbators like to know you listen; if you like the recordings, please post your comments)

Jane from Chicago 3/13/19 7:24 AM
Jane from Chicago 3/13/19 7:24 AM I cannot stop masturbating. Oh my God, so f*** good. I just want to keep anything, but I can have to go to work. Okay, actually last night for three hours. No orgasm. Oh, yeah. And now I’m up to almost 2 hours. Finding an orgasm. I need to come home. Buzzin, Mike Lilly. Yeah, my quick Buzz are going. Yeah. Oh, I love it. Just a bit. I need to masturbate. I need to masturbate. Yeah. Oh my quit working overtime. Master bed Oh, yeah. Oh, I need to make myself come. I need to make myself come.
New Jersey Jack Off 3/12/19 6:46 PM
New Jersey Jack Off 3/12/19 6:46 PM Hi Richard, I’m a chronically addicted masturbate and I found your website. So I figured I would give you a call right now. I’m I’m stroking my dick. Jacking my dick up and down cuz I look at your website because I’m not a man. I’m a chronically addicted masturbate I masturbate and I can say that cuz I am I’m asking if I’m right now, I’m jerking my cock. I’m stroking my cock. I’ve been down. I’m feeling my cock cuz I talked to you because I am just like you just let your listeners a chronic addicted masturbator. I’m not a man. I’m a chronic addicted masturbated. I’m stroking my penis. I’m stroking my penis up and down. I’m stroking my penis. Oh dicky dicky dicky. Oh Dickie my penis, and it feels good because I’m a chronic addicted masturbate. I’ve called the support hotline to seek assistance and maybe Richard. If you get a chance, you can call me because just like you. I pull my pants down. I’d love my shirt on and I masturbate and it’s okay. I can say that it’s okay because I am a chronic addicted masturbated. I masturbate three four five times a day sometimes 6 because I’m a chronic addicted masturbated and sometimes I go and just like you and when I go and I just said oh Dickie. Oh Dicky Dicky. Yeah stick his penis penis penis penis penis as I stroked my dick.
Neal 3/9/19 4:26 PM
Neal 3/9/19 4:26 PM Hey Richard, it’s Neil. I’ve got the house to myself for once. I’ve been jacking up the storm. Currently working on my fourth load. Not sure if I’ll be able to come four times, but I’m just so f****** the Hardy. I can’t stand it. I’m a chronic masturbator who loves to masturbate his penis. I love the feeling of his cock in his hand. Loves feeling sensation orgasming. And ejaculating all over and stuff. And such a dirty consulate. Or someone was here. Suck me off. on my balls possibly f*** this virgin ass anyway Just wanted to share that with you. Hopefully I’ll you able to get in touch with you again sometime and Be able to talk with you. hear you telling me what a pathetic masturbator I am. for anyone who’s listening houses somehow got you off. Turns me on. so I’d be masturbation everyone. Have fun.
JD California 3/7/19 5:25 PM
JD California 3/7/19 5:25 PM Hello Richard, it’s JD from California. I wanted to I wish you and my fellow went Bankers very happy. March masturbation Madness and of course as you can tell I’m engaged and that masturbation right now. I started masturbating about 10:30. It’s 3:30 now. I’m so it’s I’m leaking pretty calm everywhere. I’m so hard. I took one or toll-free added rigidity. I just love masturbating. I want to masturbate from the minute I wake up in the morning with masturbation addiction is really total control of me. Now. That’s all I want to do. Feel so good. I love it. I have a new name for myself got it for me. Tell the master bedroom World on the penis sexual. Yeah, that’s what I am. I’m a penis sexual. I want to have any other kind of sex except being a sex. I left a penis with penis my penis. That’s what I’m doing right now feel so good Richard. I love masturbating. It’s my life my diction. I got to do so many exercises never want to do anymore because they just want us to be I’m going to masturbate my life away on my credit going towards St. Peters minutes later. I love it. But listening the podcast operations might Bank of the pork Alphonse just right on the edge over and over I was thinking about you and I’m having such a great investment or today that I wanted to share with you and my fellow went blank spot or something. I’m sure you’re all masturbating your penis is right now, okay staying harder and take care by Richard.
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Wank Bank – Voicemail from Masturbators – (3/6)

Voicemails from Masturbators

(Masturbators like to know you listen; if you like the recordings, please post your comments)

Malone 1934 3/6/19 9:15 AM
Malone 1934 3/6/19 9:15 AM I’m going to come so bad. Just my car. watching p*** get ready to come.
Jane from Chicago 3/2/19 2:30 PM
Jane from Chicago 3/2/19 2:30 PM again naked really good Loving like pretty. masturbating oh and masturbated this morning. I have an orgasm. Can’t make Pokemon wet? May I ask is what? Oh and you suck. Put my work out there. over my wetness didn’t work out. And did not clean my pussy. I could feel the wetness in the ass and pussy my heart The Tourist. working out so good. Now I’m doing it again. He needed more. I need more. so Thinking about all the ways. I got such a nice weekend. Ways I came. masturbated after he left I got my credit up so much. Oh, yeah. Oh, it feels so good to masturbate again. Oh my second round today. I’m going to have another orgasm. Love to Oregon. So one more orgasm. I hope that’s enough. I’m insatiable.
Masturbator 3/1/19 9:18 AM
Masturbator 3/1/19 9:18 AM Hello. Yes. I have a serious. real serious masturbation addiction I mean, I can’t stop doing it. Don’t know what’s going on it just My dad keeps getting hard. I got I need to come get to the point where I need to come. and I mean, I’m doing it right now as I’m on the phone. Something’s wrong. So I can’t stop stroking his big black dick. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe you can help me. All right. I’ve already cared about four times this morning. already morning, and I’m ready to come again. Please you. Yeah. I have a habit of coming in public. I have a habit of masturbating in public places parking lots I need you got to the point where I’m watching p*** in the parking lot and I open the door. And I’ll wait till I’m ready to come so I’m right right when I’m about to come. And open the doors stand out and come on the floor from the street outside. And I don’t care if it’s outside. I’m like, I’m losing my mind masturbating. I need help.
Falls City 2/26/19 10:53 AM
Falls City 2/26/19 10:53 AM okay, I don’t know when you open up again next but I wish I can talk to you everyday. I need to get off multiple times a day, but I was wondering if maybe like I know you’re you don’t go online very often, but if you ever have a free minute or anything. I don’t know call it it you know challenge or something. Just call me and no matter what I’m doing. Okay, bike challenge me to try and come like try and come within a couple minutes of talking to you. Like if you like have like four minutes. I called you cuz I know you’re a pervert and I want you to come right now. Like I could be like with my girlfriend in the car and like I got a quote over this place. I really got to take a piss. And just you know, whatever I don’t even care. I’ll do whatever just God I wish you could call me just try and call me as many times as you can whenever. I would love at least once a day, but call me back. It’s often if you want. Just to put it into perspective. You called me a while. I was having sex with my girlfriend like I’m like about to come. I would slide out of her going to the bathroom. And stroke my cock and talk to you and just below the leave her hanging.

New Posts to the Wank Bank (through 7/24)

New Posts to the Wank Bank

Playa Del Rey 7/24/19 12:01 PM https://soundgasm.net/u/WankBank/Playa-Del-Rey-72419-1201-PM

Playa Del Rey 7/24/19 11:57 AM


#ChronicOmalley 7/23/19 6:06 PM


#MatthewMasturbator 7/23/19 12:04 PM


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New Posts to the Wank Bank (through 7/2)

New Posts to the Wank Bank


#JaneFromChicago 7/2/19 11:30 AM https://soundgasm.net/u/WankBank/JaneFromChicago-7219-1130-AM

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Wank Bank – Voicemail from Masturbators – (2/25)

Voicemails from Masturbators

(Masturbators like to know you listen; if you like the recordings, please post your comments)

Caged4Love pathetic married masturbator 2/25/19 5:41 PM
Caged4Love pathetic married masturbator 2/25/19 5:41 PM Hi, this is cage for love website. I’ve got married male masturbator masturbating been masturbating for the last two hours. I think I’m getting ready to finally go. That’s been watching kind of debate. I’m not broadcasting right now, but watch this girl’s fruitcakes. Oh God I’m talking about fun with my six in Chicago so sexy so hot. Thanks. Call back again. I’m sure. For Love or love me
James chronic cockworshiping masturbator 2/25/19 9:51 AM
James chronic cockworshiping masturbator 2/25/19 9:51 AM hey Richard it’s Chronic Taco or something masturbator it’s been a long time since I’ve called and from now on I’m just going to go by my name which is James so just calling to let you and all the other masturbators know that I’m doing that right now I’m masturbating my penis I’m making love to my cock I’m worshipping my cock I hope you guys are doing that too I hope you’re worshiping penis so if you’re just sinking deeper and deeper into your dick giving yourself over to the holy Salas the holy penis I worked with jalapenos I worship Oli cock Pacquiao masturbate penis I masturbate talk then itching for about an hour and a half I’m going to come I’m going to go out and do some errands and I’m going to come back and I’m going to masturbate again and then tomorrow I’m going to masturbate before work I’m going to have the house to myself all night when I get home so I’m going to masturbate again and then on Wednesday I’m going to masturbate before I go to work I’m planning to give my cock five orgasms in the next two days and I’m not going to shower I’ve already started to get some good cock stench it’s not my garage right now so the horniness wafting up from my balls and my dick I love this man smells of that crotch smell that’s holy Cox now I love my whole week. I love my only penis close again keep itching this dick and then shoot off and then come back tomorrow just going to give into penis pleasure just going to worship cock has to be masturbate penis Master be your penis pleasure you
Caged4Love 2/24/19 12:02 PM
Caged4Love 2/24/19 12:02 PM 4th masturbation session this week so perfect. So I did a little Cochran. Oh God.
Unknown female 2/24/19 11:55 AM
Unknown female 2/24/19 11:55 AM I’m calling because I have a car now and like it’s really hard to call you. And honey, I’m like five minutes the phone driving. I’ll come in and help me so. I go on
Jane from Chicago 2/21/19 8:00 AM
Jane from Chicago 2/21/19 8:00 AM Oh, yeah, Richard. I’m in masturbating as usual. It’s been a masturbator. This week masturbating alot. once or twice a day but really long session I had a predicament. It feels so good. going for so 40 minutes when I started or whatever he’s myself a quick orgasm. Which is like, you know an hour 45 minutes. and have some appointments are coming to the house and a half an hour. Oh they’re going to He’s working on the furnace for two to three hours. I can’t just let them in. Maybe go to the basement and do their thing. And I could continue masturbating. I was hoping for because it’s feeling so good. Don’t think I want to swap. I don’t think I want to or gather just yet. And it took it all wet. It was going to take a shower before they got her. But I don’t want to get rid of my wet pussy. Turn down and Leslie. I’m thinking boy something on my vibrator and make myself phone. Hopefully get in the shower. Or I love them in the door. sneak upstairs and masturbate some more Oman turn me on. If I were to masturbate, I’m in The Help. It might hear me. God knows I’m not quiet. Oh, yeah. You’re such good to masturbate It does.
Tim in California 2/21/19 2:27 AM
Tim in California 2/21/19 2:27 AM Hey there, Richard. This is Tim in California. I am a very very proud chronic masturbator factly penis is in my hand right now, and I’ve been edging for about two hours. When I touch my penis it is the most important thing that there is my penis at my masturbation completely rule my life. I’m proud to be a complete chronic solo sex masturbator. I love to orgasm. I love to ejaculate. I don’t care who sees who knows? I hope everyone is Hyundai has the chance to witness by masturbation. Masturbation is completely taken over my life and I couldn’t be happier about it masturbation gives me a reason for living masturbation is the only thing that matters. My penis is a complete center of my being my hand is greased and on my beautiful erect penis right now, I’m stroking slowly up and down and up and now and his wife just beyond my grasp. I know that if I were to squeeze hard, I would ejaculate my cement. I love to ejaculate semen, but I’m not ready yet. Because I let my penis take complete control and my penis designs men to ejaculate. Man, open your legs get naked grab your penis while your penis be in charge. It’s the only thing that matters.

New Posts to the Wank Bank (6/6/19)

New Posts to the Wank Bank

#KevinG 6/6/19 11:29 AM https://soundgasm.net/u/WankBank/KevinG-6619-1129-AM

#JD_California 6/5/19 6:58 PM https://soundgasm.net/u/WankBank/JD_California-6519-658-PM   

#JaneFromChicago 6/5/19 7:34 AM


#JaneFromChicago 6/5/19 7:27 AM


#JD_California 6/3/19 1:17 PM


#ChronicCockWorshipingJames 6/3/19 9:06 AM


#JaneFromChicago 6/3/19 7:48 AM


#KevinG 6/2/19 11:37 AM


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Masturbation Anticipation Anxiety

One thing funny I’ve noticed. When I am getting ready to masturbate, getting my pics out, my lube ready, my toys etc. I get so incredibly anxious. I almost shake with nervous anticipation. I am in a terrible anxious rush to get it all set up so I can get my penis in my hand as soon as possible.

Then when I finally put hand to penis I am filled with peace and tranquility.

The above feelings convince me that I am “chemically” addicted to masturbation. Something is going on in my brain chemistry that makes the anticipation/release so powerful

Masturbation Memories

A male’s development as a masturbator.

Masturbation Memories

By Joe Friday (1996)

A male’s development as a masturbator.

This is a true account of my development as a masturbator. A shorter version turned up here a few months ago. I hope it will inspire others to tell similar stories.

It s been said that ninety percent of all people masturbate, and the other ten percent are lying. Yet how little-acknowledged is this obvious and undeniable fact. Masturbation is one of the universal of human experiences right up there with eating, bathing and sleeping but it rarely comes up in polite conversation. Look at the overweening hypocrisy with which Dr. Jocelyn Elders and Paul Reubens were treated. Imagine causing a national controversy by simply stating that it might be useful to teach children that it s normal to masturbate! As if our country has no more pressing problems!

Good Vibrations, the vibrator store in San Francisco, declared May National Masturbation Month, and while the declaration didn t get much play on the evening news, it did show progress toward the liberation of the most elementary of sex acts: a month devoted to masturbation, proclaimed by a business devoted to female masturbation.  Continue reading