Earl Flen: Praise for “This Made Me Squirt”

I enjoy so much the new “This Made Me Squirt” section Richard has included here on Onania.org. He has such a gift for picking out just the perfect woman for our masturbatory attention. Even just casually clicking through the day’s new entries, I’m caught up by them. I have yet to go to this section and then be able to leave without spilling a load. They are wonderful muses!   Continue reading

Podcasturbation #06-1231 : Fucking my FleshLight

Podcasturbation #06-1231: Fucking my FleshLight

Fucking my FleshLight. I fuck my FleshLight plastic pussy toy, recording while I am on webcam, so some folks got to watch the recording session. But my full attention is on the audio; I tried to capture the pervy feelings I get when fucking a plastic pussy. (16:27 long) 

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Podcasturbation #06-1222 : Degrees of Masturbation Addiction

Podcasturbation #06-1222: Degrees of Masturbation Addiction

Some comments on what it feels like to be addicted to masturbation and pornography. (30 min.) 

[addiction] [chronic] [edging] [ejaculation] [embarrassment] [gooning] [joe] [mast] [masturbation] [orgasm] [pathetic] [[ramblefap] [shame] [wet sounds]

Podcasturbation #06-1216 : Random babbling and gooning

Podcasturbation #06-1216: Random babbling and gooning

My first attempt. Random babbling and gooning about masturbation, just to check out the recording process. (2006-12-16 12 min.)

[gooning] [mast] [masturbation] [moaning] [ramblefap] [wet sounds]

Friendly Bev

Friendly Bev

from Antonius, circa 1995

[ Bev lived next door. She was from Germany and had an unbelievable body, with large, shapely tits that bounced under her sweater like puppies, and a startingly narrow waist. ]

Bev M. was a good neighbor. She had agreed to give me a hand-job every other evening while my lover was away, “to keep me from getting too horny,” she said.

She had a refreshing, matter-of-fact attitude toward the act, as something a friend could do for a friend. Robert was going to be at work until 10 pm, so Bev and I had a nice, relaxed, dinner together and then went into the living room for the handjob. She got a small towel and some hand lotion from the bathroom and then had me pull my pants down. She kneeled down in front of me as I sat and laid the towel on my thigh.   Continue reading

Male Cattle


 a fantasy by Aethean

1. Cattle

Once upon a time, in land far away, there lived a colony, a civilization where women ruler and men served. Men are important yet they are only important to help serve women in religious and sustenance areas. You see, men are milked only for their cum, only for that glorious milk. Like the East Indians with their sacred cow, these women hold men in highest esteem.

Their organization was simple. There was one ruling family of women. They were placed there for the fact that they have many children both boys and girls. The boys represent their wealth, their cattle, the girls continue their line. Next come the enforcers. They are the ones who punish bad men, who do not produce enough. Next come the “milk maids”, those who collect from the source. All have their outfits, all their uniform to show their status. The elite have only lithe gowns that flow like liquid. The enforcers, are wrapped tight in dark wear and hold the objects of their control, whips to crops to clubs. They hold themselves highly. The maids are cute, usually young. They have little black dresses with a bodice that pushes their breasts up. This is fortunate when milking… and intentional to help produce high yields.     

The men, being such a commodity, are housed in a dorm-like setting; warm and comfortable, each has his own bed and when not producing they are free to run and play in a pasture. They know their place. They know their value. And that value is based on cum. The ones that produce more, get better treatment, are looked highly upon. The ones that do not produce are punished, especially by the enforcers… They are placed in tiny cubicle-like settings and tube device is attached. With a suction force that is almost painful, they are milked with rhythmic pulsations.    Continue reading