Wank Bank – Voicemail from Masturbators – (2/3)

Voicemails from Masturbators

Scott 2/3/19 7:13 AM
Scott 2/3/19 7:13 AM Hello Richard, this is Scott calling. Just stroking my dick really hard right now thinking about all the chronic masturbation that I’m addicted to and I want to come all over me right now. …

Langhome female 2/3/19 1:08 AM
Langhome female 2/3/19 1:08 AM I need help.

Kevin 2/2/19 10:30 PM
Kevin 2/2/19 10:30 PM Hey Richard, Kevin again. I call back hoping maybe I could reach you after all. I think you’re not there. Playing with my little clock again. I guess I’m always playing with my little dog. My pathetic little prick cuz I was thinking penis masturbator as you well know. Not walking around the streets of New York this time on my hand in my pocket beating my meat …

Kevin 2/2/19 10:07 PM
Kevin 2/2/19 10:07 PM Hey Richard, it’s Kevin from New York. I didn’t know the high line was open today. …


Jason 2/2/19 4:35 PM 6
Jason 2/2/19 4:35 PM 6 Hi, Richard. This is Jason again from Ohio. And I’m sitting here stroking my cock. And I’ve been stroking it all day masturbating playing with my dick. and I do this pretty much every day. …

JD California 2/1/19 6:53 PM
JD California 2/1/19 6:53 PM Hello Richard, it’s JD from California. Again. It’s February 1st late in the afternoon. I thought I’d give you a call. I’ve been doing nothing but masturbating all day long the cold and dreary day up here in California Northern California. It’s rainy. And yes, I’m still The Chronic addicted compulsive obsessive homosexual solosexual hyper-sexual stupid. …

Chuck 2/1/19 8:06 AM
Chuck 2/1/19 8:06 AM Hi Richard, it’s Chuck from the other day. I thought I thought I messed me to make penis masturbating with f****** chronic addicted masturbator penis. Yeah, man. Checking my …  

Wank Bank — Voicemail from Masturbators — (1/31)

Voicemails from Masturbators

Fembater 1/31/19 3:00 AM
Fembater 1/31/19 3:00 AM Hi Richard. Hi Pastor Peter. It’s Sunday through. I’m traveling still of course from London right now touring Europe just for fun. And oh my God. I’m so f****** morning today. I have a date later. I’m traveling out before I go. Having fun like a week seen or really desperate. chronic something almost repeater You make your call we are Monday. Good morning, squeeze my clit between my lips and dinner table embarrassed myself and what else? Thomas be monitored Good, you just hello. You said with me master baiters Chiloquin? 
Chuck 3520 1/30/19 8:16 PM
Chuck 3520 1/30/19 8:16 PM Hi Richard, this is Chuck. It’s my first time calling. Think I’m a chronic masturbator. Put a case on my car. I can’t get hard and can masturbate to them. I’m trying to. Burn some self-control. Not going over. extremely, well, I haven’t taken the cage off or anything but I still. Talk to my God. Still touching her ball to the Kings. I just think about Napster, baby. all the time just think about masturbating my penis looking at p*** keep watching people masturbate on my I just think about that. See, that’s 24/7. tournaments me Warner to know that I can see it right now. Yeah, can you stop thinking about masturbating Revere? What’s up tomorrow? Thanks. Later. 
Langhome female 1/29/19 4:13 PM
Langhome female 1/29/19 4:13 PM Hi again, I didn’t I’m sure you guys what I’m doing. 
Jane from Chicago 1/29/19 6:53 AM
Jane from Chicago 1/29/19 6:53 AM 

Mrs. Bellano


Guided Masturbation Stories

Mrs. Sylvia Bellano

A young college student is very well cared for over the knee and between the bosoms of his landlady. Anonymous, circa 1995

– Part I

Before applying to college in 1963, I spent a number of weekends visiting prospective schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania. I had already heard a lot about Smithson College from my first cousin, Fred who was then in his senior year and full of stories about wild parties, road trips, and other mayhem. As a scholarship kid, he lived inexpensively off campus by renting a room from a widow who worked as a children’s librarian in the public library. In exchange for a modest rent and help around the house and yard, Fred enjoyed the benefits of a normal home. Mrs. Bellano did all the cooking and even took care of his laundry. In contrast to dorm life with its tiny rooms, bad food, and noise at all hours, Fred had it pretty good, especially since Mrs. Bellano was a great cook. The only downside was the need to observe basic household rules. Fred had to be in by 10:30 on weekdays and 12:30 on weekends. He also had to keep his place neat, do his chores on time, and not bring liquor into the house. Though he sometimes missed the freedom of dorm life, he saved a thousand dollars a year over the costs of campus room and board. And since he was a scholarship kid, he didn’t really have much of a choice. Living on campus was simply out of the question. Continue reading

A Medley of Milking Stories

from the net, various dates

Three stories of male milking


Milking a Husband July 31, 1999

That story about the two lesbians milking a man for his sperm so they could have a baby is wild. I did something similar to my own husband two and a half years ago. We had been married for 11 years and had two children, a girl of 9 and a boy of 5. I wanted another child but my husband refused me! He said he didn’t think we could afford it over the long run. This got me mad as hell and started my thoughts on how to get my way, regardless of what he said. I checked my cycles and when I felt it was yhe optimum time I got him in bed and he placed his condom on his dick as was his habit. I thought to myself that I was going to get that condom with his sperm that night. I suggested a bondage scene followed by hot sex and readily agreed to let me tie him at all four posts with pantyhose. I tied him down nice and tight and knew he was not going anywhere.   Continue reading

Onania Masturbator Forum: Jane from Chicago: I am female and love to masturbate

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, Jane from Chicago Wrote:

I hate it when people think that women do not like sex or masturbation as much as men. I love both, and have been very horny for most of my life. I date long distance to a very erotic, fun loving, adventure seeking man, but he is not always around so yes I have to masturbate. I would more than likely masturbate even if he was around on a regular basis. (He does like to see me play with myself) I found this site one day as I was masturbating and am writing this as I am masturbating. I do it almost daily, yesterday i masturbated 3 times and this is my second today. It does take me a long time to cum, but maybe also like many men on this site that I love to prolong the great feelings that masturbation brings.

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In Love with Kate Moss: Grover and the Hardware Store Remind Me of My Muse

I got daring and pulled my pants down to my ankles. The summer breeze blew through the open truck windows, across my genitalia. The breeze mixed with the scent of my pre-cum smelled so sweet. I looked at Paula’s sexy bare feet, up those pretty legs, across that tummy, past those small but firm and pert breasts to that pretty face, relaxing as if asleep. This masturbation felt so good and I did not want it to stop.


Grover and the Hardware Store Remind Me of My Muse


Continue reading

A Dream About One Of My Asian Muses

A Dream About One Of My Asian Muses


I always alter or change the names of the people in my stories.

The first thing you should know is I’m here totally naked, lovingly masturbating my penis to a beautiful Asian MILF friend of mine.  It’s a beautiful session I’m enjoying while my wife is out of the house

My favorite masturbation muses are women I know. Most of them are actually good friends of either my wife or myself, or both of us. I enjoy their smiles, their sexy asses, their legs and feet, and just generally the fantasies that swirl around them in my mind.

Chin-Zen is one of those muses. She’s an American, but her parents were both born in China. About 5’3″ and 115-pounds. Black hair to her collar, and nice ass and cute legs and feet. Her smile is so sweet, with hardly a hint of her 47-years showing up in faint lines on her face. She’s a MILF with two elementary school age children.

I had met her husband, Jack, a year or so before I ever met Chin-Zen. I finally met her one night when my wife Cheryl and I were at some cocktail party and Jack and Chin-Zen were there. She had on this cute, very short cocktail dress and high-heel sandals. The first thing I thought of when I saw her? I’ve got to masturbate to her!”  Continue reading

In Love with Kate Moss: I masturbate over Donna and a MMF fantasy

I masturbate over Donna and a MMF fantasy

by In Love with Kate Moss

This masturbation fantasy is based on people I know.  I’ve changed names.

Donna is one of my best friends. Early 50’s, about 5’3″, Graying hair to her shoulders and brown eyes (she was a brunette until a couple years ago). I love to masturbate to her and have done so for more than 21 years, ever since I’ve known her.

I’ve always had MFM fantasies. About 14 years ago she had this boyfriend, Harrison, early 30’s, about 5’9″, good looking guy. She would always tell me and my wife Cheryl what a big cock he had. They made such a beautiful couple.  Donna had nice, firm breasts, a very sexy ass, cute smile and sexy hips, and I would fantasize about watching them make love.

I was always hoping to do a threesome with them. My fantasy always involved us starting in hetero fashion, me fucking her from behind while she sucks Harrison’s cock, then reverse. Then she sits on his cock reverse cowgirl and begin to fuck.   Continue reading

LizIsWet: Masturbating to Masturbators

Masturbating to Masturbators

by LizIsWet

The bulk of my edging isnt even touching myself. It is reading these posts, looking at the videos. When it becomes too much to take, my thoroughly soaked pussy gets filled by my dildo. Sometime I am cumming within 1 min of starting because I have been wet and pre orgasmic most of the day. It is very rare I will touch myself while reading or watching videos. Or my pussy would be raw as sometimes I make an afternoon of it! 

Other times, I will put on a recording of a favorite Onania masturbater. Him telling me he is masturbating while listening to my recorded messages that I have sent him, sends me over the edge. Dont see him here anymore, wonder where he went…[bet you’re still out there listening to me while you fuck yourself]

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