Study sees link between porn, sexual dysfunction in men – Chicago Tribune

Porn-addicted men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and are less likely to be satisfied with sexual intercourse, according to survey findings presented at the recent American Urological Association’s annual meeting in Boston.

Source: Study sees link between porn, sexual dysfunction in men – Chicago Tribune

Male PMS (Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome)

Seeking Well-Written Articles by and for Chronic Addicted Masturbators

We who seek out masturbation blogs know how often they come and go. It’s a shame, because excellent personal essays, insights, histories, or fantasies from chronic masturbators are lost, or never seen widely.  If you are a thoughtful masturbator and would like a permanent place with high readership for your masturbator writings, Onania . Org/asm invites you to become a Contributing Masturbator. We seek masturbators of all genders and sexual orientations, and ladies who support and guide male masturbators.

Articles may feature:

  • Personal masturbation histories 
  • Masturbation fiction or fantasies
  • Essays on topics of interest to fellow masturbators
  • Reviews of devices, toys, products, services
  • Philosophical or theoretical discussions of masturbation addiction
  • Impact of chronic masturbation on life, relationships, outlook
  • Masturbation appearing in current news and events
  • Female perspectives on male masturbation
  • Just about any thoughtful writings for people living with chronic masturbation addiction

If you offer infrequent submissions, you can simply email them to us to post on your behalf. If you are a prolific contributor, we will provide you with an Onania author ID for your submissions. Anything you contribute remains your property, and we will give credit and/or links to your own sites. 

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Face it, Masturbator: you aren’t getting any pussy. And your last attempt was a humiliating failure and only annoyed the pussy. So get past grieving for your lost manhood, and accept your life as a pussy-less Pathetic Male Masturbator. Join your fellow chronics and take the No Pussy Pledge! Just copy and paste the text below into a new reply, and edit or add your own remarks.


I, <your name>, openly acknowledge that Pussy is a Privilege, deserved only by Real Men and not by Pathetic Male Masturbators like me. I understand that pussies need to be fucked long hard and deep by large stiff cocks, not noodled and dribbled on by wimpy wanker weiners. I admit that I have voided all male claims to pussy by my constant compulsive masturbation. Therefore I pledge to cease all attempts at pussy fucking, now and for evermore. I surrender all male pussy privilege to alpha male breeders and accept my permanent role of pussy-less beta male masturbator. I promise never to annoy another pussy with my pathetic attempts at copulation, and even if a kind female offers me a pity-fuck I will respectfully decline and masturbate in front of her. In exchange for giving up pussy, I retain the right of unlimited access to and personal use of pussy pictures, plastic pussies, and most importantly Hand Pussy.

I was and always would be, nothing more than a pathetic masturbator

A few years ago I finally had the opportunity to have sex. But because I had spent so much time as a frequent masturbator, when the time came I could not get an erection. Despite being desperately horny, I remained shamefully flaccid no matter what I tried. When I went home that night I laid in bed and my penis finally decided to spring to action. I masturbated twice, thinking of the encounter I had just had. I didn’t know it then but the humiliation of what had happened would fuel my lonely jack off fantasies for years to cum.

However I was in denial. I made up excuses in my head. “It was cold so that’s why I couldn’t get it up.” (The weather had never stopped me masturbating before) “It was the alcohol I had an hour ago.” (I barely had one and a half drinks) “It was because I already masturbated earlier.” (Long over twelve hours ago)

Surely my constant horniness and ability to ejaculate three or five times in a night meant I had the potential to become a sex god. I told myself next time the circumstances would be different. Next time I would get to fuck like a real man.

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How can people sense a Masturbator?

I know for a fact that people can tell the differece between a player, a relationship man, and a Peter Beater. I have been mostly a Peter Beater, but I thought private matters where supposedly obscured but I think somehow people can tell by the way we carry ourselves. Can I get some feed back on this?


good q uestion Stephen.well my wife’s [ she passed way 2 years ago] know about my life as an impotent cuckold, i let her sisters caught me stroking many times. my g.f. now know of my addiction to solo sex [she is an expert on computers]i leave her by herself in my place so she can read about me on my computer[ turns me onto be known as a pathetic masturbator , makes me stroke furiously] i don’t know if she told her daughter [they are very close ] she made some remarks about me having a lot of times by myself etc….i sure hope my g.f. will cuckold me,if she hasn’t already.[ she goes by herself to a club were there is many single guys ] at the pub i go by myself [ g.f. doesn’t drink ] there is still two waitresses left from the time my wife was going with some of the pub costumers, the two girls know about me.the other waitresses as well as ladies costumers i know most sense some thing maybe they think ‘m gay? or the waitresses talk among them self? or most likely it show in my looks [ skinny, pale,most of the time stroking with my left hand trough the hole in my pants pocket.i stroke slowly but love for people to notice and be known as an addicted wanker.i was blessed with a big cock 8″ and the elastic bandage i use gets it bloated and fat around .i wish it was even bigger for people to notice stephen by my behavior an observer would conclude than yesss i’m a masturbator.[ they would be surprise how much i stroke ]

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Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder

Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder – PPAD

(From the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Masturbatory Disorders)


  • Loss of erection, failure to erect, or premature ejaculation when presented with a penetrable pussy. The more available the pussy, the less the penis is able to penetrate it.
  • PPAD is distinguished from normal Erectile Dysfunction: The patient will be able to achieve and maintain erections while masturbating, even masturbating to images of penetrable pussy, but experience extreme anxiety and erectile failure in actual pussy-penetration situations.
  • PPAD may also manifest as Premature Ejaculation, as the PPAD sufferer ejaculates as quickly as possible to relive his pussy anxiety stress


  • Fear that the male won’t perform well in bed and satisfy his partner sexually
  • Poor body image, including concern that he is not a real man
  • Male virginity or limited sexual experience
  • The male’s penis is too small to satisfy a woman
  • Chronic compulsive masturbation has left him impotent except when his penis is in his own hand
  • Fear of ejaculating prematurely and spurting all over the pussy
  • Fearing his partner will ask why he can’t fuck her properly, and having to confess his Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome

The PPAD/ED male begins to see the pussy as a threat after repeated sexual failure and humiliation. These anxieties cause his body to launch a “fight or flight” response. Stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine are released in a series of reactions to prepare his body to confront or escape a threat. One of the effects of the stress hormones is to constrict blood vessels, and less blood flowing into the penis makes it more difficult to achieve an erection. 

The PPAD/PE male feels an unbearable tension when presented with a penetrable pussy. He develops a strategy of premature ejaculation in order to relieve his stress as quickly as possible. Sometimes this develops into full-scale Pussy Proximity Disorder and he ejaculates on approach, even before contact with the pussy.  

Of course, a pussy isn’t a threat to a normal, real man, which is why this response is characteristic of chronic masturbators. PPAD is often associated with chronic compulsive masturbation. The clinician should always pursue a thorough examination of the patient’s masturbatory history when PPAD symptoms are presented. 


The prognosis is not hopeful. Most PPAD sufferers retreat further into a pattern of arousal / masturbatory release / shame / arousal.  Initially a defense mechanism, PPAD Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation become fetishsized and the male derives arousal and satisfaction from his humiliating failures. The feeling of being a sexual loser with PPAD is strangely arousing to chronic masturbators, and effectively short-circuits any attempt to overcome the problem.

It is possible that a very understanding female partner willing to provide low-stress “pittyfuck” therapy may be beneficial. But only if the masturbator sincerely wishes to be cured.

How I became pussy-free

I’m post pussy. Here is my story.

So here is how I became pussy-free. After I married, I fucked frequently and, I think, competently. In my 20’s I stayed erect in pussy a long time, didn’t ejaculate prematurely, and usually ended in mutual orgasms. But I never lost my interest in masturbating, and in kinky fantasy and porn related to masturbation. The fucking and wanking went along together for years.

. In my 30’s I became frustrated with a lack of good fantasy on my particular wavelength, so I started writing my own chronic masturbation stories (the “Peter Files”). I made the amazing discovery that if I wrote my fantasies with one hand while I masturbated with the other, I could prolong intense near-orgasmic gratification. Thus I discovered “edging” by accident.

. The gratification was so much more intense than copulation, I became more and more masturbation focussed. In time, I needed to feel my penis in my own hand for full arousal. I began having pussy penetration failures: either losing erection in the pussy, or not even getting hard enough to penetrate. I used the usual excuse “work stress” etc, but eventually it became pretty obvious to both of us that I was just a chronic masturbator. . The attempts to copulate were stressful and frustrating. Eventually we just gave up, and I’ve been pussy free since then. I masturbate openly, and my wife accepts my condition. At least she knows I’m not out somewhere chasing other pussies. I have eroticized the sexual failure, and now calling myself pussy free, limp dick, impotent, etc is very arousing. I have more fun being a pathetic pussyfree chronic masturbator than I ever had as a “real man”.

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Onania Masturbator Forum: Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder (PPAD)

In the Onania Masturbator Forum, a Masturbator Wrote:

It feels like a cruel joke. When i began masturbating in high school, i wonder if i already had undiagnosed PPAD. i would have given anything to have Real Sex, at least in theory – i fantasized about many of the girls i knew, and felt tormented by my constant erections and wet dreams. Watching teen sex comedies on TV late at night added to my desire but also to my anxiety. Looking back now i can see how those movies helped foster a belief that only by losing one’s virginity could a boy be a Real Man, and that boys who jerked off were to be ridiculed and pitied as perverted losers. So i believe that my PMS – Pathetic Masturbator Syndrome – was a key cause of my PPAD. i worried that my penis would be of inadequate size to satisfy a girl, and i believed that the girls i liked were probably not virgins, so they would have bigger dicks and better sexual experiences to compare me to. On top of that, i had already experienced premature ejaculation from merely talking to and ogling a girl while having one of my uncontrolled puberty-driven erections. One of those times, it happened when a girl was being flirtatious with me and actually rubbed herself up against my crotch. She didn’t notice what i had done, thank goodness, but if that was all it took, i was deathly afraid that i would spurt the moment i saw a girl in her panties. Continue reading

My boyfriend is addicted to masterbating(masturbating)

from My boyfriend is addicted to masterbating(masturbating), what do i do- – Sexuality & Relationship


My boyfriend & i have been together for 2 years this June. Our sex life was fine at the beginning till this problem came to light & now its been a year since I’ve been coping with it. About a year ago i started noticing that oursex life was no longer the same. we went from having sex numerous times a week to 1-2 a week. We are both 24 years old by the way. I started to notice if i was to initiate it he would tell me he’s tired or not in the mood. So now i’m to the point where im about to leave him due to this. a couple of months ago my bf confesses to me that the reason we are not having sexas often is because he’s been masterbating (masturbating). my bf goes to the gym daily & takes protein along with another substance that gives him energy so he says that the moment he gets out of the gym he gets thisurge to have sex & since i am at work he opts for masterbation(masturbation) so when i see him later on in the evening he doesnt want to have sex since the job has already been done. this issue has affected me in numerous ways. my self esteem is low, i am insecure about myself & our relationship. he tells me that hes trying to control himself but that its real hard. how do i understand him? what can i do to help & is there even something that can be done to fix this issue? my bf kept this whole “im addicted to masterbating (masturbating)” secret from me for a long time & for a long time i would cry to him & tell him how neglected i feel & how this has affected my esteem & still he would masterbate rather than controlling himself in order to please me. i no longer know what to do i hope you can help.

response at My boyfriend is addicted to masterbating(masturbating), what do i do- – Sexuality & Relationship