Why don’t we do it in the lab?

Fucking for science. Where do the masturbators sign up?

…For the first time – after hours and behind locked doors in an examination room in the Heart Hospital in London – a scientist is attempting to capture three-dimensional moving picture (or 4D, time being the fourth dimension) ultrasound footage of human genitalia in the act of sexual congress.

Jing Deng, a senior lecturer in medical physics at University College London, has made his name developing a new technique for viewing anatomical structures in motion. His website includes fairly astonishing 4D ultrasound footage of, for instance, beating hearts. This kind of imaging gives surgeons a preview of the structure on which they’ll be operating, in motion and from any perspective. It allows them to see what the problem is before picking up the scalpel.

In his most recent paper, Deng filmed a 4D “erecting penis“. With genital imaging, the hope is that the technology may help diagnose and treat patients with vascular or structural abnormalities, such as Peyronie’s disease, in which scar tissue in the erectile chamber on one side of the penis causes painful, crooked erections. … In his penis paper, Deng mentions the possibility of one day soon capturing an ultrasound sequence of real-time two-party human coitus. He envisions the scan as a potentially useful diagnostic tool – for instance, in teasing apart the possible causes of dyspareunia (painful intercourse)….

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Fucking the Vaseline jar

Elton said:

“Fetish” is defined by “Webster” as “an object believed among primitive people to have magical power…an object or a body part that arouses libido…”

Once I learned about jackin’-off at the age of 14 and that my li’l dick could be used for more than jus takin’ a leak, there was no stoppin’ me, guys! I was open to anything. The hose of my mom’s Hoover? Went there; did that. A greased up empty tube from an empty roll of toilette paper? Same! Cuttin’ a hole in the top of a melon? Whadda YOU think, guys? Corin’ an apple, lubin’ the core up with butter, added’ a little Cinnamon and sugar, and forcin’ my dick-head inside the messy goo? Shit! After screwin’ the apple round ‘n round my fuck knob for about 5 minutes, my nuts were addin’ to the sticky stuff inside. Didn’t taste half bad, either, for sure. Juicey, for real.

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